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Original title: The plain birthday that believe favour that day ” be betrayed ” ! Bridal company is basked in suddenly ” gauze of not open marriage is illuminated “ Piao Xinhui of Han drama goddess was mixed on January 22 small actor Cui Tai Junju of 1 year old does exceed romantic wedding, when announcing marriage dispatch she also exposure the good news that is pregnant, because the embryo is being raised to rest well after this wedding, but she often can pass through IG article, dynamic in a limited time share recent situation with vermicelli made from bean starch. Comfortable Feng Piao believes Hui Zun (18) day greets birthday, the bridal company that for her gauze of program marriage banquet, marriage films is surprizing also a series of not open marriage gauze reflect exposure, let a netizen exclamation: “Placard of essential Han drama! “Placard of essential Han drama!!

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A series of marriage gauze that did not make public reflect the bridal company exposure that does marriage of benefit of letter doing Chinese hackberrya, Cui Taijun. (graph / breaks up photograph from IG) the recent situation that Piao Xinhui shares through IG recently made a central point, the Han that includes temperamental full marks is taken according to, short Zuo is patted oneself etc, although greeted 32 years old of her birthday yesterday, dan Piaoxin benefit, Cui Taijun was not on gregarious platform special dispatch. Nevertheless, for husband and wife the bridal company of two programs marriage ” ? ? ? ” (Laciel) bask in in this day piece a series of not the marriage gauze of exposure is illuminated, bless in the birthday on Wen Zhongxian: “A pair of lovely sweethearts, always be born today like her like the girl day, wish spends a happy day, we are thinking everyday. We are thinking everyday..

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Piao Xinhui and Cui Tai Jun film the happy atmosphere when marriage gauze also affected spot staff member. (graph / breaks up photograph from IG) the Piao Xinhui in seeing a picture only is worn write gauze of a virescent marriage, dangler or stereo flower are designed, the flowers element on gauze of clever echo marriage, and wear the Cui Taijun that writes completely white business suit, pectoral flower also is same flowers element. Gauze of additionally one group of marriage is illuminated in, can see more small the picture that two Can laugh, sweet to writing scene bazoo touch nose, mouth-to-mouth to kiss. Bridal company also discloses the happy atmosphere of 2 people, affected the staff member of the spot, “Really happy happy marriage gauze pictorial films! “Really happy happy marriage gauze pictorial films!!

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Piao Xinhui and mouth-to-mouth kiss of Cui Taijun are illuminated show blind entire network. (graph / breaks up photograph from IG) after photograph exposure, lift a netizen to fill Zhu to film compared with marriage gauze immediately, 2 people more resembling is to taking Han drama poster: “2 people are very suit really ” , ” child look well ” , ” this is placard of what Han drama films the spot ” , ” birthday of Piao Xinhui’s elder sister is happy, elder sister forever this Mo is good-looking ” , ” still want to see more marriage gauze illuminate! ” (partial plan article comes from a network, invade cutout) think the United States to go up beautiful

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