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Original title: ” beautiful language is endowed with ” Qiu Yan and Liang Yi can go, this person result cannot be done not have Some drama, see boredder more, look to be enraged more more, nature is decisive abandon theatrical work. And some drama, see more wonderful more, look to have show more more, nature is to be chased after more jump over addiction, ” beautiful language is endowed with ” belong to latter. Drama of ancient costume love ” beautiful language is endowed with ” You Qiaoxin, Xu Zhengxi acts the leading role, in drama, men and women advocate double strong person is set very denounce happy event.

20220219070522 621096b262e48

Female Zhu Qiuyan is not foolish Bai Tian, won’t let heart of person urgent fire attack helpless. Qiu Yan is fine-looking coexist with wisdom, dare love to dare be hated, dare and all inequitable dark force struggle, dare to strive for an opportunity for his happiness, believe in my life by me not by the day. Male girder assist the bright in the eye, warm blood is not cool, the surface is so bad that the surface be no good, in the heart brave however goodness. Want to be avenged for father, the influence in using a hand did a few things that enlarge him actual strength, but kind-hearted without loss however bottom line.

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When meeting first, each other detest Qiu Yan and Liang Yi ” beautiful language is endowed with ” in, men and women advocate when be acquainted first, have not marries, have not is engaged, in the heart aimless character, but right now 2 people however each other are detested. The Qiu Yan in Liang Yi eye is ” tea art ace ” , all sorts of tea art go into battle of method take turns, to amount to a purpose, tell a pack of lie, by hook and crook. See soft of good friend the Qin Dynasty suffers her ” bewitch ” , be obsessed with for her, the ceaseless expose, plan that destroys Qiu Yan and ” conspiratorial ” . The Liang Yi in autumn beautiful eye, be to amount to a purpose, disregard other life and death, by hook and crook apprentice, use her ceaselessly, destroy all sorts of her plans again, also be hate appeared him.

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After each other understand, qiu Yan and unripe good impression of Liang Yi each other but in 2 people ceaselessly in give tit for tat, male advocate slowly by female advocate attract, she has the preterhuman sagacious, independent thought, courage that dare love to dare be hated. Liang Yi discovered the dazzling kernel on autumn beautiful body slowly, fell in love with Qiu Yan, affection does not know be gone to however since place and deep. Qiu Yan also discovers original Liang Yi once had saved his that individual namely. ” beautiful language is endowed with ” in, because Qiu Yan runs away from home 6 years ago, encounter cateran, be saved to fall by Liang Yi. Liang Yi did not tell Qiu Yan his name, give Qiu Yan a folding fan however, tell him, oneself name is on folding fan, wait for autumn beautiful know how to read, the name that knows him.

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At the same time Liang Yi still sends Qiu Yan a paragraph of word, make Qiu Yan much read literacy, when when sufficient capacity can feed him, consider to run away from home again. Folding fan, qiu Yan is being taken euqally as baby. Liang Yi’s speech, qiu Yan as imperial edict same carry out is going. In autumn beautiful eye, that person that helps oneself is nobleness of a moral, have want, the person that has the world of aspiration, bosom. Good luck coincidence, qiu Yan discovers original Liang Yi is his savior. But right now Liang Yi, in autumn beautiful eye, it is a mean Lilliputian, to amount to a purpose, by hook and crook, with Qiu Yan that tall figure in memory forms tremendous contrast.

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To Liang Yi disappointment comes extremely, accordingly Qiu Yan did not tell her, he once had saved himself, it is oneself savior. Treat the issue that experiences together as 2 people increasing, qiu Yan discovered Liang Yi’s real features eventually, glazed warm blood is not cool in his eye. Liang Yi is exterior inhospitality callosity only, the goodness in its sincere as before, liang Yi’s essence did not change, still be that rational 6 years ago thinks, the person that has ambition, just wore ” bogus is evil ” mask. Qiu Yan fell in love with Liang Yi.

