Wed. Jul 6th, 2022
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Original title: Glorious times: Zheng Chaoshan actually very be very fond of a little brother; Is this drama to wrapping around the comedy of appearance of espionage war play? ” glorious times ” in delitescent spy combination begins to do destroyed, letting what Zheng Chaoyang wants to be less than is, brother of oneself elder brother become reconciled is a spy, zong Xiangfang saved Zheng Chaoyang at the outset one life explains he should be mixed Zheng Shizhen’s brother, phoenix coverage did not seek tardy again before now, explain he still is swaying, do not know to be met finally how. “You ” or ” we ” , this hard choice, the individual feels Zong Xiangfang can not swing to Zheng Chaoyang very likely.

20220219070831 6210976f20383

And ” glorious times ” medium Zheng Chaoshan is some split personality, his since a good elder brother is a cold-blooded spy, when hearing Zheng Chaoyang gets hurt, all along sober elder brother Zheng Chaoshan also is hurriedly drove the past, the little brother that he does not know himself also is in at that time the spot, be in without the task, or him oversight of for the moment the identity when, he or very be very fond of oneself of this little brother.

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” glorious times ” leave after sowing, believe a lot of people discovered a problem, the netizen points out, this is not play of an espionage war, however one is wrapping around the comedy of appearance of espionage war play, really every collect can feel slant humorous style, just the netizen is oppugned, this humorous style is like is to overdo.

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