Thu. Jul 7th, 2022
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Original title: Does Huang Mengying go out again act evil-minded female match? The line on Gu Saiyu, what she just has made a mistake is small be proud charming

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A compares fire theatrical work that everybody seeks recently should be then by Han drama ” the voice that hears you ” adapts teleplay ” the voice that hears you ” , act the leading role by Qi Wei and Jin Han, but when everybody is seeing play however suddenly discovery, there still is a very familiar people in this drama, that is personate this drama daughter the Huang Mengying of 2 Gu Saiyu.

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Of course, mention a lot of people return Huang Mengying is not very familiar, but mention in those days the teleplay of conflagration ” 3 unripe sansei 10 lis of peach blossom ” the element in bright and beautiful, everybody can know who she is certainly, at that time the element of his personate bright and beautiful can be to let us be hated the tooth is crawlily really, did not think of to be able to see her again in this drama.

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And from the plot of a play that has seen for, the Gu Saiyu of jade-like stone personate is in yellow dream to be mixed in one’s childhood female advocate Lin Xing has conflict like that, still once circumvent passes female advocate, and the Gu Saiyu after be brought up is opposite again Lin Xing like that Xinshangsi has feeling, so a lot of people are thinking, look at manner, huang Mengying still wants the course of element bright and beautiful in this drama, become a in this drama evil-minded female match?

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But what can tell everybody now is, won’t, although say Lin Xing does not make do in one’s childhood with Gu Saiyu like that, and before still having, complain in, but two people after be brought up’s without what actual conflict, it is two people only be similar to enemy namely the sort of, meet be about to rancor, do not rancor in the heart with respect to accurate the sort of.

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And the content according to original, gu Saiyu is in later period when still can go up in certain level help Lin Xing like that, in this drama ancestor, what is Gu Saiyu evil-minded female match, it is one has made a mistake absolutely refuse to again only approbatory is small be proud charming just, so everybody can be at ease.

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