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Original title: Was scolded what 4 season borrowed ” love apartment ” , new how does one season pat ability to redeem an audience? ” love apartment 5 ” came eventually. Guan Wei is released this morning newest begin video, this will be ” love apartment ” the final rule of series. But this teleplay had lifted many disturbance last year, be scolded in that way, how dare still come out bewitching? Tell the truth, fleshy father’s younger brother watchs whole video, a bit accident. Piece square brighting straighten connects him black, shout of a host of demons dancing in riotous revelry-rogues of all kinds running wild ” otherwise goes first Hei Yibo ” .

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Straight face controversy, more direct lay open is told with the audience ” had better see two market first, follow suit too fluky ” . Since such, be brave in all along the fleshy father’s younger brother of prelibation comes the ground begins video, push lightly to had sowed the four seasons that pass, forecast a gut not quite responsibly, see this what to sell finally drug in the calabash of one season, besides more and more interesting main actors, what still looks after all.

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Leave whole — none exaggerative, be ” love apartment ” the main actor that makes all lonely lonely anonymous walks into audience eye shot, almost because,every actor is this drama just by audience face ripe, especially Chen He.

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Never had seen you consider so bold-faced person, open program of broadcasting station of an unexpected winner to area of an unexpected winner, who listens? This operation is equal to Guan Xuan basically: Do not have thing of Ceng Xiaoxian what next.

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And before the video that Guan Wei sends, also confirmed this is nodded. Although compared with drama in other CP, this pair jubilates enemy quarrels to still do not have the success that pull a hand to the four seasons from bicker of the first season, plan thief is slow, rough.

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Do sth over and over again the two people of the four seasons, want this time to blossom and bear fruit eventually.

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2 Nuo billows can have new amour to for certain many people remember, is her He Yifei stronger do that make tennis name occasion? As ” love apartment ” in a exclusive group ” dog blood triangle is loved ” , ceng Xiaoxian and the feeling that poor why are original not clear not Hunan. Kill on the way give a Nuo billows, more serious be a burden on the plan of two people, bring about ” virtuous humble is loved ” indecisive full two season.

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Nevertheless, station the fat friend of virtuous humble Cp people fasten urgent, and listen to Jiang Huchuan flesh stalking or branch to analyse. Of the four seasons finally, the name that Ceng Xiaoxian calls is one humble, this proves they are done not have for certain. Just as one would expect, new the opening of one season video threw away a sth capable of comforting sb: Nuo billows said personally, should ” exit reason of former days love, encounter more beautiful miracle ” .

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Perhaps go up namely time, she is informed the person in Ceng Xiaoxian heart to still poor, heart grey meaning is then cold exit automatically. Ground of one person different is away on official business, treated affection to hurt incidentally, perhaps, a what new part can you still take? Guan Gu and 3 leisurely appear no longer actor official announce when already affirmatory: Guan Gu is magical won’t appear in final season. As ” love apartment ” the young lovers with most play of the sweetest, kiss, be the most indispensable of course to CP pink. But ” Tang performs law ” leisurely of father Tang You, this part also does not have method ” bring the dying back to life ” .

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This line, estimation can come by Guan Gu’s magical father round.

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On the other hand, at a draught little two important roles, natural need new face will take over maintain this old practice. That oneself program strings together string of field each other, be the thing that does not pass normally again! Connect Hu Ge, Mr. He after all of what, in ” love apartment ” before a few seasons also had gues-starred.

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4 beauty fine was pregnant the joy with tall Hin of another pair of cry enemy. Fighting capacity is not defeated ” virtuous humble CP ” , two are not the light that saves oil. Fought the mouth of the four seasons full, close minute minutes, worry.

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One spends heart big turnip, wizard of a count. Two people’s only common interest, it is all-time and consistent: Have deep love for the opposite sex

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Do this see a drop to there is what? It is clear to have at present two enigmas had not explained: One is the ages ago debt that very vivid good Lv Ziqiao owes kidney, namely beautiful fine the Buddha god palm of last palm, when can you appearing after all?

