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Original title: The king of energy of life of person of star of 10 big Han of 2021! Do you feel reasonable?

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This list, do you say reasonable? If have the fish of escape unpunished, but ” appeal ” . # rank is not divided early or late Song Jiang Song Kang20220219075135 6210a18718084Be known as ” of Netflix child ” Song Jiang, depended on 2019 ” diabolo is asked if liking ” open the main actor’s road. As 2021 ” diabolo is asked if liking ” the 2nd Ji Kaibo, greet heat to sow new theatrical work again ” be like butterfly elegant ” , song Jiang also greets Xin Yibo to pay close attention to, make pork of hot Han drama small delicacy male advocate. Although acting still has ascensive space, but freeboard colour value still is his tarry many faithful vermicelli made from bean starch. Latter, he returns with ” the most beautiful small 3 ” Han Suxi (review: From ” small 3 ” to ” dozen female ” Han Suxi) go out jointly act ” he what cannot defy ” , many close play in the center let a person look so that burn with righteous indignation, also confirmed his dominant position on the appearance. 2022, the audience still can see Song Jiang and play of love of field of duty of Piao Minying collaboration ” the people of atmosphere bureau ” . Younger brother of classic a general term for young women loves continuance Han play mode, add Piao Minying all along to have ” take flourishing ” male advocate constitution, let a person more expect Song Jiang can bring what kind of show. Song Jiang has tall figure, broad shoulder and fine little face, appear in the crowd grab an eye all the more. He confuses your drama in love ” the lie that she fell in love with me ” in the puerile sense that a boy shows when dress school uniform, the Yang Gang that shows a man when jealousy and anger is angry, very good explanation gives carry a torch and envious tune; Song Jiang’s grave organ also sends out gave the charm with distinctive oneself. In Cong Songjiang’s expression and eyes, can see very marvellous heart acting. Song Jiang is a good actor that is willing to learn, to the offers to improve place of elder, he can be absorbed and improve, then in intention devote part. Jiang Zaiyin of the Song Dynasty is happy program of put together art ” the person enrages ballad ” in, of remain calm do laugh chaired work force to gain many attention; In true person show program of put together art ” 8-1000 of beautiful Qiu Li ” in, it is about of a pair of hurtless slow-witted bud, the speech often gets stuck to be patted slow partly, form contrast with his disposition, very droll. Plum to Lee Do-hyun20220219075136 6210a1880d89dSmile exceeds warm plum to , have do not flow at general Han small unripe relaxed temperament, hesitation of a silk is added again between forehead, ke Qingchun can mature, plasticity is particularly tall. Depended on last year ” again 18 years old ” obtain the 57th Korea 100 think art admires TV greatly kind actor of optimal new personality award, it is at the beginning of this year with drama of Jing Song suspense ” Sweet Home ” continue start shooting is famous degree, sequel acts in place ginseng ” an eccentric person ” , ” the youth May ” reach ” melancholia ” wait for drama to also be behaved so that can encircle can nod, it is a posterity actor that can stabilize play acting. Be worth what carry is, you are met discovery plum is in to the figure in each drama and person are set very different. Having solid acting and person energy of life obviously, humanness is modest however and low-key, and can be without God package ground be on put together art do laugh, make plum the favour that also gained many elder to , it is the good little brother in everybody eye. He all-round also got at present the attention of ad group and fashionable bound, believe to be able to have 2022 more the development of diversity, the audience is OK wait and see what happens. Plum have a piece of clean first love face to , he is in teleplay of individual head ministry ” quick-witted jail lives ” in, although show share did not give a person to leave deep impression however more, get a lot of attention. And in drama of city strange unreal ” again 18 years old ” in, plum although appearance is high school is born,to Bao very good deduction went out, the soul is this one part of middleaged uncle however, the part that he gets along with friend identity and a pair of children in drama warms the heart is done again already laugh, the acting of its contrast sex more make audience Jing colourful. Plum the figure that chooses not