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Original title: Modern drama of special interview Piao ” horizon outside ” director Wang Ban: Small theater, your work is From last year year old end opens year of the 10 or 20 days following Lunar New Year’s Day to this year, peking Man art experimental theater performed Russia dramatist in succession of Putushenjinna ” during she is dying ” , and the United States is Thespian Great Master blame of King O’Neil ” horizon outside ” . This allows a country one stage actor, peking Man art art appoint Wang Ban of assistant team leader of group of conference committee member, actor is busy extremely, besides in ” during she is dying ” in piece perform a middleaged uncle, he is play of two foreign countries more the director that one shoulder chooses. 20220219084059 6210ad1bc5264 ” during she is dying ” stage photo, wang Ban (right) the Gore that act the role of Yi. Li Chunguang of photography of article stage photo is graduated from performance of the Thespian college central to fasten 87, the face is like Guan Yu, Yu Li length a body, the before past person one station when the Wang Ban with uncommon appearance is young, look even if act ” small unripe ” embryo child. Fact also absolutely, from him big screen is ascended first personate ” red Lou Meng ” Ke of medium elegant childe Xue, to in ” one’s way home is like rainbow ” ” annihilate 10 hit out ” ” top-secret escort in transportation ” in model Ying Ting handsome contemporary soldier figure, all without exception gives a person such impression. And the figure figure on modern drama arena, also be such. From the eldest son with week tasteful and depressed residence, to the prince that hesitate hesitates to move forward in Danish ancient fort, he the hand arrives capture come. Years is again long, experience all is added, in Mo Yan playwrite, Ren Ming directs ” our Jing Ke ” in piece act ” go not answer still ” hero, make more Wang Ban was picked the laurel such as award of Chinese Thespian wintersweet. Going of perform in public of year of the beginning of the year ” the night of sweet hill ” in, peking Man art appear first on arena party and national leader figure, it is by the Mao Zedong of his personate. 20220219084122 6210ad321cc35 ” our Jing Ke ” stage photo 2021, wang Ban enters those who know destiny formally year, as Peking Man art the delegate of Mesozoic Era actor, “Act and actor guides ” all along is one has exemple but the life shunt of abide. Can want to say, part premiere 2017 ” during she is dying ” and 2019 ” horizon outside ” , this it is 2 degrees of recomposition return however. Recently, wang Ban accepted the special report of insurgent journalist in Beijing, he laughs at him character to had not thought of the problem of transition, “I still am before performing theatrical program advocate course of study, guide play is my interest. Guide play is my interest.. 20220219084123 6210ad3338173 Wang Ban. Suffer him person that visit to offer [dialog] ” creation stays to come down, a list of plays that acts to go down ” insurgent news: Whether be in below the introduction Peking Man art, an actor wants to become a director, what preparation does need make? Wang Ban: Its are honest person art has not to become the tradition of article, namely ” act and actor guides ” . After there is certain result on the performance, won authority approbate, go guiding again play, meet for certain from the point of view that says show to the actor more handy. Say, director, blue sky wild director, Gu Wei directs Lin Zhaohua, they are actor one’s previous experience, after some became a director, also go out as before perform stage role. Include gentleman of concealed of Mr Cao Yu, anxious chrysanthemum, young when also appearance had performed play. Be familiar with arena, understanding arena, be in especially Peking Man art, gathered together so large quantities of one fine actors, if you do not have a contribute on the performance, from the feeling of myself, that is solid take hard numerous (laugh) . Director, director, his function is to guide, another appears namely. As the actor, I am in person art is to eating ” classical ” the meal is grown, ” sunrise ” ” thunderstorm ” ” Peking Man ” , 4 of Mr Cao Yu big play I performed 3. Of Shakespeare ” Hamlet ” , of Yi Bosheng ” the home of doll ” , include cropland Chinese gentleman ” Guan Hanqing ” , of Mr. Mo Yan ” our Jing Ke ” , those who act is master of a person of academic or artistic distinction, and basic it is male one date, leading role, this raises my artistic taste slilier, carrying notebook and when buying an edition very captious also, preparative work is particularly long also when including to create. 