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Original title: White lily is returned to after 4 years, mom of all duty field knows her worry unexpectedly Waited for ages eventually when new theatrical work of Bai Baihe ” our marriage ” , the government decides archives already formally on Feburary 23, prevue one exposure, coterie is forecasted in succession, this is about to be to leave year the first explode paragraph, above all the main actor battle array of this play each is the acting clique that relies on chart, besides me most beyond expectant Bai Baihe, still have Tong Dawei, Jiang Xin, Gao Xie, Wang Xiao, be to install, the person such as Cao Xi article presents as leading role to act the leading role, relate the story that 4 pairs of husband and wife grow in on-the-job field engage in a battle and affection attrition.

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This is the first teleplay after 4 years are being lain between to reappear when Bai Baihe, let many vermicelli made from bean starch and audience raise one’s head and look in order to long for, hopeful is become explode paragraph. After from prevue the line decides archives to Guan Xuan, the temperature of this drama is very high, take heat oneself besides the actor beyond, still have a main factor, the contradictory topic of the marriage of subject matter focusing of this drama and duty field causes the youth’s resonance.

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Now 90 hind the main force that marries to bear just about, the female after entering marriage looks after children because of bearing, must abandon oneself running old duty field life, recursive family becomes housewife of a full attendence, sacrifice not only oneself career, still be in Yo in domestic general affairs busy terribly defeated, often cannot get the understanding of the husband and family however, let a lot of females feel anxiety to marriage. Also have not little 90 hind reject to marry accordingly, do not be willing to bear next generation more. How to balance career and family, it is the worry of eternity of female of comfortable marriage comfortable Yo.

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Bai Baihe brooms in Shenyang of the personate in drama the star is a full-time madam, before marry she ever had a beautiful duty field personal details, be graduated from famous brand university, intelligence quotient and affection business double online, after marry, shenyang brooms the star abandoned gloriously radiant oneself, become a full-time mother, take care of the life daily life of the child and husband, bear silently an all domestic pressure.

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The marital Cheng Jiangchuan of Shenyang comet (Tong Dawei personate) , cheng Jiangchuan is creed of an old man, in postnuptial his career is in rise period, very tired out in the job, the whats after returning the home do not work, enjoy a wife silently to pay, also grow without what too much time accompanies the child, do not have side wife to partake more the pressure that comes from a family. After the daughter is grown, shenyang comet recognize oneself state, field of choice return duty seeks his value, and the company of the company that Shenyang comet is in and husband belongs to competition to concern, because this Shenyang brooms star and marital Cheng Jiangchuan become the competitor on business, after bringing about two people to end in the job, return a contradiction to upgrade ceaselessly, cause marital crisis finally. Final nevertheless both sides reconciled, shenyang comet return shines brilliantly after duty field, what also understood the man is not easy, when Cheng Jiangchuan is taking care of a daughter, what also understood a wife is not easy.

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Although be exposure only premonitory piece, but the worry that can see Hunan this drama hit instantly youth, let many females see her reduction centrally in drama, produce intense resonance.

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In 4 years of in the past, although Bai Baihe is very long,did not pat teleplay, but she did not stop to progress, devote into the acting that encircles li of him harden oneself at the modern drama, from go out up to now, bai Baihe’s professional ability is be obvious to all, the film of her main actor ” be lovelorn 33 days ” ” scram! Tumor gentleman ” and ” catch bewitching to write down ” booking office and public praise double win, the motion picture that showed 2021 ” door lock ” also got an audience reputably. This, return teleplay encircles Bai Baihe, whether emersion is brilliant, suffer fully expect.

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