Wed. Jul 6th, 2022
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Original title: Guan Xiaotong ” 20 not be puzzled ” tall horsetail cruel is handsome, rare person sets Li Geng denounce happy event, another Qiao Ying child? By ” nice gentleman ” the city affection theatrical work that the ordinary members of theatrical troupe that make makes ” 20 not be puzzled ” in filming. What this drama tells about is 4 schoolgirls that are about to set foot on a society to live, encountered the test with to oneself very brutal character respectively, after experience rises to fall greatly greatly, grow jointly, harvest the story of friendship, close affection and career.

20220219070729 62109731714ad

4 master centimeter fasten Liang Shuang, Jiang Xiaoguo, Luo Yan, Duan Jiabao by Guan Xiaotong, Bo Guan today, plum Geng Xi and Dong Saiyi go out act. Girls disposition is differ, the test that faces is very disparate also.

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Close the Liang Shuang of dawn red personate for instance, although age gently, but had been the net Gong Bo that mixes more outstandingly advocate. One party beauty is smooth and slick! Be in however this light is bright beautiful rear, liang Shuang needs to learn how to just can injure the person that loving his. About the trouble of life level, all along never decreases more only. Unless you had arrived formidably,can face bravely, with the leisurely that talk cheerfully and humourously solve everything. Still be kind-hearted ground otherwise living better.

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Make netizens surprizing likewise unceasingly still have brief the Li Geng of the hair hopes. From ” small jubilate ” she what go begins act removed an undergraduate. Do this calculate be sequel? And see from Pianhuazhong, luo Yan and Qiao Ying child the place that has different in approach but equally satisfactory in result. Decide to see with respect to what grind to hit game to want to read from her, this girl should not encounter big question in study respect. Can consider as to learn bully. How to proclaim easily otherwise oneself determination!

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Look ” 20 not be puzzled ” those who go is the course that compares ground connection gas. In plunging into the life mediumly heart and trifles to blend in gut, repass actors are deduced. Believe to be able to cause the resonance of a lot of people certainly to moment. Yield the clue on positive of our sit back and wait now

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