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Original title: Traffic accident hind lies in the kiss on the ground, unplug aerobic valve is kissed even, does homebred drama spend type to kiss play intelligence quotient to be in? The kiss makes fun of, be work of a movie and TV to sweet always, no matter be green,the acerbity first kiss, strong mouth after quarrelling, affection arrives thick the long kiss when, before still parting kiss goodbye, can invite an audience people look so that flame throbs, show the smile like the aunt subsequently. Also because such, kiss play can become the stunt that work publicizes normally, before sowing, put in the prevue that decide archives, audience people can be worth to the expectation of this work rise greatly; After sowing, put in next collect premonitory in, meeting condole sufficient audience people the following day punctual watched appetite.

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After all, the life already so bitter, who does not want to see bit of sweet thing amortize? Food kiss does not know from when to rise, have the high frequency setting that Duanjing of this one common bridge became the thing to kiss play happening. Or is female advocate eating aside joyous, male advocate went kissing on cannot refrain fromingly collect rise; Or is from borrowing at the beginning hello feed this pretext to kiss. Anyhow wants to eat a meal well in homebred drama, still be quite difficult really. Recently, liu Ye and equestrian Yi are in teleplay ” in distance ” the noodle kiss in aroused very big controversy. The Ma Yi in drama is taking bubble side, aside Liu Ye does not know which muscle was not built right, actually collect kissed a family in the past readily, still arranged a few noodle incidentally.

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Classics appraisal, because Ma Yi takes the look of the face,Liu Ye’s abrupt kiss is not certainly too attractive, however because · of his · · is too hungry,I think · · · , the director feels certainly when designing this paragraph of noodle to kiss Su Youtian, but the audience after broadcasting people consistent feedback is however: Hot eye, noodle err what.

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To noodle kiss, audience people apparent not buy it, but this bridge paragraph had appeared in a lot of homebred drama however. Restrospect to one’s early years, deng Lun and Yang Zi are in teleplay ” the flower is not Hua Wu to be not mist ” in had performed eat a noodle in all, next the show share that successive wants to kiss.

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Liu Yi and Guo Caijie are in ” dear tastes ” in also had tried.

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Answer besides recently, because be in with Lai Yu ” national husband 2 ” the kiss of a paragraph of noodle in, xiong Ziqi was affixed history on the label of the fattest and strong president.

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But the design that noodle kisses also is not to turn over, dishini animation film ” young lady and roam about dog ” in the noodle kiss of two dogs dog invites an audience people gave out an aunt to laugh, in the contest that my one-sided announces to be kissed in noodle, 2 dimension are obtained greatly get the better of completely.

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” national husband ” the director likes food of have the aid of to take kiss sport very much it seems that, the first when he lets male 2 are mixed female 2 performed a potato in pleasure ground piece kiss, but the effect after broadcasting at that time returns pretty pretty good, audience people be in breathe out greatly sweet to Zuo voice, do not know why the 2nd turns noodle into the kiss with respect to to turn over.

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” chase a ball ” the chocolate kiss in let Get of first time of a lot of audiences arrive of Fan Shiqi revive dot, chocolate is very sweet, men and women advocate compare chocolate in person in person sweeter.

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” my neighbour sleeps to be not worn ” the cucumber kiss in, mix the flavour of cucumber itself is euqally pure and fresh, a lot of audiences are developing kiss of this one cucumber to saw play of this an unexpected winner.

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As to ” the the Three Kingdoms is confidential ” in the dumpling kiss of Ma Tianyu He Moqian, audience people said, be leek stuffing only, they can be accepted constrainedly.

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Fitness is kissed because the people is popular in last few years,perhaps fitness takes exercise, so directors also try to put kiss show in the process of main actor fitness. The most classical, should be Zhao Liying and Jin Han are in ” you and my bend city days ” the situp in was kissed.

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” you are the mountains and rivers-land in my eye and ocean ” the horizontal bar in is kissed also pretty is sweet, deserve to go up again the Yu Guang of the setting sun, men and women advocate it is the most beautiful a scenery line on the playground simply.

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But if where of the handstand on horizontal bar that is flashy look for the mouth that allows each other, it is door technology work really, if kiss to nostril that as a child pure and fresh one second switch becomes comedy.

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Coquettish operates a kiss to let a men and women advocate the kiss gives new height, the kiss gives new pattern, the director often also is patting hole of the head when the kiss makes fun of is large, master bad duration a little nevertheless, can be spat by the audience groove is operated for coquettish. For instance ” Shuang Shichong the wife of a prince 2 ” the kiss of green smooth with filling in, after broadcasting at that time by the audience people breathe out greatly destroy 3 concept.

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Drama edition ” lie Hu Canglong ” in He Rundong and Jiang Qin pour the elegant jessamine that hang gold frequently, though be coquettish operation, also the fixed position that pretty accords with knight-errant drama.

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Dan Zhengyuan free and Zhang Jun Ning are in ” you enlighten my heavenly body ” the play of this paragraph of kiss in lets a person water of a mist, this where is to be in close, want to have a person namely clearly!

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Temporarily between, I do not know unexpectedly is this Qiu Shuhuan and Yi Ping, still beg the psychological shadow area that surrounds view masses.

