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Original title: In disappear assist call-over: of movie fast the price of a ticket? Expert of? of  of ginseng adding up to Ji says fast the price of a ticket already ” is grabbed run ” 10 year Civil: ID of red of Liu Qing Qing Liting stone: BMR2004 100 is multivariate a piece movie ticket causes an audience to be opposite of fast the price of a ticket spit groove strongly. Tiger year the Spring Festival, fast the price of a ticket piles the total booking office that come out to achieve 6.035 billion yuan, drop compared to the same period 23% , the person-time that watch a movie also relatively decreased compared to the same period last year nearly 50 million. Epidemic situation caused tremendous effect to industry of movie and TV undoubtedly, “Gather together ” of Spring Festival archives each are big film carries valence to appear to also be become ” understandable thing ” . In disappear assist point out, film market screen is superfluous the structural sex difficult problem that is in short supply with content, a variety of reality of epidemic situation wave motion and policy impact are challenged, force a cinema to alleviate through raising admission fee the awkward situation with cash tight shedding, from the industry short-term stop for the angle of caustic probably understandable, but the number that watch a movie decreases generally, the frequency that watch a movie second the fact that goes low continuously, explain pure fare depends on as good as however at drain the pond to get all the fish, drink poison to quench thirst-seek temporary relief regardless of the consequences. Be worth what carry is, in eye of the personage inside a few course of study, fast the price of a ticket is not epidemic situation actually since ” special child ” , it has restricted Chinese movie industry development is old, just last because of epidemic situation now and aroused phenomenon of fast the price of a ticket. In the expressional backside of fast the price of a ticket, what reflection comes out is pattern of Chinese film profit onefold, industry grows immature, price to deviate from market rule waits a problem a moment. “Archives of the most expensive Spring Festival ” the achievement of booking office of Spring Festival archives 2022 actually not low. Beacon major edition releases ” data of market of movies of Spring Festival grade had an insight into 2022 report ” (next weighing ” report ” ) show, house property of ticket of whole of Spring Festival archives goes out it is 6.035 billion yuan, keep balance the 2019 level before epidemic situation, be next to 2021 Spring Festival archives 7.84 billion yuan achievement — rank shadow history the 2nd. But ” more not low ” is 2022 actually the fare of Spring Festival archives. ” report ” data shows, average fare obtained Spring Festival file 2022 52.8 yuan, and the cinema that waits for city of a gleam of in Beijing, Shanghai, fare of some archives of gold of hall of only field IMAX 2D achieved 179 yuan even.

20220219063047 62108e97ed066

(picture origin: ” data of market of movies of Spring Festival grade had an insight into 2022 report ” ) from this, “History on archives of the most expensive Spring Festival ” the phenomenon causes heat to discuss, a large number of audiences spit groovy fast the price of a ticket. In disappear assist release the Spring Festival to consume dimension authority public feelings to analyse a report to point out, monitor period inside, collect in all about ” the film ” kind negative news 205819, daily public feelings spits groove to basically point to fare respect. Below fast the price of a ticket, many audiences appear by ” persuade to retreat ” . In disappear assist cite film rich advocate ” employee of ticket of 3 hall check ” small gain expresses: “(movie the price of a ticket) already expensive arrived a kind of very unusual degree, fare is mad the evil consequence that go up has been shown was in the beginning of the year on the booking office of 2, direct avalanche, compared to the same period direct last year little 5 100 million, it is recently 4 years first under 1 billion, the person-time that watch a movie drops more horribly, even less than 2018 10 million person. ” statistic of bureau of shadow of the home appliance that occupy a country, person-time of shadow of view of Spring Festival archives was 2022 114 million. And what answer relatively with this is, 2019, 2021 Spring Festival archives (Spring Festival archives cancelled because of epidemic situation 2020) person-time of total view shadow is 132 million person, 160 million person respectively, be equivalent to person-time of shadow of view of accumulative total of Spring Festival archives decreases compared to the same period this year nearly 50 million. And from the point of integral booking office, whole nation of Spring Festival archives always aed club for amateur performers of Beijing opera to exceed 1.8 billion yuan than decreasing last year 2022, glide compared to the same period 23% . In disappear assist point out, in gregarious media ” history go up archives of the most expensive Spring Festival, fare is expensive to unusual ” public feelings heat discusses backside, it is the culture consumption that warming up gradually accuses it is certain to beg be depressed on degree and block sluggish. Here the circumstance falls, courtyard line also appears ” depreciate wet ” . ” report ” data shows, average fare was reduced continuously between Spring Festival schedule for showing motion pictures in a theater 2022, drop exceed 6 yuan. Nevertheless, after no matter be,still depreciating, grade of this Spring Festival is average fare as before ” grind pressure ” in former years is average fare.

