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Original title: Big ending: Zhou Bingyi is mortal words of the deceased: Let an illegitimate child identify Zu Guizong! Ache of wintry plum heart cries Final result: Zhou Bingyi forest, let private children realise an ancestor! Winter is sadness, cry, cry, “People ” become more and more accident. Xiao Fengqi produced special feeling for Zhou Na. Two people were brought up together. Two small do not guess, green plum Zhu Ma, two original people are the relation of the card, but when both when doing not have blood, feng Xun is very excited. It should be true, the sky is not so. Week of the 3rd generation, every the 3rd generation has his setback and problem.

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Be worth what carry is, zhou Fang’s brother – Zhou Bingyi. Dry leader is slender! However, this is a mother-in-law and help, the daughter that betrays her – winter wintersweet. When Zhou Bingyi leaves consequence, when the son has a blue, the winter cannot be borne completely, heart sadness. When I am beaten in the winter, I like winter wintersweet, I want to abandon future, I aux would rather fight in the winter.

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The life after marriage, two people experienced a lot of difficulty. Although, winter plum parents does not think ” brick ton ” , but does he continue to teach him ” what is only ” ? After Hao Di, golden director still realized the circumstance of condition, justice is an arid leader, but he sustained 8 ways, so he accepted the help that heads force, remind Yue Yuelong door. Since then, pink by imprisonment, golden board will around move it. This is pay actually, this is a true payment.

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This is hiemal meaning. However, although you feel serious, also must burn in his heart Zhou Jiaxiang’s desire. According to netizen introduction, this is a plead, I can leave next private child. Because he worked for a long time, and the task is heavy, pay and drink. After walking, dong Mei can find a new partner to become a person to get hurt, some people like, walk finally

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