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Original title: Masses gathers, explode laugh ceaseless, this opens year of comedy to must be chased after! Recently, he Sui light comedy ” holiday warm complacently 2 ” heating up in sowing, gathered Liu Tao, Chen He, Ni Dagong, Ni Ping, poplar Ni of , Zhang Jia numerous old in green actual strength sends an actor, it may be said is advocate achieve have a strong lineup. During this drama told about the Spring Festival, home Cheng 3 girls a strange combination of circumstances is northeastern native place meet again, the brigade that puts in the home ‘s charge causes to jubilate the story of farce.

20220219071135 6210982737c41

1.Complete member ” comedic person ” , bud of the contrast that perform the character set in this drama is very interesting, each is having another bud dot. For instance all along with ” duty field elite ” the Liu Tao that figure shows a person, in Cheng Man of big daughter of the personate in drama Home Cheng, send the female strong person of the bound as a wind, she is to prepare to take a daughter to go originally 3 inferior spend the New Year, however a strange combination of circumstances flew back to northeast native place.

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See this wrapping classical green army the coat, billows elder sister that sits in tractor backlash, where to still have the look of city daughter strong person, hold firmly can stubbornly only oneself bag.

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And ” Su Dajiang ” the person that act Mr. Ni Dagong, became this however ” northeast amuses dad ” , live to protect female mad demon namely.

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And poplar the Liao Ran of personate hunts into hill together, still explore ceaselessly the other side, still say ” be father’s younger brother later is you then ” , appear to be thought of early with respect to the caution of detection the other side.

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Not only such, he still can take small blacksnake oneself, protect oneself daughter, it is simply ” conceive stunt personally ” old father.

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A lot of netizens still express, ni Dagong this modelling, have northeast distinguishing feature quite, and still a few strike paragraph shaven head strong.

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And the Chen He that compares be pregnant feeling all the time, the expression in drama also is a hotspot dye-in-the-wood, can says ” company ox ceiling ” , see this quite what atmosphere feels sing link, very much what folk-custom of northeast snow countryside performs is inspect namely feeling.

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2.”Northeast family ” new-style atmosphere feels ” holiday warm complacently 2 ” in having multivariate district element, especially northeast breath blow on the face and come, the culture characteristic that is this drama added a window, be by what many netizens say new-style ” northeast family ” . The northeast element in drama is dye-in-the-wood, courtyard of a song-and-dance duet popular in the Northeast, farmhouse, go up kang Lao Lao ” northeast crack with teeth in mouth ” , really help atmosphere move full.

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And the northeast mom of Ni duckweed personate, sang a song-and-dance duet popular in the Northeast sweetly together with the granddaughter, let a person look at those who hold out above, still cannot help following one case hum two.

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Besides these, nature is little not northeast cate, the northeast characteristic food such as Chinese forest frog of flesh of bag of the pork noodles made from bean or sweet potato starch that stew, boiler, potato, also enter the court in the take turns in drama, ni Dagong still is taking small granddaughter to have sth special to eat, let a person want to go more northeast experiences year of different flavour.

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3.1000 life, deduce ” Cheng family ” wonderful this drama has character contrast bud not only, and northeast characteristic element, the person that still is having clingy period develops. For instance the Cheng of Cheng Xiao personate vasts, it is a beautiful slippery athlete, she of vigour girl likes ice volitant feeling, holding to oneself dream. This set very joint nowadays winter abstruse setting, northeast after all area is having advantage of advantaged project of ice and snow.

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And the Cheng beans with actor broken dream, returned northeast native place to open a civilian constellation that belongs to his, reconcile finally with oneself, greeted different ” promising ” .

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Must say, ” holiday warm complacently 2 ” the hotspot is dye-in-the-wood, the experience watching opera that invites an audience has interest already, full of full terrestrial fireworks is angry. From ” northeast family ” in the story, experienced smoke and fire daily, cause masses resonance more easily, harvest in this light comedy full.

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