Thu. Jul 7th, 2022
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Original title: Sigh! Follow-up gut is poured out of, luo Shibin, Zhou Nan gets offline, zhou Bingkun is sentenced 9 years Current, “People ” the buccal polarization in the mouth is very serious. Allegedly he had seen the life of he or his father. It may be too big, original difference is too big.

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Contrary, I also have a relatively favorable final result, I think this is very uncomfortable. Thespian in the picture between character is very different. No matter be primitive, still be in the heart of the audience, flourish of characters on a seal carved in relief and Feng Wei, feng Huacheng city has it it seems that.

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Paper, dangerous what they behave the defect with human nature.

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This is not, subsequently clue flows, come from these plot, we still did not see any hopes, more resembling is tragedy of a large mankind. Luo Shibin and Zhou Bing are beaten up again.

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Such Luoxi guest are not so lucky. After getting hurt before long, I can leave this line very quickly. Zheng Hu people long to judge, it has moved for this, but it has complete blowout now.

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Finally, the jail that Zhou Bing is sentenced 9 years, week beautiful people also told about reality. Of Zhou Na mix from the line be being achieved formerly is not big, its unlike a few netizens that are replaced by change.

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Zhou Na still leaves a line. After he admits all fellowship of foreign university, he will go abroad go abroad study abroad, but I was killed by the whole nation, because I am brave.

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I can imagine, this is people, zheng Juan is the first, it is Zhou Jia next. Anyhow, zhousuotan is an assiduous child, have something very hard, but the old person is dead, very sad really.

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Zhou Wei and act according to the marriage that change to become more resembling is a farce, endless person dispersed.

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I left period of time to go Great Master Zhou Rong, prove these two people all the time love. Zhou Rong turns to Cai Xiaoguang, his daughter resort France.

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On certain level, zhou Rong’s selfishness makes she is in whole and Thespian a medium lucky person, very acid. Pardonable people is not willing to continue angle is Thespian, cannot be restrained really, the head still was captured.

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The abdomen in lack real life and letting us discover teleplay is open

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