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Original title: The younger generation will surpass the older! 1000 royal seal are like easy melt battle Song Zuer is approved in net drama respect, be seleted same an award

20220219070442 6210968ab74c4

Blue group actor is a few a bit younger star people, have Zhu Yilong of Deng human relations respectively Li Xianyang is violet the person such as Li Ying of Zhou Dongyu Zhao. These are younger floret small grass people, be worth what carry is, still established net drama actor this, gave net drama actors to one is encouraged and be approbated. The likelihood is in eye of a few people, net drama actor is new personality, acting needs harden oneself, but can see from inside this list actually, have newlywed person not only, still have a few elder, favorable reply of Du Chun, thunder, Xia Yu, river is for instance scanty the shadow, the actress that cannot say to perform net theatrical work so ” inferior to others ” , they also have self-respect and actual strength.

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Easy melt 1000 royal seal acted the leading role ” Chang’an 12 time ” , firm he encircles so old place in recreation, the identity toward the actor further. Before this, 1000 royal seal also have easy melt had performed a few roles, but it is this to play the leading role alone, bear important task. Nevertheless, he performs work Li Bi this part, a lot of not pink his audience, after the deduction that saw him, also be convinced by his acting, this drama will be his turning point.

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Chen Feiyu acted the leading role the film ” best we ” , the angle that uses the film was told about ” be troubled and Yu Huai ” story, have green sweat and tear, also have dreamy getaway and Yuan Hang, he is deduced properly, the face that uses his youth is penitentiary the teenagers that pursue a dream, these 3 people are seleted, it is the encouragement to the youth.

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In net drama actress, song Zuer and Zhang Xue are greeted also was seleted. Zhang Xue is greeted and easy melt 1000 royal seal are same, still be an undergraduate, did not graduate, but her work is to get the audience is approbated however, from ” beauty calculation ” to ” tornado girl ” arrive again ” divine carve a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct female ” , each work progresses in what witness her.

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The young actors that see so much likes were seleted ” Chinese teleplay good actor ” list, what find actor market for an instant is powerful. Be on the person of this road, it is the person that the heart has perseverance and will formidably, although they still do not calculate a success now, but on prospective road, can prove oneself certainly! Expect they bring better teleplay work, they can be prospective teleplay character assure!

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