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Original title: Very beautiful! Very beautiful! Very beautiful! Special Jian those female advocate beautiful theatrical work of Yan Zhigao The welcome leaves a message, the Gao Yan in writing down a record to leave your heart is worth a belle!

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The drama anthology of NBC also theres is no lack of belle, include in what sow drama to center an individual to compare heart water ” evening shift doctor ” heroine Jill Flint, of course she also is to belong to temperament to hang. ” Chicago series ” in also have many beauties, for instance ” Chicago intense blaze ” Lauren German, of course she has been in now ” Luxifa ” take up the post of female advocate.

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Other TV network stays after waiting for, be analysed. The belle is not lacked in beautiful theatrical work actually, but the woman role that more and more trends allow to be full of individual character namely holds the position of a main actor, fine-looking the memory that leaves a person is probably temporarily, but distinct personality is to be able to let the glamour of whole part get promotion. It is a few more additional below tall Yan Zhimei drama daughter advocate — ” the queen in wind ” , the flourishing age that does not block is beautiful colour, queen gas field, the colorful royal court that does not view is installed

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” the queen in wind ” be tell about the palace of secret history of rise to power and position of beautiful queen of famous and liege Ma on British history love teleplay.

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To ensure the politics of Scotland and France is allied, langxisi nots to be engaged toward France and Wang Taizi before the Marie Stuart that resents 16 years old is arranged, and it is not clear that the Francis that feels disturbed quite to succession be related is in marriage of a paragraph of politics is right in oneself advantageous doubt pendulous, also be in however later the love on real significance produced with its gradually in getting along trace with Marie.

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I feel the first season is more good-looking, see from the back… boudoir honey is of beautiful beauty

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” the game of the right ” dragon mother beauty broke up

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The first when seeing, be admired by Jing!

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Tell the truth when the first season saw mother of dragon of a few collect come out, true Jing admired to did not see Baidu a lot of saying is to open the life that hang to explode directly simply the harm of the watch is returned forever what somebody loves to love her became dead one is changed again

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” bloodsucker diary ” the first beautiful play that I see!

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” the city of dusk light ” Yi Sha shellfish pulls · Si Wang, kelisiting Situerte personate, she is one is compared in drama bold, use at the schoolgirl of pursuit. And her fair look was to attract an audience more.

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Rice of law of · of Sha of the peaceful in the 3rd season is added act Violet Harmon, before a few concentration she has shown a face, but her show share in this season is most.

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Breath out Liboteli’s He Min

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Intern case bud, si Diwen

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Nijida’s Oman is amounted to, the madam of rare a twenty-five-stringed plucked instrument of Csi of beautiful theatrical work

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The film ” love you, luo Qian ” alias ” dear, it is you so ” (harbor) ) Collins of medium heroine Li Li, the plot of a play is very good more those who attract me is Yan Zhi

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River valley town


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