Wed. Jul 6th, 2022
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Original title: Love apartment 3 female advocate, some is transitory, some is not lukewarm not fire, some takes goods to turn over ” love apartment ” the first season moved a screen 2009, conflagration is special after showing fire, of the actor inside be remembered by people, 3 inside the first season female main actors also by people place hep,

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Lin Wanyu of personate of transitory Zhao Ji

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Have Lin Wanyu of girl of Home Zhao Ji rich only of course, beautiful smile, exquisite feeling, come on the stage especially the picture that sees the tractor insists stubbornly this is calorie of Ding Che returns remain fresh in one’s memory now. Exited recreational group because of body reason regrettablly only,

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Not lukewarm not Hu Yifei of personate of igneous Lou Yixiao

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Be poored by moustache this part holds red Lou Yixiao in both hands these year also patted a lot of a lot of teleplay, but how to became famous, what people remembers still is that careless, outside thick inside fine Hu Yifei.

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Take Chen Meijia of personate of Li Jinming of goods to turn over

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Chen Meijia this part is to edit to measure a body for Li Jinming custom-built, as if already as shirt-sleeve as oneself made an organic whole. Still patted several teleplay later, but did not jump out beautiful fine the set of this part and limitation. Be in last year is fake be sellinged by direct seeding of inscription of netizen plum gold more, be pushed between one night over where the wind and the waves are highest.

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