Wed. Jul 6th, 2022
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Original title: Drama opens Guo Jin Anxin pat Tan Junyan of son of partner surname a surname’s netizen to be not valued however

20220219075824 6210a3208ad09

Recently, guo Jin An switchs on the mobile phone in a of TVB new theatrical work film, drama name is called ” break recall 24 hours ” . See Guo Jin An has new show to switch on the mobile phone, the netizen nature that likes him is very happy.

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See Guo Jin installs the partner Tan Jun Yan in drama however, netizens are not willing.

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Tan Junyan, the son of a surname of surname of star of Hong Kong old brand, sport is taken in the mainland all the time before this, just return Hong Kong a few this years, join TVB. Although just joined TVB, dan Tanjun as man of virtual and ability do not need to begin to act from costar case, be held in both hands however by force, became the hero of much department theatrical work. Had broadcasted for instance ” destiny ” , ” acrobatics person ” , ” wind and cloud of recrudesce of bag blue sky ” , had not broadcasted ” law card pioneer 4 ” wait for drama. Nevertheless, tan Junyan receives viewport tablet in the work of TVB at present not up to much, oneself acting also is not approved, still be sealed to be by the netizen ” close inspect bane ” .

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Accordingly, a lot of netizens state Guo Jin installs tie-in Tan Junyan, hold out actually regrettablly. Even still the netizen thinks, TVB lets Guo Jin An and his partner to hold Tan Jun Yancai in both hands. In the final analysis, no matter where the actor is, still should rely on acting and work conversation. As to, the netizen is right now Tan Junyan’s controversy, also hope to everybody can make look at with new eyes really after him.

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