Thu. Jun 30th, 2022
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Original title: Because of 5 money, miss 5000W, “Most Shuai Tang’s monk ” does Xu Shaohua regret? In first gear program, guo Degang asks a pig the Ma Dehua of the person that act of 8 give up, at the outset why did Xu Shaohua pat one edition was travel notes patted on the west? Ma Dehua says helplessly: It is the thing of 5 money actually. In those days Xu Shaohua is filming 86 edition swim on the west time, filmed 9 class did not work only, is this why? 20220219075517 6210a265f37d0Xu Shaohua Xu Shaohua is on the west in travel notes most the act person of Shuai Tang’s monk, he at that time still is an undergraduate, have 25 years old only. But Xu Shaohua had had rich performance experience, ginseng had performed a stage play (Nanhai Great Wall) and the film (energy goes) . Xu Shaohua is in (energy goes) in personate appearance is tasteful Ti Tang, but intelligence is crazy foolish Yuan Fang prince. The Xu Shaohua at that time plays delicate, body form fine is thin, ancient costume the appearance of an actor is just as elegant childe, very brilliant, by Hong Kong big bulletin praise for the first small unripe. 20220219075506 6210a25a1ff92Xu Shaohua As a result of Xu Shaohua’s advantageous ancient costume the appearance of an actor, let be in the Yang Jie’s director that looks for an actor to take a fancy to, invite him to try play, originally Yang Jie’s director wants to let him go out perform small Bai Long one horn, but original the Tang Dynasty after the person of the monk that act barks another name for Guangdong Province was taking 3 part, put forward to want to go film, the time of sky beyond can film on the west travel notes, this requirement lets Yang Jie is angry very, after the ancient costume the appearance of an actor that sees Xu Shaohua, the plan lets him replace Wang Yue to go out act the Tang Dynasty monk one horn. 20220219075511 6210a25f2a1e4Xu Shaohua Xu Shaohua is ancient costume the appearance of an actor or acting no matter special accord with the Tang Dynasty monk this part, especially daughter country that one collect is more be called by the audience make classically. But why does the Xu Shaohua that makes an audience so satisfactory go out only perform 9 collect to stop acted? Old hind, ma Dehua solved doubt for everybody, it is the thing of 5 money so. 20220219075512 6210a260d81a2Xu Shaohua Xu Shaohua just takes the daughter country with show the heaviest share at that time, understand accidentally 6 small age child the remuneration with Ma Dehua is 60, and oneself are 55 however, than them full little 5 money. Although 5 money nowadays look not much, but a king’s ransom also is for at that time. The lopsided Xu Shaohua in the heart finds Yang Jie’s director to beg view, the answer that as a result Yang Jie gives out is, sun Wu sky and pig of 8 give up make up very give or take a lot of trouble, sun Wu should stick sizy hair all over for nothing, 8 give up should wear the pig everyday false belly, grow nose, 5 money that come out more are their painstaking cost. 20220219075515 6210a26389530Xu Shaohua But Xu Shaohua does not think so however, he becomes aware those who derive from personal personate the Tang Dynasty monk show share is more than them, actor’s lines is more than them also, take 5 Qian Shi less however to be in not should. Did not talk about approach finally because of remuneration, xu Shaohua in order to go to school left a play staff, everybody fails to leave him. 20220219075516 6210a264b9373Xu Shaohua Zhu Lin Acknowledgment is watched this period small 2 recommend, if like, remember nodding assist to collect please add attention!

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