20220219084124 6210ad34b0965 ” Guan Hanqing ” stage photo is insurgent news: Specific arrive ” during she is dying ” , its premiere 2017, it is the first work that you regard a director as, how to think of at that time hold guide this gives play? Wang Ban: I had not thought of to want the issue of transition at present, acting in a play still is me advocate course of study, guide play is my interest. Want to guide because I am selected,play is in those days the whole nation ” 4 a batch ” talent project, the project of 500 thousand gave fund above, can do oneself to consider the own selection of subject that become. I think, person art fosters me so old, pass on a theater a few what? Be passed on best even if create to stay to come down to the theater, a list of plays that acts to go down. Act in a play when the actor, basically return be passivity to accept, regard a director as OK and own selection of subject. Act in a play in mine plus associate with in the process, although oneself are an actor, but already nurturance a habit, after taking a scenario, I also can think how this show appears the meeting is more good-looking. Had really guide the opportunity of play, be like everything is success will come when conditions are ripe. Special, this play I still guide oneself act oneself, feel this mode suits him quite. Look in me, the audience likes ” during she is dying ” this play, depend on this play above all very warm, the old lady Su Fei that the no more than that it tells about is a goodness inferior (Xia Liyan is acted the role of) , the hope is in during be dying the daughter Daniya oneself (Sun Qian is acted the role of) to marry go out. Affection of mother and daughter has the story that does not say from of old, and the Chinese society that this subject matter is the same as instantly undoubtedly can somewhat resonant. For instance our country also has entered the aged society, let old mother wish get countervail, contain the flavor of mortal consideration undoubtedly. And good luck is inopportune, the daughter became the life medium ” old maid ” , this in be the same as instantly China big city again ” big surplus female ” the phenomenon is watched somewhat according to. 20220219084125 6210ad35b6467 ” during she is dying ” I choose stage photo at the outset this play, also was to take a fancy to the feeling inside this and figure relationship to be able to be accomplished ” very China ” . Male become greatly marriage, female should marry greatly, have pity on heart of the world parents, this is applicable to both or all on alive bound. And urge marriage, urge love, ecbolic likelihood is instantly every China family, reunite to want the problem that face to the Spring Festival. Capture mother and daughter to concern so this line goes making, meet with our national condition very joint. Insurgent news: How so China of a Russia old show is changed, are you adapted in the play on what work to do? Wang Ban: ” during she is dying ” the work that this play is Jin Na of assorted of graph of Russia playwrite general, after I buy the copyright of this play from Russia, what should do first is to revise a play. Origianl work is more expatiatory, I basically from 40 thousand words ground of word for word changed left and right sides of 28 thousand words. This gives the success of play, provided a very good framework besides origianl work, of later period adapting also is a very big project. Foreign play metaphrase moves Chinese stage, can encounter a few problems, it is good that for instance some characters look at Dou Ting, but can’t help saying, can’t help acting, the show comes everybody feels ” rawish ” , feel not east not on the west, not tract is not vast. For instance the first word in the play is, “This is an old maid (point to Daniya) typical portraiture ” , I change it into commonner spoken language those who change, “Marry what do not go out such ” . I wrote a word on card, “I believe your goodness, it is you accepted this story. ” because be an audience without giving thought to, still be the actor on the stage, if do not believe this story, all everything have no way is mentioned, because this gives play itself too fairy tale, the audience that makes fun of in light of and we accepted this story together, all genesis depends on goodness. I perform beautiful heart inside ” uncle ” Yi Gore, he is not is an inborn Tang Huang, also have a kind of longing that returns to to the family actually. And Jin Na (Wang Junrui personate) also be same, she grows in ” be short of love ” in the family, be ” the person that find love ” . Go up in dance beauty so, we designed ” Gu island ” , old lady and daughter life are in this ” disc ” on, protruding shows the idea of a kind of restrict one, and the person outside, go embracing this family conversely. This play is a fairy tale, the society still has kindness the premise that fairy tale establishs, popular feeling is soft, the world is warm. ” horizon outside ” how to present Chinese audience? “Tragic happy event discharges ” insurgent news: ” during she is dying ” later, next you hold guided ” horizon outside ” . Latter is blame of King O’Neil become famous, we know O’Neil has ” American Shakespeare ” say. On the history of person art, besides before ” the desire below elm ” , had not discharged O’Neil again other work, also want to ask you to introduce next taking over so ” horizon outside ” the genesis of this project? Wang Ban: Tell candidly, ” during she is dying ” I revised this play one year half, arrived truly rehearse phase, 23 days had been