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Original title: Be in love 5 years with Chen Jianbin, act ” small 3 ” be scolded close a comment, today 2 degrees have his moment This day, act the leading role by the person such as Jin Dong, Tian Yu, Sun Chun, Liu Mintao ” elite state division ” heating up in sowing, get of friends chase after hold in both hands. The actor of this drama can say is the peaceful that invited Jin Dong half ” the colleague is encircled ” , admittedly little also not Wu Yue.

20220219075902 6210a346c07a8

Wu Yue is in ” elite state division ” in the elder sister Luo Qi that those who act is Jin Dong, let Jin Dong ” was to be afraid of indeed ” ,

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Also let Wu Yue have his moment again. Honest, this is the 2nd of Wu Yue and Jin Dong affined. Before second as affined as Jin Dong is ” my before half a lifetime ” , this also is very much person a play of video to Wu Yue development. What Wu Yue interiorly acts is the grabbed Luo Zijun’s husband Ling Ling of an as if nothing happened, can say to be being acted in drama ” small 3 ” same base is lubricious, let a person ” hate ” the itch that get a tooth.

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And before paragraph time, she still goes out acted ” of the teenager you ” in Chen Nian’s mom one horn,

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Some muddled, some are cherubic, not exert to one’s utmost allows not to know oneself again, also be to make friends video and thorough. But, wu Yue is entertainment continuously the circle is middle-sized say ” person Dan Ruju ” existence. It is a very low-key actor continuously. Her one’s previous experience at sweet old and well-known family of a book, parental it is on the west banquet, his father is division the home of famed seal cutting from Qian Juntao, calligrapher.

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If make a ram,give birth to existence as a child the family of literary odour, she also is hear of eye is caught, edify the book fragrance taste of a suit. 1992, she depends on adherent profession the first good outcome took an examination of Shanghai Thespian institute.

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After 4 years, she was gone to by cent among Shanghai modern drama, piece performed ” Beijing is deep autumn Duan Zi ” , enter document received amusement to encircle thereby.

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Go out old you, she performed work of a lot of movie and TV, be just like ” halcyon days ” the Wen Lu in is probably ” chrysanthemum tea ” in the Li Weihua that contracts a disease ” live suppose bilk you ” in those who act wait for marry a girl Li Ni is to make friends video thorough. And letting her have one’s moment truly is this admittedly truly ” my before half a lifetime ” ,

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She is performing interiorly Ling Ling this foot color, brought rife person energy of life to her, also brought rife quarrelling sound. Be being set as a result of the person is small 3, because this has some of audience,enter lubricious to the foot feeling area to the actor’s body. That paragraph of time, the criticism of her small gain lower part, without exception abuses her. Many is scolded to her ” small 3 ” , hold webpage force to her. Honest if make,this is not audience first time, can consult ” return Zhugege ” medium look wet nurse, because the cause of crural color got,that actor also is audience people cannon. It is dangerous to get to do not let family, wu Yue of a year put out incur webpage force to criticize. She goes up in small gain from ridicule a little while, “The crural quality that mom says to you act was studied, common, those who introduce you to act is good. Those who introduce you to act is good..

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Can be, the quarrelling sound of a villain in drama is more, introduce this foot lubricious fictile to reach the designated position more. Divide this beyond, a paragraph of love of Wu Yue well known is the Chen Jianbin that with us know well reviews namely.

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She has been the time that is in love 5 years with Chen Jianbin, this period is consecutive special and melting, be the same as suffering with pleasant. But, chen Jianbin is in however ” tall home courtyard ” in decomposed Jiang Qin diligent, and brush the scintilla that gave love. After coming home, he took away his entire apparatus, what word did not say, went.

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To this paragraph of love Wu Yue is the state of silent continuously, have what what can say, was not love to do not have do not live continuously. She or it is the show miracle that puts focus in oneself to love go up, wu Yue authentic ” person Dan Ruju ” , but have audience reason very much however.

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Current she because again companion Jin Dong, piece act ” elite state division ” and have one’s moment, let very much congee her audience reaction is glad, await her the more expound and propagate in drama!

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