Thu. Jun 30th, 2022
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Original title: Bureau of Hunan wide report is determined examine and verify of content of aggrandizement of contract of yin and yang of remuneration of price of day of keep within limits and monitor superintend

20220219080514 6210a4ba00301

Recently, total bureau of national broadcasting television releases newest job trends, bureau of Hunan wide report will be strict the network is ideological management, it is aggrandizement content examine and verify; 2 it is aggrandizement is monitored superintend; 3 it is aggrandizement is administered integratedly. Early childhood among them: Want to deepen entertainment domain to administer the effect continuously, begin entire network whole platform to clear seriously rectify. Fulfil cost of program of network seeing and hearing strictly to deserve to be mixed than checking ” signal acceptance twice ” administrative system, determined keep within limits ” day price remuneration ” , evade taxes evade taxation, ” contract of yin and yang ” wait for a problem. In addition, problem film and cartoon program are worn below 96, talk about violate compasses orgnaization 4 times, shut lawfully violate compasses website 6.

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