discharged. With respect to show effect character, we were accomplished so a light comedy is behaved ” Bei glad be mixed ” , audience one side feels warmth is funny, one side can shed next sensation tear again. A lot of people feel this is not I guide for the first time play, but this is a maiden work that I regard a director as really. This play already show many 90, in Beijing University muti_function hall has acted, the theater that also covers more than 2000 people inside has acted, obtained pretty good echo. ” horizon outside ” it is me actually a dream of young moment, I want to had been discharged when the university. Want to say, in Peking Man art edition ” horizon outside ” before, home still does not have which professional theatrical company to move its modern drama stage, that is to say this play is born 100 old, had done not have performance of a trade actually in China? ! Because this kind makes fun of to just enrol an university to wait for,see, for instance we are in Thespian institute when, take it to discharge extract, regard it as extract goes acting commonner. Some graduation big play may discharge complete this, but all along not dare external show, because the actor was chosen too hard, young won’t perform, can perform no longer young, actor of one act play has to be a condition. This kind of play particularly literary, if act inanimate, did not a club for amateur performers of Beijing opera at all. So, “Tragic happy event is discharged ” it is me this rehearse ” horizon outside ” the director is politic. I do not want to relay the feeling of a kind of gray to the audience. Although O’Neil’s work offerred a tragic conclusion, but create as 2 degrees, I can pull it to the life certainly in the center, let everybody feel what what say like O’Neil, “We are unripe and broken, with living patch up ” . In these two play of my director, ” during be dying ” in the sort of ” hang now ” of type those who be the same as an audience is interactive and special much, it is tragedy, the thing that has humour also is inside my play, this is a characteristic inside my work. ” horizon outside ” the laugh that the uncle in assumed one share, it is the life play inside additionally, I should make them special give birth to activation, change with the sort of romantic poetry in Thespian conflict form a kind of contrast, this mood to the audience also is one kind is adjusted. Insurgent news: ” horizon outside ” was in 1920 the Broadway premiere, after this has obtained Pulitzer Thespian award. 1936, o’Neil still wins Nobel literature award by right of this drama. Era was in 1920 Euramerican be called ” blusterous 20 time ” , this period still has been born another master ” marvelous Gaicibi ” . You how does look upon make fun of this piece birth times? Wang Ban: Right, that is times of a predatory, a time that get rich, it is a mad time more, but O’Neil wants dramatist to talk about ideal in that times unluckily. ” horizon outside ” this play listens going up is so romantic, it is a complete tragedy however. O’Neil drew up ideal and real difference, he is the station is in more the angle of humanitarian goes depict mankind’s common problem. Him dramatist is experienced also very legend, his father itself is an actor, had acted ” Christ hill count ” , o’Neil still follows father to go together in one’s childhood make one’s rounds acts. Father is recumbent this show had all one’s life, but he feels disgusted to live invariably particularly from the heart, so he becomes mariner later, in maritime live, got tuberculosis again later, a beautiful nurse is come up against in the hospital, this nurse can say the beauty that is him is intimate, tell him to should do the business that him likes. I also admonish this actor, did not flood the core that dramatist wants to convey with the mood, that is a person, should the selection of comply with heart goes living. Insurgent news: The person once was opposite Aonierben ” horizon outside ” arena designs those who had had his to unscramble, he says this gives 3 act theatrical work, each act has two — ” outdoor, see horizon only, alluding the person’s desire and dream; Another indoors, horizon disappeared, sidewards is actual between the dream that alluding person and him. ” Wang Ban: The habit that I discharge play is, ahead of schedule half an year gives advocate achieve people open communication meeting. The director should be one leads a person, let an actor ahead of schedule advocate achieve people the way that knows creative work. I tell everybody, this play is to follow certainly ” during be dying ” same, small theater should have your work to be, although the space is little, but we must go in endless imaginary a place of strategic importance. Actually ” horizon outside ” system capacity is to be able to be moved into great theater, so this dress, headgear, the feeling of the sort of sweaty, including the straw that scatters on arena and multimedia to present a share is to have cultured. With O’Neil the scenic photograph of original set is compared, my processing became much trifling the colour of bright color and dream, this also is ” tragic