only warm appearance, high to , and the voice that has magnetism and solid acting, and the acting that he also depends on much department work got admissive; Besides, he all-round still is fixed eyes upon in ad group, showed oneself polyhedral glamour. Jin Xuanhu Kim Seon-ho20220219075137 6210a18935076Because of ” Start-Up ” explode red the strongest male 2 gold Xuan Hu (in knowing more theatrical work this ” the opening is strong softhearted ” male) , back-to-back move is in ” coastal village just just ” in hold the position of a hero. Date is in his gregarious media Zhang for a short while to break through accordingly 1 million track, still often can lift a topic newlier, it is first half of the year the most popular handsome Ou Ba. Although hear incident to let figure because of red,decline cereal bottom, decide two films that act to change character temporarily truly originally, but big changeover of latter wind direction, jin Xuanhu is low-key also go back to work, can continue to participate in the film ” sad tropics ” the show works. Helpless is he quits program of put together art formally already ” two days of one night ” transcribe, make vermicelli made from bean starch straight breathe out too regrettablly, I wish the affair is over and the situation has changed, still can see this ” king of put together art ” regression. Jin Xuanhu accumulated solid acting through the modern drama, also fostered oneself existence to feel in teleplay. He with exquisite and delightful acting took vast power to give the work of movie and TV that perform, the face that is remembered by the audience he is handsome slowly, shine brilliantly in the florescence of his movie and TV. In teleplay ” started ” in, sufficient show the pure carry a torch in the part, plus his acting, moved the heart of the audience. From teleplay head sow be over, to final the plot of a play, won the support of countless audiences. Of the part of his place personate come on the stage occasion makes an appearance very quickly, each word that he speaks became classical actor’s lines. And teleplay ” Lang Jun of 100 days ” in, he was shown with detail acting not only laugh at a dot, still deduce with peculiar expressional acting and expressional bend affection, get part depict lifelike, increased many interest to watch teleplay, in one day can not form such acting, those who need much department work accumulate. Although he has been experienced act art the trough of career, but still can go up in post and given accomplish in the environment best, showed sturdy group collaboration spirit. Zhang Jilong Jang Ki-yong20220219075138 6210a18a61159The Zhang Jilong of 187 centimeter has height double go against extremely big long leg, in what the main actor depends on at the beginning of this year ” my roommate is 9 end fox ” (review; Of popular feeling of be puzzled of the evil spirit in Han drama ” male 9 end fox ” ) develop career new peak. He what modular outstanding since transition actor since, the MV of the male friend that should pass Li Sheng classics, IU male advocate reach the dark person that love, more Netflix work is carried this year ” acerbity acid is sweet ” perform a paragraph of triangle to love with Cai Xiubin and Zheng Xiujing. In addition, he still sows new theatrical work by right of heat ” in parting company now ” with the Song Dynasty of Han drama goddess Hui Qiao cooperates, the sister younger brother that deduces a paragraph of age to differ 11 years old jointly is loved. If say Song Hui tall is ” every year male killer ” (review: Why is goddess of the Song Dynasty old? ) , so absolutely can weighs Zhang Jilong ” goddess mower ” . Although go out mostly,perform amative theatrical work, but Zhang Jilong is not belonged to absolutely pure make fun of handsome type, the character nature of every time and image are very distinctive distinctive, it is to make him wide obtain reputably one of reasons. Making what the audience regrets is, he will be without early-warning ground to send discrepancy five message August this year, vermicelli made from bean starch can await ability two years to see new work again only! Zhang Jilong has straight bridge of the nose, address chin, his facial features edges and corners is trenchant, organ is full of magnetism, reveal the in relief Gang Zhimei that gave the man. His appearance lets a person feel very tender it seems that, sending out in love idol play the glamour of capture popular feeling. As the actor, zhang Jilong can mix limbs language story clue well confluence is together, in the film ” bad guy people ” in, his appearance makes part and gut more convincing, it is quite