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Original title: New ” lean on a day ” public praise is slippery the bottom that enter cereal! The netizen oppugns Wang Jing to pick horny eye, only she can be rescued 1993, wang Jing hold guide, li Lianjie, Zhang Min, Qiu Shuzhen, Li Zi acts the leading role ” the demon that leans on Tian Tulong to write down teachs the founder of a religion ” saying to go up is classical. Believe many 80, 90 hind had seen this movie, inside the Zhang Moji of Li Lianjie personate is young Jun Lang.

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Small Zhao Jiaomei of Qiu Shuzhen is lovely.

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If Li Zi’s Zhou Zhi is beautiful colourful abdomen is black.

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Zhang Min’s Zhao Min, dekko of final Na Jinghong more become shadow history classical.

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Regrettablly a such an excellent work, in encounter box-office disastrous defeat however in those days, nobody are willing to invest this project again. Wang Jing ever had said ” this one ” demon teachs the founder of a religion ” the meeting after be being patted pats the 2nd then ” also became be concerned about. Filmgoer people longed for a lot of years, for the Zhang Moji in the film and Zhao Min’s follow-up love, also be a director in those days acceptance. Till 29 years after today, wang Jing hold the continuation that guide ” the open look result that leans on Tian Tulong to write down ” and ” the wind of holy fire hero that leans on Tian Tulong to write down ” came eventually.

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Regard He Sui as the network film of the line on archives, new ” lean on a day ” expression not common, entire network order programme is defeated quickly 100 million, public praise slips however cereal bottom. The eye picking part that many netizens oppugn Wang Jing to direct in succession — of personate Zhang Moji forest this year already 43 years old, want to know Zhang Moji is a boy that has 20 years old only, year even more not of be puzzled forest on body have a boy very hard the sort of heroic spirit that person of a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct takes oneself. Plus modelling not beautiful, an ionic very hot curl adds Pi Cao, as if be like a hill carve, the chamfer that be spat is ” history go up the oldest Zhang Moji ” .

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Zhang Cuishan of Zhang Moji’s father goes out by Gu Tianle act, the skin is dark, bubble surface head, hair boundary line had actually ” Mediterranean ” situation, do this still invite an audience in those days ” see by accident lifelong ” Yang Guo? Can say only new ” lean on a day ” modelling design dug a large hole really.

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If say hero is figure only,show old, so heroine people it is it is a long story more. The makeup look that Zhou Zhi is like and acting, do not have an on-line.

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The big eye of awl face tall bridge of the nose of small clear, net red sense is too strong.

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Can be rescued exclusively, have the Zhao Min of Wen Yongshan personate only. Before unlike two brilliant young woman let a person give play in that way, zhao Min still considers makeup look natural, have temperament already, also have acting.

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Zhao Min this part, using Wang Jing’s word to tell is ” outside the fairy inside demon all arrowroot ” . Her highbred, crafty, ming Yan cannot honest other people, candid also however forthright, dare love to dare be hated, great talent and bold vision, it is golden commonplace the wording and purpose of what one writes most one of people that get a reader to love. Movie and TV is modelled in, have 3 edition Zhao Min is the most unforgettable, although Wen Yongshan is enough also beautiful, but follow these 3 ” Zhao Min ” dimmer however than rising blank. Our begin mentions the first, 1993 the film ” the demon that leans on Tian Tulong to write down teachs the founder of a religion ” in the Zhao Min of Zhang Min personate. Those who hold the position of this film is female advocate when, zhang Min does not pass 24 years old, just about youth is beautiful beautiful age. Too Ming Yan is moving, ever made she is in piece before performing this role, was affixed ” vase ” this label, also accordingly she accords with Zhao Min extremely fine-looking and breathtaking idiosyncratic.

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She can will contradictory collect at a suit, forceful and coexist gravely, eccentric develop simultaneously with heroic spirit, bully gas and be in harmony of Wen Wan photograph. Although be the comes on the stage finally heroine in film, zhang Min still brings the shock that shines at the moment to the audience.

