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Original title: Still write down so that exceed fire in those days ” beauty calculation ” ? Did not think of to conceal so much belle to star

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The 2nd should say is the Mo Xueyuan that Yang Mi acts, beauty of this part in drama is intelligent, understanding, or very suffer an audience to love. The Yang Mi in drama, besides what exceed the United States Chinese dress is played the part of outside, the one big hotspot that true, natural, clever acting also is this drama. Just, the ending of snow kite swallow gold, letting a person is deeply regret very.

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The 3rd should say is the Nie Shen that Wang Likun acts, to her, small make up believing a lot of audiences is to love to be hated again again. Nevertheless, as turn over, also be very normal by person hate, this also proved the acting of actors by chance. In this drama, wang Likun besides act careful outside this part, returned cent to act the role of screen flower and king two parts.

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The 4th is the Bao Ji that Bai Shan acts, the mother of acting Wang Liuheng, although age is some older, but feature is very conspicuous still, believe everybody remembers her certainly.

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The 5th is the Zhang Yan that Su Qing acts, cultivate of her in drama person harmless, Qing Chunke’s person, although show share is not very much, but everybody remembered her. So, you can know ” the strategy that delay happiness ” in, that frenzied, hate letting a person gets the Er fine of tooth itch, be also her act?

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The 6th it is Sun Fei the queen blueness that phenanthrene acts is peaceful, dignified and easy, although she and acting king are really beloved, but the identity of spy, let her get killed however. This part in drama, by netizens praise for ” history go up bottle of the most beautiful soy ” , the Yan Zhi that visible Sun Fei poors has many tall.

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The 9th is the Chen Ajiao that tribute rice acts, whether to know everybody has impression to her? Nevertheless to tribute rice, small make up impression the deepest still is ” fairy lake ” the fairy in ” small 7 ” .

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The 10th is the Li Mei’s person that Chen Yirong acts, although she is beautiful beautiful, but too too pure, final final result also is not very good, be pushed be addicted to of pond of carry on one’s shoulder dies, she can say is the girl that Liu Ying likes the first times.

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So, above is numerous in beauty, who does everybody like most? Besides, what beauty still makes you impressive? Greeting complement leaves a message tell small make up oh ~

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