Thu. Jul 7th, 2022
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Original title: New theatrical work of Chen Yuqi switchs on the mobile phone, although Yan Zhi is tall, but modelling of the Republic of China is really bad to look

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In Yanzhi respect, chen Yuqi’s Yan Zhi is tall, be said to be to see those who look be able to bear or endure more more by everybody all the time the sort of, give the ancient costume theatrical work that perform ” two worlds are joyous ” also make a person expect very much. Be in before ” ashes of sweet sweet heavy is like frost ” ” samite not ended ” , and ” new edition leans on day of Tu Long to write down ” the approbating that medium ancient costume modelling won authority. But, although say Chen Yuqi’s Yan Zhigao, can do not have those who get authority this to approbate however in the modelling of the Republic of China in new theatrical work.

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New theatrical work ” the detailed list sweeping past treasure of the bureau in antique bureau ” had held switch on the mobile phone ceremony, hero is the desolate that bend Hunan, although public praise not up to much, but as an actor for, he or perfectly, most at least, dispute often has actual strength. Switch on the mobile phone the modelling of the Republic of China of ceremonially Chen Yuqi is spat by everybody groove, saying is such modelling not be to suit her very much really, had pulled low the Yan Zhi of her itself, especially hairstyle, also show old mannish rustic, this is before never pass.

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Still have in the spot sunken formative moment also is said to had exerted oneself to do sth. by everybody fierce, to Chen Yuqi this kind still is rising period, but for the floret with flabby still basis, choosing work is a very important thing really. Although this the work of the choice does not have a problem, but this part looks from current model, not be the kind that says to be able to get so much person likes, as the audience, still prefer her ancient costume model, so more expect ” two worlds are joyous ” this drama.

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Hope the positive of this drama, can better to such modelling friend.

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