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If only such, zhang Min also takes this no less than parts, most absolutely the place depends on her to men’s clothing accuse. Her what disguise as a man Pian is like Jing grand, address tack of Zhao Min and heroic spirit threatening union is gotten proper, appear faultlessly before the audience. But also many people feel Zhang Min gets part illuminate too bully gas, with Jin Yong the Zhao Min of the wording and purpose of what one writes has some of difference. Be opposite in origianl work in a lot of depict of bearing of Zhao quick appearance, more it is to use ” delicate and charming unsurpassed, Can is like a rose ” will describe, and have not has been used ” bully gas ” 2 words. Zhang Min deductive ” old woman ” model Zhao Min, the charming that lost a few minutes of girls is soft.

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2001 Hong Kong teleplay edition ” lean on Tian Tulong to write down ” in, the Zhao Min of goosefoot appearance personate made up for the inadequacy of Zhang Min version. This edition Zhao Min most carry case ” Can is like a rose ” 4 words. Li Zi is performing art circle to have all the time ” god love the United States ” say, with respect to Lian Yimei the Zhang Baizhi of appearance pose as says frankly: “On this world, I admit Li Zi is more beautiful than me only ” , beauty is absent in bone skin, spirit appearance beauty of Li Zi seldom has what can rival in female star up to now.

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In origianl work, zhao Min is relative of emperor close country, having the tolerance of the world of look at sb disdainfully, be full of expensive gas, sober control oneself. This should have expensive temperament clear with respect to requirement actor, and Li Zi accords with this completely. Answered Jin Yong’s word: “From time to time is gorgeous cannot honest other people, from time to time carries Yan Zhi to come, your person dare be not gazed at. ” Li Zi’s men’s clothing also can be encircled can nod, bearing natural and graceful, small division of act not stick to becomes one group oneself, talk scheme to be able to contend for relative superiority or inferiority with manhood by bearing.

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But when she also has charming be ashamed. In the dungeon of green willow mountain villa, zhang Moji carry has meritorious service of 9 open looks, with finger the dot emerges thenarly in her over fontal acupuncture point. Zhao Min is to chuckle to laugh continuously first, contain sadly next cry antrum. When Li Zi is performing this paragraph, in laughing, have cry, in crying, have laugh, show be ashamed of crafty, charming and charm.

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Bold and generous air is crafty ” siren ” appearance and charming are soft warm heart is gentle but of the person ” fairy ” voice, li Zi is in this is both between achieved a balance, collect bully gas, fine, wisdom at a suit. The Zhao Min that can say her personate is the most classical, the most beautiful, also be most make Jin Yong satisfactory. Pardonable someone says: After Li Zi, do not have Zhao Min again.

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Inland still had one edition teleplay 2003 of edition ” lean on Tian Tulong to write down ” , gu Jingwen goes out perform Zhao Min. Of Gu Jingwen fine-looking beyond question, with respect to reaching the sky De Hua of Wang Juxing Liu ever praised: “The woman of 170 centimeter above, lin Zhiling is the most good-looking; 170 centimeter are the following, gu Jingwen is the most beautiful. Gu Jingwen is the most beautiful..

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Her fine-looking and main depend on Shuang Mingyan’s then moving big eye, also because of this Zhao Min of her personate not swift and fierce is crafty, instead more strange like ancient clever essence Huang Rong. Of the bully energy of life is very royal noble in origianl work female, fall in her explanation no longer so the energy of life that has a monarch. The gas field of Yi Zhengyi evil, also get because of her clever and lovely melting appearance be reflectinged deeply.

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Even if disguises as a man, the tender soft sense of the sort of female remains the same blow on the face and come, do not have the expensive gas of self-confidence of girl infanta of soldierly bearing completely. And Gu Jingwen can be in Zhao Min’s personate person in occupy position, still be the eye that then because of her double meeting talks. Especially to eyes detail accuse, when expressing a sentiment indefinite eyes thinks of Zhao Min’s caution perform work.

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She gets contemporary beauty and classic beautiful confluence very good, because this also calculates more thorough popular feeling. Is Zhao Min of edition of the where in your heart the most classical?

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