Thu. Jul 7th, 2022
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Original title: This year the optimal drama anthology of TVB, can you be this 3 choose one?

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Nevertheless, TVB is new this year although the amount of drama is little, but still gave a few good still work, but if respecting is in ” myriad star brightness prize-giving celebration ” go contending for optimal drama anthology, can I think be this 3 choose one?

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And besides ” Jin Xiao edifice ” besides, another popular drama should be the main actor such as Guo Jin An, Ma Guoming ” white strong person ” , medical treatment drama is brunt all the time in TVB drama, belong to take an internal heat the sort of! And ” white strong person ” go up in the foundation of medical treatment drama, joined business to change a line again, let rectify department theatrical work to have a hotspot more. Look from dimensions, this drama should is in TVB drama made greatly, main actor battle array is luxurious, the expense that make is not little also, from setting reductive, all sorts of operation play in including theatrical work can see. From public praise for, ” white strong person ” with ” Jin Xiao edifice ” be not Xiang Baizhong, each have the place that gives prize each, assign on any account very hard.

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Last want saying theatrical work, I want to should many children’s footwear can be guessed, that is ” iron explore ” ! In in harmony drama, ” iron explore ” had been a public praise is best, if control end share,perfect word again in fact, ” iron explore ” do not lose completely at ” white strong person ” with ” Jin Xiao edifice ” .

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Alarm bandit drama also is the kind that TVB compares expert, and this one goes up in original basis, joined authority to fight play again, do department theatrical work so won’t too too drab, gut trend is guessed more hard also. And with other two drama photograph is compared, the main actor battle array of this drama is more luxurious, TVB gives birth to Yuan Wei a person of extraordinary powers, Huang Zhixian to add Yang Ming when wife and children, return next strong the Sai Bei of female role Cai that hold in both hands, in addition still looked for article of bright of foreign aids Hui Yinggong, ginger to follow Wu Tingye, also compare by battle array estimation only ” the thunderbolt pole battle of flying tiger ” a bit weaker, but gut should compare that the ministry is good-looking a lot of!

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In light of the expression that celebrates theatrical work from a few stages, can calculate only general kind, if do not have an accident, this year the optimal drama assembly of TVB is ” iron explore ” , ” white strong person ” with ” Jin Xiao edifice ” this trilogy among them one of, do not know where ministry you value?

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