wonderful performance; As model, the individual character of extraordinary was shown in the pictorial of a variety of styles, go up in fashionable dress beautiful arena with distinctive image, oneself style was established in fashionable bound, the individual character that be called sends model. Zhang Jilong from ” irrespective, it is love ah ” in the center regard it doesn’t matter as actor’s lines, but light is the pattern that is driving engine to hold Bible girl, make a person impressive; Net drama ” ambiguous man ” put very the BL the plot of a play that open, let him follow what Cui Yu Zhi does not have vulgar head however seriously to fight noisely with conduct propaganda; Be in ” confess couple ” in, become great master like white horse prince learn to grow; In city affection drama ” my uncle ” in, the firm interest that love hate interweaves lets a person love again pity; In suspense love drama ” come over to hold me in the arms ” in that honest and straightforward guardianship; ” kill ” in nimble skill, build on he is ceaseless the mood between switch angel and devil, did not lose his individual style however. A lot of appearance spend the play kind that he carries, the choice of subject matter criterion deflection is small numerous. But because such, the part that he selects jumped one be ignorant of plays handsome brush a face (standing over is handsome) , more moment lets the appearance appearance that the person sees he is different. The organ that plus him bass prepares Chinese medicine by roasting it in a pan entered many vocal programs, and achieve right result, make he besides it is a model, actor outside, it is a singer more. Wei Hejun Wi Ha-jun20220219075139 6210a18b77445The most fervent 2021 Han drama, blame ” squid game ” not belong to. Lie mediumly in this drama bottom gumshoe ” Huang Junhao ” Wei Hejun, because one is piled up by the play of plute VIP settle on,also cause the attention of the audience, return later especially handsome make rich and powerful person instead, be being made fun of to say by netizens is ” overbearing wolfhound male friend ” , became vermicelli made from bean starch people ” husband of new Han drama ” . According to knowing, his Instagram tracks a number from sow 30 much, cruel add to current 770 much. To thank vermicelli made from bean starch, wei Hejun uploaded short of a paragraph of hot dance with sth in one’s hands at individual Zhang date a few days ago, masterly dance ability also obtains the admiration of netizens and heat to discuss. Next, wei Hejun is about to give the new work that performs to cooperate with Li Dongxu ” Bad And Crazy ” , and of amid personate goodness ” mad fellow ” K, be ” bad guy ” beautiful intense (Li Dongxu is acted the role of) another justice character. Figure figure and ” squid game ” ” Huang Junhao ” those who have different in approach but equally satisfactory in result is clever, the silky luster of mercerized cotton fabrics letting pink looks premonitory once more deep-set in the glamour of his inspiring awe by upholding justice. Although had not ended 2021, but person energy of life climbs the Wei Hejun that rise to already was knocked continuously decide perform the teleplay 2022 ” young woman ” reach ” K-Project ” (drama name is provisional) , bully screen can be expected soon. Zheng Haoyan Jung Ho-yeon20220219075140 6210a18c491e9” squid game ” in ” the girl that take off north — Jiang Xiao ” , because a piece of world-weary face caused audience and the attention that vogue encircles, not only Instagram goes up pink comes 1, 8.6 million (before patting, make an appointment with allegedly 40+ 10 thousand) , became track the Korea actress with top number, still by France in photograph of costly brand Louis Vuitton, hold the position of a global brand ambassador. She of height 176cm already went out with model identity when 16 years old, and go up first lens 2013 Han edition ” Next Top Model ” true condition program the four seasons, because win second place,be returned and open is famous degree. Cross bound actor from model, with respect to the person by right of the first work gas turns over times, the pressure that believes Zheng Haoyan is not little also. Current, have not come out the news that she has any new work, but all without exception of vermicelli made from bean starch is expecting she can be taken the advantage of get the better of pursue and attack. Cummer people can you want to see her go out what kind of role to perform? Zheng Haojuan is to serve as an actor to challenge acting first, but she passes teleplay ” squid game ” proved oneself to the whole world; Her glamour is very, left