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Original title: Home He strong edition ” teenager Zhang Sanfeng ” 3 Tong Xing in 3 3 medium brother, beauties and drama

20220219071010 621097d217ffa

Review knight-errant theatrical work, harbor theatrical work is general with fierce get victory, stage drama criterion with affection moving, this drama preserved stage drama the characteristic of exquisite always warmth, and have 24 market only, do not have the style with stage laggard always drama. Go up in gut masterstroke is very outstanding, around be spread out by the Cang Baotu of one divides into two, in the Jin Dao that Cang Baotu’s half hides Yu Damo, temple an administrative unit in Xizang passes Yu Shaolin of Tibet of other in part in cassock, developed old practices of a series of kind and enmity of all corners of the country with this.

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The leading role Zhang Sanfeng of He Jiajin personate, an orphan is when coming on the stage, predestined relationship border can issue Bai Shaolin abbot not language for division, its pass really. Hind not language be died by circumvent, zhang Sanfeng after many twists and turns, make serpent pleads guilty eventually, not language unrighted wrong exonerates, keep abreast of and realize from this, found fierce should be sent.

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The part of a historical period of 3 small Tong Xing in drama is quiet the Zhang Sanfeng of personate childhood, he because costar of Ceng Yujin inscription ” cliff looking at a husband ” , ” the grass side Qing Qinghe ” , ” wintersweet bake in a pan ” etc fine jade precious jade drama, and the Tong Xing that becomes widely known, still be in of Ma Jingtao edition ” lean on Tian Tulong to write down ” in the Zhang Moji of personate childhood, nowadays already boreal shadow graduates, continue to performing art circle to struggle.

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The small pity of childhood of Li Xiaolu personate, with Zhang Sanfeng the playmate that is green plum a bamboo stick used as a toy horse, already became inland nowadays become red star. Be worth what carry is, li Xiaolu is in of two version ” teenager Zhang Sanfeng ” in angular lubricious personate, in Ming Daogong of the personate in Zhang Weijian edition.

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Of childhood of Li Ning personate poplar course hill, nevertheless this young actor already did not have a message nowadays, this child that has military accomplishment a copy kept as a record quite does not know to wave fall to He Fang.

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3 beauties small pity of Zhang Sanfeng, after manhood by Wang Peiyun personate, meeting for the first time with Zhang Sanfeng is to be at the door Shaolin Temple, all over the face dirt, hair is messy, holding bowl of half broken china in both hands, lower his head to stand before almsgiving crock. 2 people became the good friend of keep no secrets from each other later, be betrayed by the family member again after, the body in fugitive process is dead, lifetime Gu is bitter. Holding gone small lotus in the arms when Zhang Sanfeng, camera lens cuts his back, since episode noise ” raise far wind sends me… ” , of bitterness letting a person cannot from already.

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Huang Tianbi, wei Qiuhua personate, of yellow be apt to of villain in drama female, old young lady of Huang Jiabao, for its father becloud sly pretty is capricious, but nature goodness is just very spoony, final when big desert seizes treasure, block a sword to be died by its father manslaughter for Zhang Sanfeng, become the another tragic person in drama.

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Hill of course of 3 friend poplar, zhang Zhenhuan personate, villain in drama not of be angry prentice, child of little Home Lin Su, be like brother in person with Zhang Sanfeng, more assist him to find out little forest cassock one case, search a winner to seek, go after military accomplishment the world all the time the first, join finally hand in hand with Zhang Sanfeng realize life.

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De Zhao, this changed the person of destiny of Zhang Sanfeng lifetime, because of detest and jealousy, the Zhang Sanfeng that brings up oneself single-handed actually pushs the abyss to death.

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Qiao Qian, be without association with Zhang Sanfeng originally, mix because of accident and the marketplace that its intersect however, endeavor to be aided for with one one’s heart at him, unexpectedly on compensate life. Pass before what this drama can be Zhang Sanfeng is full length, in ending, so called treasure is all in vain only, rain of countless blood of wind of raw meat or fish are without a meaning before the treasure of empty sky. Zhang Sanfeng is realized finally found Wudangpa.

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