Wed. Jul 6th, 2022
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Original title: Eventually Guan Xuan! Celestial bodies of dream of Du Haitao Shenyang gets card, wish 2 hundred years close very much! So old, shen Mengchen is in Du Haitao eventually Guan Xuan gets card to marry yesterday! Notable those who arrive is, time of announce of official of celestial bodies of dream of Du Haitao Shenyang is the woman’s birthday, this is rectified quite romantically still, very the style that resembles Du Haitao! Netizen comment says: “Expected issue, without the surprise, it is very accident. ” this thinking that long-distance running of love of celestial bodies of dream of Du Haitao Shenyang is so old, did not go to marry that one pace, the feeling that is two people probably encountered a problem, but look now, two people are be enrolled greatly in hold back!

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Review the amative detail of Du Haitao and Shen Mengchen, actually from clue can see 9 years ago! Some earlier year when, du Haitao is mixed to Shen Mengchen’s care be very fond of, more or less does recreational group inside and outside know a bit, 2020, two people express to preparing wedding. Those who face a netizen urge marriage, shen Mengchen and Du Haitao two people also were to bear very great pressure! It is respective marriage plans to do not have time on one hand, the public opinion pressure that is a netizen on the other hand makes responsibility heart all the more of the man intense, 2022, this is returned not Guan Xuan marriage, very difficult wind up.

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2017, du Haitao is in put together art ” congress of the show that take off a mouth ” in had exploded had expected, shen Mengchen professions say actively to him, speak the Du Haitao when this word, laugh to resemble an early youth of 20 years old, two people are Alexandrine later put together art ” the love of daughters ” , the love of sweet happiness touched many audiences. Because true, du Haitao and Shenyang dream celestial bodies are that kind of star of very low-key deal with concrete matters relating to work, this year the Spring Festival, two people still are exposed to the sun to went out to return old home of Hunan West Hunan together, furtive the life in is very real also, not feigned.

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After all, still want to believe love! Especially the love in recreational group, and row and cherish, encountered must firmly is guarded, two talents that grow jointly are the love that perserve. Congratulation again this pair of new personality! Hope Du Haitao won’t disappoint Shen Mengchen is so old await, the woman is likewise such.

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