deep impression to global audience, started a trend of person energy of life. It is with this germinant, her all the more makes the central point below spotlight. From piece act ” the challenge exceeds a standard ” when in light of open photograph, she is a natural beauty, stature is carried high, individual character is dye-in-the-wood, can sense the feeling that is full of extraordinary temperament from the eyes. In pictorial, she stares camera lens leisurely, show an unique existence to feel. In the eyes that do not waver in the least, expression and low-key pose, also sending out dramatic emotional appeal. Especially her abstruse eyes and the appearance that are full of glamour, centered the line of sight of the audience, let a person cannot removed oneself line of sight. Li Zheng slaughters Lee Jung-jae20220219075141 6210a18d6116e” squid game ” hero Li Zheng is slaughtered criterion because explode,red person is enraged, specially opens date of individual Instagram Zhang and vermicelli made from bean starch to interact! The first card that he issues exceeds the big head of close-up to illuminate namely unexpectedly, the about that mouth of out close lightly smiles resembles extremely father generation first time is pounded rouse the look that takes oneself, with at ordinary times handsome (or the resource in drama) very different, contrast bud makes netizens straight breathe out ” like very much ” . Be in early before Asia Artist Award of held grand ceremony of Korea Asia star (AAA) in, li Zheng is slaughtered undertook the whole thing the year performer large award of popular trend award, outstanding award and supreme honor, can says to win the home greatly that evening. This also is he is obtained two years continuously promulgate year performer large award, the outbreak that visible person enrages all results from of actual strength accumulate. 2022, li Zheng is slaughtered will bring him to be made up oneself first guide oneself the film that acts oneself ” chase ” . Tell about the espionage battle movement about national security is big, it is Li Zheng slaughters the script that writes with 4 years, also be his transition director is maiden, thick accumulate thin hair, be worth to expect. Li Zheng slaughters of soldierly bearing of cold high, have in Korea element ” silent cavalier ” say. Send an actor as actual strength, work of his each movie and TV times suffer reputably, be destined to make a central point. Since 2012, be proud by right of much ministry film box-office achievement of the person, li Zheng slaughters the fine actor that became Korea filmdom to have acting actual strength to have box-office appeal power again already already, the actor of national treasure stage of be worthy of the name. Shen Min Shin Min-a20220219075142 6210a18e436e2Be in with Jin Xuanhu ” coastal village just just ” in composition ” dimple CP ” Shen Min, denounce happy disposition to explode again by right of melting long get along with red. Be in especially world pressure during times added epidemic situation, shen Min take oneself cure a department temperamental and special can placatory will of people, as if to want to see her laugh only, trouble can be reduced accordingly many. Be worth what carry is, tvN will roll out new theatrical work 2022 ” our blue air ” , it is setting with frozen and warm and vivid aid city, astringent sea, tell about each person sick at heart sweet agonized life story, and its main actor is Shen Min with her Jin Yubin of card male friend! Know Shen Min proper,be in red when, the stop work of ground of Jin Yubin honor permits no turning back that contracts nose pharynx cancer to take care of meet with two years, this two people go hand in hand perform teleplay, also be god-given high-key put shine, vermicelli made from bean starch but cannot be missed! Shen Min having very big persistence to the new move that act in a play, she regards as constant acting challenge a kind to enjoy. And each work can develop a new form, liberal Yu Mou a kind of parts. Li Dixun Lee Je-hoon20220219075144 6210a1900f2fe2018 show ” vulpine bride star ” hind of short duration fastens small screen, successional this year ginseng performs Li Dixun of Han drama male god ” I am hangover arranges division ” reach ” paradigmatic taxi ” two hot drama, make an audience more affirmative his eye that pick part and acting actual strength. As ” cummer ” character of October order the title page of a thread-bound book, li Dixun says he passed opposite of these two drama to have to death new comprehend, begin to if oneself left this world,think, can leave what kind of impression to common people. Emphasize