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Yang Mi and Zhao Youting are in ” 3 unripe sansei 10 lis of peach blossom ” the turtle kiss in, really long was in my laugh is nodded on.


Turtle says: Request a director not to want easily piracy my originality.


Li Yifeng and Jiang Shu shadow are in ” I wait for you in Beijing ” the aerobic cover kiss in lets a person feel with respect to some do not wear brains, my one-sided announces aerobic cover is the greatest villain in drama in this kiss play!


Lying between oxygen to overspread a kiss nevertheless still is too tender, ” that one night that comet comes to ” in male advocate in him die during, disregard nurse block the way, unplug aerobic valve sits up directly kiss daughter advocate.


This one bridge paragraph the popular video that still made some sound go up, of video match civil be: You are the person that I unplug aerobic valve also wants a kiss. I feel me the light of the Malisu before is more dazzling · of · of · of · · · most most most make a person mysterious, still belong to ” devil is beside ” this drama. Male advocate soon the car should bump into the first reaction that come over is kiss daughter unexpectedly advocate, the driver has a MMP not to know to should be told undeserved tell.


This is me certainly had looked most only (your) beautiful (person) billow (hair) free (point to) traffic accident spot, a song appeared in brain at the moment, “Died to want to love, not · of · of · of · of · of fast · of indolence of incisively and vividly “


The original intention nature that kiss of design of fat lips director makes fun of is to think the susceptibility between promotional part, make sweet pink hubble-bubble, that is things go contrary to one’s wishes sometimes, instead invites an audience people felt strong fat sense. For instance ” Tu Long leaning on a day is written down ” in poplar Xiao kisses Ji Xiaofu by force this play, the fat shadow for a long time that Zhang Tielin leaves an audience cannot drop off, the exclusive feeling that everybody makes fun of to this paragraph is too feel distressed small Tao Hong.


Another for a long time letting a person cannot the fat lips of dismiss from one’s mind, it is Huang Xiaoming be in ” the summer of bubble ” in the kiss gnawing a lip to big S.


Perhaps say far more than is kiss play, huang Xiaoming is in ” the summer of bubble ” the expression in whole department theatrical work is fat. Perhaps say again, far more than is ” the summer of bubble ” , huang Xiaoming performs all and strong president kind the part is fat.


Another netizen is mirrorred generally too too fat, it is the film ” kill celestial being ” that play that Li Mengmei Qi kisses Xiao Zhan by force. Look actually from my individual, what this kiss makes fun of and describe without the netizen is so fat, perhaps be everybody likes Xiao Zhan too, so that be opposite,with him the actress of the play that shoot a mouth contains natural animosity.


Said before kiss play reputably so much strange 100 strange kisses make fun of, agree with a few finally reputably kiss play will to everybody wash wash an eye, also take learn from sb else’s experience to director and actors. Zheng Yuanchang and Lin Yichen are in ” mischievous kiss ” the kiss breaking a head in, although crossed so much year, will see full still sweet move later.


Saw Zhong Hanliang and Li Xiaoran be in ” have not enough time to say I love you ” the red wine kiss in, him feeling just is that drank red wine to be about drunk the person that fall.


Also have in homebred drama in last few years reputably the very tall bridge that kiss play paragraph, for instance Li Xianhe Yang Zi is in ” dear, have deep love for ” the car window kiss in, sweet and not be bored with, the dot arrives till, take the position of the first kiss hold the ground just good.


Humble of Lin Yihe Xing is in ” send us to warm warm Xiaoshi is smooth ” the freezer in is kissed also very stamp person, although the kiss ability of two new personality actors is returned,show blueness slightly acerbity, but instead more the pure happiness that highlighted student period have a love affair.


Still Chen Xingxu and Peng Xiaoran are in ” east palace ” the false pig in runs kiss, although have the twinkling of an eye only, but audience people went up however first. So, when is director plan given off not is cutout decreased edition?

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Saw so much kiss play bridge paragraph, we also fumbled from which a few results that make fun of about the kiss. Above all, the show that shoot a mouth also wants ability having a mouth, with respect to the Hanliang that take a handleless cup, why his kiss play in every drama can get reputably, how to because he is known,kiss get good-looking, kiss to must make a person enchanted. Before the kiss, small know the eyes that uses deep feeling, subliminal lay a finger on to wait go building ambiguous atmosphere, kiss again so go down the schoolgirl won’t feel by affront, the audience also won’t feel abrupt.

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In the meantime, small habit uses the kiss method that strokes schoolgirl side side gently, have already so overbearing a result that does not break tenderness, also won’t make the schoolgirl’s face is pressed to be out of shape, no matter angle looks from which, it is only beautiful romantic impressions.

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An oppose kissing play that uses Gu Tianle is compared, everybody understood. When Gu Tianle is patting this paragraph of kiss to make fun of, his hand is clutch of move daughter unripe chin, because gather becomes posse and the meat that can yield schoolgirl face to go up so is out of shape, be inferior to naturally on visual effect going up the Zhang Jun Ning that is kissed by Zhong Hanliang in the graph.

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So actors want to take the classical part that kiss play, still want to learn much observation more, kiss the one part that ability also is acting after all. Next, everybody discovers not hard, to all sorts of variety kissing play that have new idea, young still actor suits to try more.

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The bridge kissing play in homebred drama paragraph, be to should spend idea to consider one time.

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