Wed. Jul 6th, 2022
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Original title: ” rustic love 14 ” had not sowed, time outside piece came, does countryside love the universe why so fire? On Feburary 18, afterwards ” rustic love 14 ” later, this hill medium another work ” the ivory hill do good works of rustic love is written down ” met formally with the audience, from yesterday head sow a circumstance to look, ” ivory hill do good works is written down ” still advocate dozen do easily laugh at wind, built up Xie Ankun, Zhao Si, Zhao Haiyan is mixed the familiar old face such as poplar forest, won many audiences love.

20220219084058 6210ad1abb910

This, ” rustic love ” time outside piece still brought not little surprise to the audience, this also is afterwards round put together ” ivory Shan Aidou is round ” later, zhao Jiaban rolls out another derive work, many netizens speak, countryside loves the universe already open, very pretty good still.

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Also have many netizen doubt, ” rustic love ” the universe why so fire? The mainest reason, relevant still subject matter is rare be short of, from the point of the work that broadcasts every year, work of rustic subject matter is less and less. Can say to go up classical, also only Zhang Hao of 2 dragon lake is directed ” 2 Long Hu love story ” and ” 4 smooth alarm thing ” wait for work, nevertheless, zhang Hao takes a network now big motion picture is some more, teleplay is not too much.

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Additional, it is Zhao Jiaban personnel is numerous, each organic meeting plays the leading role, this hill uncle still is done very much of admire making a person, from now ” rustic love ” acting main actor has reduced dozen of soy first, also see, it is to give each child principle of equal opportunity for all, but, you must not wave, not be to be away on official business otherwise, make an on-the-spot investigation namely.

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Overall will tell, ” rustic love ” series calculates going up is the actor that fed this hill medium most, so this also is this series can one of reasons that can accompany an audience to go all the time, nowadays, resemble time outside piece such work also is to had been pushed, see, everybody also has a special liking to this series.

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Anyway, still hope ” rustic love ” series can bring more surprise to everybody, since this hill medium does this IP of purpose,do greatly strong, still want elaborate carve in play respect, do not want each season to follow the prescribed order, make evil spirit namely besides the divorce, hope this set is better and better, also hope countryside loves the universe to be able to obtain better result.

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