at showing loving care for humanitarian Li Dixun, the newsreel that still will broadcast August this year ” immortal times ” hold the position of aside the 2nd times, this newsreel is same around move the task of life and death, discuss the mankind how to can overcome life and death with science and angle of science and technology. Next, li Dixun will step to perform and actor or actress the road that guides, the meeting is dedicated first short at making oneself ” Unframed ” . Although won’t see his reappear temporarily, but vermicelli made from bean starch mights as well those who review Li Dixun see play of movie and TV surely, what recall this actual strength to send play character completely is masterly acting. Li Dixun is a magazine ” W KOREA ” film fashionable photo, change breath of gentle former days pure teenager, develop ripe male temperament, developed city tide male form well. Li Dixun is filming in the process, face compact working journey a bit not to show tired scene, take care of to the staff member have add, show professional attitude. Li Dixun is in the film ” watcher ” in what have a boy already is innocent, have the one side of mad gas again, his performance got of independence and mainstream film festival fix eyes upon. He is in love film ” architectural generality ” in the college age that acts hero, reach part investment well and truly to communicate an audience to the condition in pure affection really, at the same time show the character’s mean and imprudent one side, make an audience very easy experience the atmosphere of that youth and first love. Liu Yaren Yoo Ah-in20220219075145 6210a19108e1cBroadcast the first day is broken ” squid game ” watch a record, it is what by shadow emperor Liu Yaren acts the leading role ” Tartarean envoy ” . Although be part of villain in drama, but the acting that lets a person shudder then let Liu Yaren win a recognition, person energy of life rises continuously. Since going out 2007, review the part of personate of Liu Yaren place, you can discover him but pure but madcap, no matter contemporary theatrical work or ancient costume drama, expression also can be encircled can nod, it is the endowment of rare player really. According to knowing, liu Yaren already acted the leading role certainly at present the movement 2022 piece ” head battle of Er your work ” , the hand of car of the strongest drift that personate leads brook hole team member ” Dong Xu ” . Another has fasten the work at associate with part, the cummer that likes cycle racing theme people might as well attention. In ” growing diary of Yu Lin ” and ” inn of western antique foreign fruit ” medium Liu Yaren is appear with decent and lovely figure. In ” into all house red is heard ” in, liu Yaren’s progress is not the training of acrobatic fighting in Chinese opera or dance that how holds to hardship, and understand in what how let a character give his fully at was being known. Liu Yaren’s disposition has a bit some disagreeable, the road of God actor to him won’t do. Because too individualize, have idea too, on the path that pursues art, the artistic opinion that holds to him expression is a favour. He likes writing, with perceptual literal drain affection, when he lives greatly in the society and person and person collide, the description arises oneself are analysed and associate, borrow this him help to unscramble the ability of disposition of play go-between content. He is having play essence of life general air of arrogance and hold to. The film ” veteran ” in since Liu Yaren goes out oneself first personate part of such villain in drama, distinct part personality let Liu Yaren make the movie ” veteran ” in absolutely indispensable heavyweight exists. And in the film ” Sai Dao ” in, liu Yaren brings audience anxious the ache like, not only the acting that employs language and limbs, it is the change with organ comes those who explain a hero to grow more, show the acting that gave more deep arrangement, finished the first try temper with fire of own acting, became be worthy of ” film actor ” . Go up personally in the Liu Yaren of the joys and sorrows of life that experiences acting, can experience the thing of a few enthusiastic above. Liu Yaren is not the Hua Meinan of traditional sense, photograph comparing is numerous the God male star that struggles to think faithful Wu Lu and be not gotten hard, liu Yaren already was approbated by filmdom, his performance ability, can use low however of general world ” talent ” 2 glyphs look. Do these people enrage above you like Han Xing most who? Leave a message say ~

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