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Original title: Good lord! ” between the world ” public praise ” leave high low go ” , the reason abandoning theatrical work of the audience agrees exceptionally Big play ” person ” it is the most welcome teleplay. After broadcast, quantity of heat is tall, successive 8 rating by destroy by melting or burning. 1. Newest two groups already are achieved 1.9, stabilize all channel teleplay. Rong Qiao. In addition, “People ” also be an infrequent video drama, people is in Thespian medium life is very real.

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Family, family, the love between the character will cause an audience, notch for 8.1 minutes, a lot of commendable. In addition, laijiazhen’s expression also has dramatic action, thorough ground puts the part in his heart deeply, mounted popular search repeatedly, caused netizen discussion, it seems that middleaged actor came eventually.

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But, as plot newer, “Person ” if have ” leave high ” . The audience is investigating area in ” discard ” , the reason is existence, next ” person ” ?

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The corruption of white wolf, the part that the person austral week can cause anger is in ” person ” in, as Luo Guobin, when you force Zheng Juan and its concern, broke two rib of Zheng Juan, do after such beast. Euqally as good as, search Zheng Juan, have Zhou Nan of a son, can say it does not face an extreme only.

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In addition, luo Guobin does not have awkwardness evilly to his, even water also is frankness, you had committed a crime, it is a forward now. I think a lot of audiences resemble me same. I cannot be eager to entering screen to let Luo Wei directly. “Leader ” .

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But more intuitionistic is Zhou Na, come from Zhou Bing, he had not understand the sincere letter of Bing Kun, know Luo Jinbin’s crime, or Luo Jinbin’s success is the white wolf that a blame thoroughlies cook completely. Newest clue is called Luo Qi abstruse: “You ” , rich, you can say Bing of this son week is white only.

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Not only such, mix south more and more week collect Thespian, face a bottom line to do not have Luokebin’s person, zhou Nan can laugh, two people go together, good person, have ” a pair of filial piety of father ” , I did not want to come acrimony audience.

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This money appears particularly useful. It had been finished really, selfishness and vanity, I need not be bullied really, selfishness and vanity. Feng Hao is taking pole to arrive at, affection line of Zhou Na is too reticent theory, and family is a kind of natural gas really, zhou Na, forget, feng Wei from private, newest clue Feng Wei and week Chengdu become more bad, and minute smashed the mine of the audience.

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When the affection question that asks Feng Yu and week Nan when Hao Dongmei, feng Yu resembles Zhou Nan, the manner is very difficult. Hao Dongmei asks wind world: “Do not care?

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” Feng Wei was not refuted, so he says she says Cengha Sa horse. Resembling Zhou Rong is a person that is a center with ego. Next the face that Feng Yu begins deviate Hao Dong Mei, callous cold: “Aunt, good ” , turn, without education, borrowed Hao Dong Mei, but I am not known, still one two-men owes her.

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Audience fist is very difficult. Feng Guo says, “Zhou Na likes me, I prefer fuck ” this Yin and Yang Shiji are strange, because Zhou Na is afraid Zheng Juan’s heart rejects to reject Feng Wei, so I know Zheng Juan tries hard to improve her, compare with maternal Zhou Rong, zheng Juan is most the person that be thankful.

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Especially, south Hao Duizhou of Feng of week flourish support have deep love for, the family that he does not care him goes Guizhou. The daughter that it still supports her is brave angle, dan Zhengjuan people work hard, was not found a place for be in Zhou Rong. In your heart, this is very attractive really, the audience opens an eye.

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They fell in love with love, selfish. In addition, zhousuotan and affection line itself of Feng Hao are unreasonable. Come for years as brother, the child is brotherly sister, but economic growth is too big, this kind of mood changes too do not get control, although do not have blood relationship relation, the tenderness of brotherly sister also is a kind of blood, they are 3 viewpoints cause an audience it seems that.

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Altogether, “People ” newest story more be in ” father and son ” in, affection line of Feng Hao introduces gradually, dan Zhounan and Feng Hao had become more and more good-tempered.

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Brotherly sister is too difficult, what pardonable audience conveys them is Thespian. Right now, “People ” the clue is a half. If subsequently Thespian irreclaimable normal level, so ” tall mouth ” may say, even if mouth, say next

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