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(picture origin: ” did data of market of movies of Spring Festival grade have an insight into 2022 report ” ) fare why ” mad ” ? Epidemic situation concussion is the main factor that fare rises undoubtedly, but the logistic backside that brings about fast the price of a ticket in epidemic situation, still more deserves vigilant place. Sun Lijun of assistant dean of Beijing film college points out, epidemic situation has continued a few years, below the circumstance that relapses in epidemic situation, production square, invest line of square, courtyard to wait to taking aim only with all possible means an index — box-office gross will achieve the movies of Spring Festival grade this year what kind of degree. Booking office made single index, so to raise box-office gross, only way can be promotion fare only, after all rate of seat of honour is being placed over. “These change are to be in during epidemic situation expected, but so onefold schedule for showing motion pictures in a theater + the mode of tall box-office gross, can accept the first year probably, the 2nd year loath also, to the 3rd year of common people with respect to not buy it. Fare upsurges continuously, work content can’t sustain the rise of the price however. ” Sun Lijun expresses. Be worth what carry is, afore-mentioned circumstances this is to appear the main reason that fast the price of a ticket and fast the price of a ticket are paid close attention to extensively this year to where. But look in Sun Lijun, backside of fast the price of a ticket should by vigilant still have more. As we have learned, sun Lijun is in early the many with respect to fast the price of a ticket of loudly appeal to the public malpractice year ago, he thinks Chinese film from there is fast the price of a ticket to restrict Chinese film market all the time 10 years ago the predicament of benign development, it is the phenomenon of fast the price of a ticket before this was not caused only take seriously. Sun Lijun points out, above all, movie the price of a ticket rises and the market environment with immature still instantly is related. Domestic movie industry is normally special place a hope at a few explode paragraph film, keep going after make greatly, big star. But film investment becomes bigger and bigger, meeting more rely on booking office reclaim. “That is to say the profit pattern of a large number of homebred films is more onefold, of unlike Hollywood be filled with close have diversity, make the film can have 2 times normally greatly especially, the pattern that 3 times deepness develops, is not onefold ground depends on booking office. ” Sun Lijun points out. Next, epidemic situation caused impact inevitably to industry of movie and TV. Issueing cinema seat of honour to lead in the environment that fight epidemic disease for instance have a demand, because the square field surface of catenary of this movie industry hopes,the film can sell a good price. Want to obtain a good crop through Spring Festival archives so, pressure nature is pressed on booking office. Will integratedly look, immature film market environment, too the pattern abuse that depends on booking office, let movie the price of a ticket rise all the time originally. Encountered epidemic situation now, rate of seat of honour accepts restriction, push once more tall movie the price of a ticket, form vicious circle almost. Is courtyard line also subdued? Nowadays the Spring Festival archives 2022, no matter be the film,view shadow person-time drops apparently, had become attention heat. Duan Ge of senior inspector general is accepting group of earth culture transmission ” business school ” when interviewing, express, comparative 2021 Spring Festival archives, the fare of the earth goes up on average for 8.52% , the whole nation goes up on average for 7.97% . Comparative annual is average 2021 fare, the fare of the earth goes up on average for 33.94% , and countrywide annual goes up on average for 31% , of earth courtyard line go up in belonging to, go up. In fast the price of a ticket ” persuade to retreat ” on the problem of the audience, duan Ge expresses, on one hand, spring Festival archives is the festival that the the whole family reunions, festival the thematic film with joy of the whole family is more welcome, but comedic this year type piece slant little, strong archives film relatively ” cruel heart ” , how many meeting brings about an audience to be in of mentally inimical (the mood that most after all person does not hope to spend the New Year greatly is low) , so what the promotion of fare can become an audience to choose to look or do not look is important think element. On the other hand, spring Festival fare went up 2021 bigger, and have again on the foundation here this year rise, the condition of disappear give a lot of care to the audience also can have very big effect. In addition, suffer epidemic situation effect, all trades and professions is differred slightly in the integral benefit 2021, bring