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When each other are adored, 2 person edge has another person additionally already however ” beautiful language is endowed with ” in, as 2 people ceaseless understand one another, liang Yi understood Qiu Yan, fell in love with Qiu Yan; Qiu Yan also sees Liang Yi clear, fell in love with Liang Yi. But have another person additionally already because of 2 person edge right now, because this 2 people hide love in the heart. Liang Yi already was ordered with Qiu Min marriage. Liang Yi won’t because fell in love with Qiu Yan, with respect to He Qiumin break off an engagement. In calculating his heart, think so do, also won’t be carried out really. If,come after break off an engagement, how does Qiu Min’s fame do? 2 Lai Qiuyan also can be mixed because of him Qiu Min break off an engagement, calculate true love he, also won’t be together with him. 3 Lai Liangyi just knows he loves Qiu Yan, do not know Qiu Yan to whether love his however, right now Qiu Yan beside still have Qin Xuan. Qin Xuan loves Qiu Yan, earthly person can see.

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Liang Yi is the person of a sober reason, the love to Qiu Yan, tibet was in in the heart. And Qiu Yan, though there is Liang Yi in the heart, but hindered to already was ordered at he and Min of little sister autumn already marriage, also hinder to be opposite all the time at Qin Xuan Qiu Yan is very good. Although Qiu Yan does not love Qin Xuan, but when doing not have better choice, qin Xuan is a pretty good marriage really object. Plus Qiu Yan ambiguous also Liang Yi is opposite her affection. Qiu Yan is very sober also sensible, not be foolish amative head of Bai Tian, won’t because fall in love with a person, reckless, lock up the feeling to Liang Yi in a corner of the heart so.

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The person of broken bureau came ” beautiful language is endowed with ” in, qiu Yan and Liang Yi are the official matchs, “Know I curtilage ” thinking, this bureau wants how to be defeated, do two people go can ability together? The person of broken bureau came. Person of Qiu Jiayi field is a misfortune, experience catastrophe, make a person regretful, but this misfortune went to create an opportunity together for Qiu Yan and Liang Yi however. Yuan Langhe Liang Yi issued Liang Zi with respect to the knot 3 years ago, this dimension Lang obtains imperial put sb in a very important position again, again the hand holds power, want to avenge. See Liang Yi wants expansion actual strength, with Qiu Jiagu woman autumn Min was ordered marriage, yuan Lang lets person frame a case against autumn home, autumn home is then castaway. Male man is sent to match, female man went teaching lane department.

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What Liang Yi knows yuan of Lang face is whole is autumn home, wanting the end that be aimed at is him however, be opposite to reduce yuan of Lang the eye covetously of autumn home, liang Yi finds empress, active He Qiumin was retreated marriage. The person such as the Qiu Yan of unidentified truth, think Liang Yi break off an engagement is for him himself do not get embroil, to Liang Yi detest unceasingly. Dan Liangyi works to set out from this heart, as long as unashamed, he is worn not urgently for him absolve. Autumn home is castaway, qiu Yan does not think complicity the Qin Dynasty warmths, and sagacious Qiu Yan also knows, if autumn home is castaway before, she and the Qin Dynasty still have the hope of very little between soft, after autumn home is castaway, the likelihood that a wee bit is between them also was done not have. Then Qiu Yan is mixed active ground, decisively Qin Xuan severed a relationship.

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So far, the affection obstacle comb-out between Qiu Yan and Liang Yi. ” beautiful language is endowed with ” in, qiu Yan and Liang Yi go, this person it may be said ” result cannot do not have ” , this person is yuan of Lang. Without his circumvent to autumn home, the emotional bureau estimation between Qiu Yan and Liang Yi is very difficult defeated, the marriage of two people can is immersed in, “Even if be to raise case neat eyebrow, after all idea is bad smooth ” awkward condition.

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alleged, “Dog days of institute of Fu Xi disaster, disaster blessing place leans ” . Estimate yuan of him Lang to also did not think of, made Liang Yi’s love secondhand actually. ” beautiful language handsomes ” very wonderful really, real name is recommended, good theatrical work is chased after! Know I curtilage a review of a play is achieved formerly, already added dimension authority rider

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