Wed. Jul 6th, 2022
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Original title: Love apartment is culminating a Guan Xuan, this 3 big the plot of a play this season be able to satisfactory, the main actor becomes a regret not together

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The information content of this prevue is very big, leaked the main actor’s information not only, a few problems that still care most to these a few years of netizens made a response. One, before a few season everybody cry is highest is Hu Yifei and problem of Ceng Xiaoxian amour, after all two people boiled a few years in drama, although have a feeling each other, but just be in bicker, finally if have a mouth of the four seasons only, that is too regretful really.

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2, before the road says this play staff has fully in find a view of civil administration bureau, and very big probability is Lv Ziqiao and Chen Meijia two people want a knot to be a couple. Regard the beautiful heart in drama as big turnip, lv Ziqiao is not to be in date even if go up in the road of appointment. But the month often seems to be opposite he is not quite friendly, besides go out in the lane when appointment some laugh at a dot besides, the four seasons dated countless belles, fail to pull hand success.

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day of alleged the fate brings lovers together is destined, go dating every day do sth over and over again some trashy, just discover to later the person that loves you is beside your. 3,

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Additional, this one season meets the hapless all the time Zhang Wei in drama counterattack. Before a few Ji Zhangwei’s birthplace are toilet, often not be a bloody nose and a swollen face it is the whole body drenched, it is whole drama Central Africa often explodes importantly laugh at a character, his existence is like even if should have bad luck will tease of everybody. This geomantic turn by turns, zhang Wei came eventually a counterattack, the person that lets those ever said to see love apartment have bad luck to see Zhang Wei namely was full of expect, he what do not know counterattack namely still can be brought to everybody in front of much laugh is nodded like a few season, wish him counterattack is successful.

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