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Original title: Two collect have ability 4 cases! The suspense new theatrical work that Li Min radical acts the leading role, receive grade ” other namely Tartarean “ And the of 8.4 high component achievement that it also harvested IMDB8.2 and fabaceous valve finally to exceed 20 thousand person to be hit.

20220219071107 6210980b94fd2

As expected, suspense drama still must see OCN! Before ” magical exam ” ” TEN of group of special case case ” , ” bad guy people ” , ” special be missing case group M ” etc is the person above average in this type. This thinking, in ” other namely Tartarean ” we can loosen eventually after be over at a heat, need not hold control to see play again. But apparent, OCN but won’t so let off us easily, used a new suspense theatrical work to be us immediately fill is vacant.

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Hold back is worn see two market at a heat, old Meng Xiang says, before two collect are doubtful point completely really, do not look completely to go out next gut trend, ” other namely Tartarean ” nervous move is new came back! ” everybody’s crammer “

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Li Min radical is in drama the gumshoe that of personate is team of an extensive search, the friend of work should be not new to him before seeing him.

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Is there is a topic in fabaceous valve discussion group ” ” is this life first time ” in which part most make you surprizing? ” appear in the answer most is Li Min radical. This he also is overturn before figure of Leng Jun Gao Fushuai, reincarnate fasten gumshoe for Buddha, to accord with the figure of gumshoe, return 8KG of specially weightening finish. Accident is, the star that with much one get fat drops with respect to Yan Zhi is different, had the figure that has the flesh more and ” Pacific Ocean shoulder ” later, his instead more raise a key point!

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And personate daughter advocate Li Yuying, it is the existence that the person that has seen Han Ying understands more.

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The story is homicide case at the beginning, a young woman carries day of stage dropping on the head to fall from the building. Leave some brief note to look from the spot, this young woman all the time since get the worry of depressed disease, there also is the drug that fights depressed disease in the home. All evidence show, this is a simple suicidal case, the gumshoe of spot perambulate also winds up the matter hastily.

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From the point of the talk of two people, apparent, golden assemblyman is right of young woman is know the inside story to death, and her have facts one wishes to hide to death, but golden assemblyman expresses to be opposite this is helpless. Shang Xun is determined to want fish incident fact however, the talk of two people parts on bad terms, the hand still was changed even during.

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Ke Shangxun does not want to talk about this thing right now, then carelessly left a few sentences perfunctorily. That evening, golden assemblyman is driving traffic accident happened to die on the spot in road, and Shang Xun also breaks couplet at this point. Be in charge of what case of golden assemblyman traffic accident investigates is male advocate Zhao peaceful establish, he is the elite of extensive search team originally, a fact hits solid hot-blooded gumshoe.

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He wants to spend the term in extensive search team calmly only, thinking however was to meet proposal of woman dropping building first, came up against incident of golden assemblyman traffic accident again now. Thinking originally also is a common traffic accident proposal, it is however in spot perambulate and the procedure that the family member questions, peaceful establish discovered not right place.

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Secondly, hit the car of the golden assemblyman of the large block of start off edge, do not have the trace of brake completely, can be in turned over direction to discover one grows lasting brake mark however, and return trace be obliteratinged by the person’s attentive chemically liquid medicine.

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Apparent, golden assemblyman is to avoid the car opposite side to just can produce traffic accident, who is the car that come over driving on that? Thirdly, golden assemblyman drops the glasses on the ground to have the mark that has been stepped on, install originally at the same time on board recorder of drive a vehicle was taken away, car still was discarded as useless at top speed.

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Review a case not the place of common, the traffic accident of golden assemblyman is not accident it is factitious already apparent. Then peaceful establish undertakes investigating to the relevant character in whole case again, because the Shang Xun of country of be away on official business did not leave the country at all,discovery alleges external, and happen to now from incident, neither one person has seen him. In the meantime, he still discovers that evening the last the person that sees Shang Xun is female advocate luck hopes, look all things hope to spread out around luck, he decides to hope to meet with luck again.

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But the luck with record of formal schooling and scant experience hopes not to want to replace assemblyman this post, mourn the accident that meeting site produces till her father.

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Mourn meeting site, a little boy that plays rubber ball on square discovered an express box, after opening, discovery is one cut hand actually, what wearing on finger is He Ruixi is the same as paragraph marriage give up. That is to say, this is probable the hand that is Shang Xun. Pass legal medical expert detect affirm, this is Shang Xun’s hand really, still be in living when of stump of the edge tool that be used. Very fast, the person that puts a case on square is found, but he also is an express only member, the range that links client also did not see, clew came here to be broken again.

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Look very what are the two people of disagreement to be being investigated?

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At the same time investigation personnel returns the vehicle that discovered Shang Xun in a certain devious dorp, the brief note clew that goes up according to the car found crucial figure Jin Biyan.

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The Jin Biyan that avoiding someone all the time is first be set fire to attempt to burn him dead in the dark, still be dogged to beat up then, dog the at hand that his person is Shang Xun’s father actually, want to question the whereabouts that gives Shang Xun closely from inside his mouth. Should carry of a bit is, put baked wheaten cake he and beating up those who question him closely is not same individual.

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Then, luck hopes to receive an information in the middle of the night, it is Shang Xun by captivity and the video that break a hand, the murderer gave her an option, want to help husband, should go up assemblyman.

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Can say the plot of a play is very full, and it is foreshadowing everywhere. Arranging gut simply is, assemblyman daughter luck hopes, father was experienced between one night ” the suicide ” , the husband is missing, she is forced to rescue the husband replace assemblyman part, but the happening of murder or in quick succession, decide finally and male advocate peaceful establish seeks the truth together.

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From the point of gut trend, at present these cases just are derivative follow-up, cong Ruixi is become assemblyman begins, just begin to have a background big cases to whole episode truth truly. And will look from existing gut, besides the men and women advocate, someone else seems to be concealed somewhat.

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For what is for instance Shangxun is loving luck to hope to behave inhospitality suddenly however apparently? What do he and golden assemblyman darkling investigate? The thing with what smooth not to be exposed to is Shang Xun’s father doing? Be concerned with the traffic accident of golden assemblyman? Still have a the biggest problem, be to kidnap Shang Xun?

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But major person lived to choose to keep silence or lie for oneself, that is in everybody’s crammer, how should be this two people broken silent find out the truth? This drama from sow the first collect, men and women advocate cast the bridge of necessary love in major Han drama paragraph, two people of one mind is crack a criminal case only. And happen frequently of be concerned about of whole the story of a play or opera, because hidden information content is too big,bring about very burn a brain. At the same time the falls with schemes and intrigues bloodily undercurrent of its go-between sex emerges move special also arrest a person. Of course, li Min radical + Li Yuying + the label of OCN suspense drama is already enough let a person be chased after.

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