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Original title: Broadcast heat to spend successional Qidengding, gu Nailiang is used ” airborne sharp ” will complete oneself transition The drama of army brigade air battle that presents as leading role to act the leading role by Gu Nailiang, Xing Jiadong, Li Chun, Zhang He ” airborne sharp ” receive an official! This drama leaves since sowing, close inspect all have window with public praise expression, results is like tide reputably!

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Can say, gu Nailiang is used ” airborne sharp ” will complete oneself transition

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Understand while, also make a person not by feel distressed airborne arms, feel distressed in drama ” dear piece ” , Zhang Qi (Gu Nailiang personate) . The first collect is faced with the air man Zhang Qi that moves hillock, the passion that uses pair of air force and awe-stricken to military occupational give this figure stand! The Gu Nailiang in my impression or ” the most beautiful days ” the Adonis inside, it is OK also to do not think of he performs army brigade theatrical work, acting has progress not to say, figure produced very big change.

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See stage photo, dare not believe this is Gu Nailiang completely, very little head is very mature really, but body very thin, in drama, the face is very solemn, the eyes also is super vicissitudes of life, do not have completely when He Tianxin is interactive before so bright, feel he becomes sedate a lot of.

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What the fact proves Gu Nailiang brings us is the change on figure not only, still have more and more mature acting. Never had deduced with this kind of identity before Gu Nailiang after all, the figure change that considering Gu Nailiang later also is to mirror the authenticity of army brigade drama adequately, more actualization, made us see different Zhang Qi likewise. This Gu Nailiang is in the hero Zhang Qi of the personate in drama in drama all previous classics clears 3 times, restart 3 times, every post gives off light calorific, realize self-worth. From most begin Zhang Qi to arrive the first battalion, everybody is ill-affected, to isle actual combat, arrive again establish boiler to cover a head, rhythm of these a few stories is coherent, invite an audience successfully, included those arms king letters in drama to take Zhang Qi, come to saying is a success from this, shaped Zhang Qi’s image successfully. Gu Nailiang show marrow and Zhang Qirong are an organic whole!

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Although good nowadays theatrical work was sowed but the concept that Zhang Qi’s powerful nation founds an army won’t change, boiler builds the spirit of the head to will carry forward forever! Gu Nailiang agrees to jump out comfortable group goes ego personate such military figure also was to overturn before put together art is beautiful, become figure of a figure to revealing military upright. “Because you are in, so I am in ” we live such peace, because have these,be the soldier is protecting the home to defend a country, the soldier is forever most angel.

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