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Still have, begin namely the darling in video. In the four seasons, beautiful fine had made pregnant check, discover and not was pregnant. But arrived to begin in video, beautiful fine how to speak of ” 3 the individual’s worlds ” ? How is this pram fat before two people 4? And the expression of Lv Ziqiao this affliction, should won’t be… ” happy event when dad ” ?

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Jiang Huchuan flesh stalking or branch go up again line. Do not know everybody still is written down do not remember, the United States gives that doctor of fine examination in the four seasons, it is neuropathic actually a false doctor that act. His nonsense fools later, beautiful fine think oneself were not pregnant by accident. True doctor came back later, but everybody should do jest possibly to view the past at that time. Fleshy father’s younger brother is guessed, the four seasons is here bury a foreshadowing below secretly. As to child tall him suspicion sends out on the head the thing of green light, can wait only new the answer just knows after one season broadcasts.

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5 pieces of Wei whether counterattack? Lawyer of this dish chicken, take crayfish allergy, goddess does not look, return wicked dig or dig out with a finger or sth pointed.

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Final season, his meeting counterattack? Do not ask, ask even if won’t. Want to replace schoolboy win honour for originally, the result is smooth really — was defeated by a with nothing left

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From bar toilet doorway, turn apartment toilet into the doorway…

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Luxuriant still changeover ghost Oh! Do not beg your changeover, come on the stage this can stand firmly pretty good. Some things, person difficult is not torn open. Wish Zhang Yida is lucky. Is element of 6 singing and dancing new head hole? Believed to look to begin the everybody of video cannot overlook an element certainly: Curry flavour. Oh incorrect, what I say is element of singing and dancing.

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As ” love apartment ” of patriarch class ” full attendence ” actor, after show share of Ceng Xiaoxian diminishs, she became this one season one time absolutely without doubt. Lou Yixiao itself has a copy kept as a record of melodrama. These year she gives the theatrical work of movie and TV that perform not much, but the living theatre is not little. If take course of singing and dancing really, that is to her the hand arrives completely capture come.

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Add director Mr. Wei to once also had said, ” love apartment ” come hypodermically all the way namely originally. So, final Ji Li perhaps is making a noise to making a noise to sing a song, possible also meeting one character disagreement has dance, pat teleplay to be inferior to dancing. . . . . . Edition of singing and dancing ” love apartment ” , also not be to do not have a likelihood completely. 7 face controversy to say at the beginning with respect to father’s younger brother resembling the meat, this begins video has a place ” bold ” lets a person unexpected: Beautiful fine ask, the painted eggshell that still writes down is the movie finally? Child tall was not answered very angrily rancor, you act too soddenly I did not look…

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Although implicative, but enough also fact sincere said what the audience wants to say. 5 years are lain between when, it again at the same time disclose gives one moth, return audience eye shot at the same time. No matter present the film that come out finally how, it is to be able to see at least a bit advocate achieved sincerity: The affection of the audience, we are remembered well from beginning to end, want to keep good memory to you.

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Fleshy father’s younger brother is not to say it how is good that this drama comes out to have with respect to regular meeting, not be to want to be washed for it more white. But at least from inside this video, those who see it is true want to ameliorate. With its cost with one one’s heart thinks of the wrong erasure in the past, still be inferior to letting it become a kind of lesson. As to ” love apartment ” final season still can have played this hand card, had cleared away remaining pieces, look piece how to just pat. Even if still regrets likely wind up, total also more disgustful than be being mixed in the quarrelling sound in disappear almost all is close friends.

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Above is fleshy father’s younger brother from begin video reachs, right ” love apartment 5 ” all guessing. Ask everybody advocate achieve teachers to be forecasted toward mine as far as possible on lean, because I am afraid that the face aches

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