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Original title: Zhou Wu is broken 100 million ” sharp-shooter ” nearly 500 million ” Nile ” , ” winter abstruse ” tomorrow platoon is mirrorred all be 13% On Feburary 18 Zhou Wu, the whole nation discharges 396 thousand in all, the person-time that watch a movie makes an appointment with 2.72 million basis preliminary count yields box-office the floodgate bridge #3440 of lake of long ferry of 111 million # 10 thousand, accumulative total 3.622 billion; # this killer is not quite sober #2950 10 thousand, accumulative total 2.278 billion; #2000 of stupid child of # miracle · 10 thousand, accumulative total 1.162 billion; # sharp-shooter #1060 10 thousand, accumulative total 493 million; # bear appears and disappear #568 of · return earth 10 thousand, accumulative total 868 million; # wants to go to your world loving your #364 very much 10 thousand, accumulative total 91.51 million; #168 of # the four seas 10 thousand, accumulative total 526 million; # tastes Wen Ruyan #156 10 years 10 thousand, accumulative total 164 million; Sheep of sheep of # happy event and ash too the basket of the wolf gives prospective #98 10 thousand, accumulative total 151 million; # does not forget me to love your #93 10 thousand, accumulative total 53.75 million

20220219063102 62108ea6093a4

Be in not new a groovy Zhou Wu that opens a picture, annulus of grail of odd-numbered days market is compared only small go up to become the left and right sides, countrywide odd-numbered days is box-office and faint rebound to 110 million above. Up to today, accumulative total is box-office in Feburary 9.45 billion the left and right sides, person-time of shadow of accumulative total view is adjacent 193 million, booking office is only banner last year the corresponding period (became a gift on Feburary 18 at the beginning of the first month of the lunar year 7) 400 million the left and right sides. ” the water raft of pontoons of long ferry lake ” annulus rises than Zhou Si 13.7% , odd-numbered days booking office rebounds to 34 million above, enlarged the lead dominant position to runner-up a little, show 18 days of accumulative total to a club for amateur performers of Beijing opera to already was broken through 3.6 billion close greatly, will exceed champion of archives of 2018 Spring Festivals tomorrow ” the Red Sea acts ” (3.651 billion) . ” this killer is not quite sober ” also pick up than yesterday 8.7% , odd-numbered days booking office approachs 30 million line once more, integrated booking office will break through accumulative total apparently 2.3 billion close greatly, be apart from shadow history to rank slightly tall ” answer couplet 3 ” still differ 100 million above. ” miraculous · stupid child ” annulus comparing is small also go up 12% , at present accumulative total achievement already exceeded ” King Kong: Skeleton island ” (1.16 billion) , litre to inland shadow history as club for amateur performers of Beijing opera the 77th. ” sharp-shooter ” rise than yesterday 26% , go up advanced 10 in most remarkable, right ” bear appears and disappear ” the advantage already also expanded to nearly one times, will broken tomorrow 500 million. The Valentine’s Day ” 3 outstanding ” Zhouwu continues to drop, ” want to go to your world loving you very much ” only small drop 4% , break 100 million issues finally not quite, and ” taste Wen Ruyan 10 years ” steep fall again nearly 3 into, before be about to squeeze to give odd-numbered days 10. Two when open a picture Saturday new piece did not break Spring Festival archives old piece right those who discharge a market is regnant, champion ” the floodgate bridge of long ferry lake ” odd-numbered days is occupied be in than still maintaining 20% above, and ” this killer is not quite sober ” also with of 18.8% occupy than firm Ju Yajun, mutual the difference between is less than two percent. Homebred animation ” our winter abstruse ” obtain the platoon of 13.3% first days to mirror a space, the entrance is new piece ” the massacre on Nile ” with homebred old piece ” miraculous · stupid child ” after all tightening therewith with little difference, 3 basically break even.

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