about employee income to decrease, delay hair compensation is unemployed even wait for the current situation to invite an audience more careful calculation and strict budgeting, to film right now ” be not strong spending wanting a sex ” rise in price to pay close attention to all the more. Be worth what carry is, among them movie ticket rises in price to matters concerned appears and cannot come completely by the courtyard line that rise in price ” back boiler ” . Duan Ge thinks, the cinema follows condition of other line of business same, it is one pupil meaning. Hotel, airline ticket weak season price is adjusted, the cinema is same also. In the meantime, the premise that cinema fare adjusts sees the quality of film of schedule for showing motion pictures in a theater even, limitation more. And fare of Spring Festival archives has particular rise also is industry usual practice, the special action that is not this year, and this convention also is decided by market supply and demand, the price just mirrors the tool of instantly supply demand relations, so fare rises is a result is not a reason. “Just, the 25% above that the booking office of two schedule for showing motion pictures in a theater occupied the Spring Festival and National Day to a club for amateur performers of Beijing opera than be as high as annual 2021, by force of management pressure, more make a cinema be in 2022 the Spring Festival make the choice that rise in price. ” Duan Ge is summed up. In addition, duan Ge mentions fare forming is to include the share that divide Zhang, the lowest of film of Spring Festival archives issues valence to compare at ordinary times tower above 30%-50% , also be one of objective reasons that rise in price. According to introducing, the cinema on the concept is independent operation, piece just give out lowest releases directive price. Disturbing the premise of the market or baleful tall, low price falls, can not spark superintendency red line, can fix a price independently according to managing a case by the cinema. But the objective existence that should realize the portion that divide Zhang, piece the set that just issues value to lowest, the price that can affect a cinema objectively is politic. And go up from the result for, fast the price of a ticket also cannot be brought to courtyard line it seems that ” good crop ” . Duan Ge speak bluntly: “Sheet sees this one schedule for showing motion pictures in a theater, the whole nation had 9% right-and-left cinemas to achieve the growth of box-office income only, also did not see have versatility law, the income of cinema booking office that exceeds 80% that is to say is comparative last year drop the corresponding period somewhat. ” fare already ” grab run ” the issue that makes a person 10 years anxious most depends on: Even if is to be before epidemic situation, in bypass consumption of the influences of all sorts of schedule for showing motion pictures in a theater, cost that fight epidemic disease, audience suffers be restricted to wait an element a moment, fast the price of a ticket actually early the fetters and handcuffs that already made Chinese film progress. Sun Lijun points out, on one hand, industry of around movie and TV entered digitlization period 2000, industry of the movie and TV 10 years ago has been digitlized in the round, do not have film concept. The copy cost that this means the motion picture, projecting cost is to reduce actually. On the other hand, original courtyard line is a few, be equivalent to sales volume finite, seeing a movie is modern thing. But there had been tens of thousands of screen now, according to regular commercial pattern, as the growth of courtyard line amount, movie ticket can go toward the direction of small profits but quick turnover. Reduce in cost, below the circumstance that courtyard line amount soares, movie the price of a ticket ought to fall it seems that ” Chinese cabbage price ” . But direction of apparent and real progress is not such. Accordingly, sun Lijun thinks, chinese movie the price of a ticket is long-term ” house is tall no less than ” , even from decide at the beginning tall. Among them, movie the price of a ticket ” grab run ” still have definite correlation with angle Hollywood. Aspire of the compatriots before this develops homebred film, the hope compares humeral Hollywood. But from the point of the result, both the price that movie ticket is actually like the photograph quite. “But the investment of Hollywood film is tremendous really comparatively, his emission is global strategy, chinese market is one of markets of important development merely. In the process that is in Hollywood of Chinese film angle as a result, movie the price of a ticket however by strong pull litre. We invest 5 million yuan work and the work that the United States invests 50 million dollar to be put together, the price that sell is similar however, this does not accord with market rule really. ” Sun Lijun is analysed. Then, in homebred movie ticket price and foreign movie the price of a ticket