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Original title: 5 have love boarding house sincerity and hardware is insufficient, chen He changes gues-star meet with sarcastic, suit purpose of fine tall pink most

20220219070729 62109731e3cd8

Can say, ” love apartment ” the play staff is bold, in the sound spitting groove of a lot of people, still make terminative edition at a dash, this courage lets person pretty touch, after all in front line of feeling of character of leading role of the four seasons is knocked not finally calm, drama is confused people more or less to stay in the heart have a regret.

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Conduct propaganda piece most begin to be able to suck person eyeball, letting what person absolutely did not think of is, ” love apartment ” the government came one time directly from ridicule, and or not of leave some leeway from ridicule, belong to solid be quite capricious. Pull open foreword behind the curtain to the actor sang a song, spit groove: “Last film flooey dot is much, fabaceous valve has two minutes only, this season acts the leading role collect is not neat, how does this story still say downward, otherwise goes first Hei Yibo ” .

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Above all, of greet is the Hu Yifei that our heart heart reads aloud, lou Yixiao of the person that act grace of a red skirt is easy, explaining this is the terminative edition of love apartment, guide each leading role to come on stage in succession by her.

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Those who make a person gratified is, hu Yifei of this one season and wretch Ceng Xiaoxian all previous classics innumerable trials and hardships, went one case eventually, everybody eventually need not idea is bad smooth.

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Except them, beautiful fine with ” playboy ” Lv Ziqiao also received happy life, two people were together not only, and they still had ” darling ” , although publicize a medium Baby to be replaced by baby, but in knowing positive, whether can appear the form of darling. Can say, in all sweethearts, ending is best is beautiful fine with Lv Ziqiao, they flirt inside house, still staged sweet kiss show, believe a lot of fine tall pink are full of now expected!

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Hu Yifei is being publicized piece in have introduce personally, say: “This goods attend to numerous affairs everyday, not much play, never mention it I did not remind you ” , apparent this is the fact that the government wants to state Chen He to gues-star.

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Once leading role, should change actually nowadays costar, from time to time gues-stars, drama is confused people nature is different idea, should know Ceng Xiaoxian the action in drama is crucial, little him, do not know to want little how many fun.

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Be in actually ” love apartment 5 ” original conduct propaganda piece in, the capacity that Chen He indicates him is special piece act, because working reason is met,later period is entered group. It is reported, chen He is filming ” aim at ” with ” love apartment ” in hit shelf, say so, gut is forced to was set of Hu Yifei Ceng Xiaoxian different ground to love.

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It is more sensitive that actually Wang Chuanjun and Home Deng beautiful cannot return to this one topic, but him play staff is being publicized piece in Cue arrived leisurely Guan Gu, explained them cannot fit the reason that appear. Say two people prepare wedding in abroad on bright face, the reason that leaves two people actually is summed up already for a word, that is: “Everybody has the power that goes staying ” , must say, this word reachs the designated position extremely with herein.

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Can say, ” love apartment ” what does the play staff calculate far from from ridicule, this one operation that explains leisurely to close Gu Li to go just cries advanced, both neither affects him star, also won’t make to drama cause an effect, make square free spirit win good impression again instead.

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