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Original title: Ancient costume is small sweet drama goes to sea 2 degrees, official of other people is busy crack with teeth in mouth matchs CP, is what search heats up on Sun Jialu however? In recent years, more and more outstanding China teleplay begin ” go to sea ” , kill into the overseas market with intense competition. 2022 Hu Nianchun section just passed, the ancient costume that acts the leading role by Li Jiaqi, Bi Wen , Sun Jialu is sweet bestow favor on drama ” skirt of small female Neon ” be affirmed to want to land Korea to broadcast. Actually this is not this play first time went to sea any more, the Japan before this also bought copyright to leave sow, abroad audience can feel a country together with us the person energy of life of drama and glamour.

20220219071004 621097cc80162

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Gut story happens between Daningnian, the black female Xie Xiaoni of village of a silks and satins is unwilling and commonplace, aspire should become a female strong person. Something unexpected may happen any time, familial persecute because of the person of the same trade decline, impawn should be the Xie Xiaoni that escape by sheer luck dies familial revenge, pay equal attention to Zhen Zuxiong wind. Then, the girl acquires embroider skill to Changjiang Delta study, after grind is old, the wisdom that depends on oneself and talent become the famous person of weaving bound, call a next scope of activity that attribute oneself gradually. But, chou Jia discovers her intent very quickly, chase after all the way kill, try cut the weeds and dig up the roots, lest future trouble.

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Jeopardy when, lover Ou Yangzi of Xie Xiaoni moves to be begged, 2 people leave jointly the Western Regions, change name, practice hard craft once more, 2 degrees put in countryside ‘s charge. Under elaborate preparation, she is eventually familial avenge, heavy brace up familial career, become the female trader that everybody admires. This drama broadcasts in home when, because high in syrup is small sweet the style of drama invites person the higher authorities, the tall Yan Zhi of the actor in drama also is very raise a key point. Of course, good-looking sweet drama also should be attributed to an actor to act well, act for instance female the Sun Jialu of 2 Yan Wenxiu, it is a temperamental and melting floret above all, black heart of the modelling of show of charming soft boudoir and abdomen has contrast bud.

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It is acting next it is to have clever talent very, as a villain in drama that love and does not get, yan Wenxiu can say to tear open an official to match CP is whole department theatrical work be in hard do a business. It is the part of a such green tea having a place, the audience states complete to her hate does not rise however.

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See be used to probably always is heart be apt to by person bully foolish Bai Tian heroine, the audience is easier by dare love to dare be hated what dare do is female 2 are attracted. Sun Jialu lets Yan Wenxiu admire from the Jing of size elder sister of Changjiang Delta old and well-known family appear, arrive from the back the firm that You Aisheng hates is hot, break to finally again wisdom clear is pitiful, she is part infuse the cruel love feeling that your person touchs, let an audience see her alone heart is touched consequently, can understand her way even, produce the feeling that the business makes the same score hard.

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Sun Jialu also is go ahead regardless in drama, have a lot of by the show share of mad fan a slap on the face, statistic passes someone, the person of may complete theatrical work goes handle to her. Every time Sun Jialu asks to come really, go all out quite really, also went up to heat up search. Her show do not enrol black villain in drama, also be very god-given. A lot of people say, sun Jialu performs Yan Wenxiu lived, it serves to show the acting strength of one’s previous experience of regular professional training of institute of its Beijing film.

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As a child, sun Jialu Yours Excellency namely in the mouth ” the child of others home ” , in dancing respect very gifted, a lot of vermicelli made from bean starch think, perhaps do not become an actor, she can be an outstanding ballet person.

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Pay close attention to her gregarious platform, still can discover to the Sun Jialu besides screen still is very the girl that ground connection enrages, be comprehended what can share his daily or communicate and so on of the experience that protect skin.

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Be full of the Sun Jialu of affinity so, natural meeting lets a person like.

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