differ very few below the circumstance, pull not just actually tall the term of sale of homebred film, also from restricted homebred film at the beginning — especially the film of small cost, in did not star, did not make greatly, a below the case that did not throw greatly benign commerce issues an environment. “Expensive phenomenon of fare of Spring Festival archives also caused the discussion of scholar of a lot of experts 2022, but a lot of people just may regard one of phenomena as fast the price of a ticket. I think fast the price of a ticket is a particularly important phenomenon not only, also contain substaintial sex. ” Sun Lijun emphasizes repeatedly, what fast the price of a ticket restricts is the development of whole China film. He points out, everybody should come down to consider and think calmly: Booking office serves as single index, should be crossed again much apply colours to a drawing? Emphasize box-office gross, box-office index blindly waiting, make the respect such as art of culture of the Chinese characteristic of the film, China, China is restricted, especially the audience to education home movies is very adverse. “Fast the price of a ticket apparently the problem that looking is a fare only, but it is to affect China substantially a when by the film big country strides to film powerful nation main index. ” Sun Lijun is summed up. Does film where go? Look at present, under the fast the price of a ticket of Spring Festival archives, the person-time that watch a movie drops unexpectedly, total booking office drops greatly 23% . Sun Lijun points out, it is besides these presentative influences, the film regards the masses as art, exorbitant admission fee still restricted in a popular style, brought consequence is to go against transmission. “All the time since, the film teachs Yu Lefang side effect in contain apparent, examine mechanism and canal to accused strict film to also develop very main society function on transmission of thought conduct propaganda, culture. But fare is carried exorbitantly, lost the corporeal base of in a popular style, as good as at kill the goose that lays the golden eggs, this is bigger loss to culture transmission. ” Sun Lijun explains. Current, after Sun Lijun hopes phenomenon of fast now the price of a ticket is paid close attention to, can force fare, issue pattern of means, trade to reform, strengthen the promotion of diversity of film profit pattern. Specific and character, above all, chinese movie industry should explore a pattern that has distinguishing feature of Chinese courtyard line, is not the development that the rule that obtaining Hollywood mode blindly will come to to measure Chinese film. Because, with respect to courtyard line amount character, our screen number has been the world the first, but distributing inhomogenous, on north wide can compare a shoulder developed country, but the film mode of 23 lines city matures not quite far. Next, production just has diversity commonly start debit type, besides show in domestic courtyard line, still website of a lot of video is broadcasted and film exit. This moment just can precipitate with respect to demand production come down, thinking movie audience is good cut leek, want however static next hearts do good work, take out can tell a Chinese good story, motion picture that can take truly. The 3rd, the country is relevant management department, production line of square, courtyard can foster an audience actually, everybody should have such social responsibility, go fostering the audience that has grade, the film contain that has let teachs Yu Le, promote the spirit of the audience the state. is not to be used only star, big make such intrigue fool audience, eat to the audience ” sodden fruit ” . The 4th, the box-office gross that the market also should not take the motion picture will evaluate the development height of Chinese film. The difficulty of Chinese movie industry is very actually great still, no matter be environment of the industrial policy of epidemic situation influence or whole, industry, be worth our reason look upon, such ability find a way out. The 5th, the point of view that sends sale from announce will tell, a lot of films are excessive sale actually — the critical voice that we hear high to box-office movies rarely, it is a praise. This is to go against what organic union expands cinematics and movie business. The 6th, courtyard line itself needs to undertake adequately survey to be not gold time, make it differs the market pattern of dissimilation. Pay close attention to more and more the aged groups for instance, type of fare, film and commercial advertisement organic union rises. “We should have the film bill of a money even, the market of Chinese characteristic film that awaits in those days should not be rely on fare to go gain, pass a variety of means gain however. The ability of Chinese film market that awaits in those days outshines the rest, can go following Hollywood dispute. ” Sun Lijun expresses.

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