happy event is discharged ” a kind of politic continuance. You a moment ago mentioned O’Neil the dance beauty that he himself makes fun of to this is designed, actually he is to want to try to cause a kind of rhythm with law of this one party, of disappointment of a kind of thirsty sue for peace alternant. With respect to my understanding, “Horizon outside ” the delegate is ideal, entered to indoor representing reality, actual reality. Design us in dance beauty so flat change numerous for brief, with the most concise means — open a curtain, it is a window outside, namely ” horizon outside ” ; Pull a curtain, it is indoor. I am bring the audience first, let an audience be walked out of again. Additional, ” horizon outside ” the work that a special image turns O’Neil, my a lot of expression inside also are image. For instance everybody can see when entering a theater ” a road ” , that road is a road that I and dance beautiful teacher hold to to use inside small theater, because everybody has means of livilihood of a person, of this play Thespian after depending on appearing to choose amlposition, a series of tragedy of life. Represent father e.g. that rocking chair again, and the close-up chasing after light that attentive audience also can notice to my stagewise used a pipe for certain, inside this also have the aid of inside movie and TV the concept of close-up. Pipe and chair are expression of a few image, there are these things inside original scenario. 20220219084126 6210ad36a58ad ” horizon outside ” stage photo. Brother of Andrew, Rob spy lies in a board to spread on a plank road built along a cliff. In play this ” road ” also be with gut development and character destiny watch the crucial image that reflect. Guide to young actor play, “The big elder brother that I am them ” insurgent news: ” horizon outside ” regard a person of academic or artistic distinction as the name piece, you chose one numerous young actor to deduce however, so what is the matter that become? Wang Ban: I discharge play to have a characteristic, oneself choose dub in background music, there is a folder in the mobile phone, every the each place in the play, detail needs which music collocation, arrived the spot can be put by the side of edge platoon, go adjusting again. Mention American country music commonly, people can think of guitar, but I am a harmonica music this a when regard male hero as Robert advocate come back. Harmonica represents romance, the delegate is distressed, represent ” the annoyance with teenager particular dimension ” . Before I am discharging play formally, advocate come back send male advocate personate person Li Yue, let him learn harmonica. This actor just entered a theater at that time, the formalities that enter office has not done, acted male. 20220219084127 6210ad3774ca4 ” horizon outside ” stage photo. Li Yue (left) personate Robert, Liu Lu (right) personate Ruth Liu Lu (last year Ceng Zaixin composing ” sunrise ” in Chen Bai shows personate) this actor, with Li Yue the corresponding period enters a theater, performing heroine for the first time also is in me this ” horizon outside ” . At that time pitch on the reason of these two actors is very simple, show has not been received on whose body who comes, what I value is them can the heart is not had by look for ground is thrown in part creation. With young actor, those who use is the youth’s youth, as to acting we can be moved slowly. So at that time is handgrip hand really, one a ground teaching, this process is very tired, specific want accent to a gesticulation. But the assistant team leader that I regard an actor as the team, itself also promising theater fosters the responsibility of new personality. 20220219084128 6210ad38514d6 ” horizon outside ” stage photo, young actor land jades (before) insurgent news: Look in you, ” horizon outside ” where is the performance difficulty of this play? Wang Ban: ” horizon outside ” this play not simple, it resembles often abandoning a gentleman a bit ” cafes ” , the actor is to want one act to make fun of a condition. But latter is a flock of people art old actor carries program, ” horizon outside ” it is new personality makes main force, liu Lu in those days ability is 21 years old. Enable new personality actor this so, can saying is the conception that they accomplished me, I accomplished the collective of their stagewise to blossom. I am very clear, the actor feels contented on the stage only when, he just can have safe feeling. The Ruth of personate, want to overcome the change of the age feeling of the part and body and mind, I designed different model to her, add an amice for instance. Additional, I told her this person to had not loved in the heart later, raise one’s hand is cast sufficient like wanting to resemble a Gu mood, want a show the sort of ” wander ” condition. The character always needs an actor to go fictile, to young actor, with respect to need performance teacher is taking graver bit by bit to go sculpture he, the ability that stay is the accuracy of this figure figure. I am special the optional play that objects the sort of stage going up, today an appearance, tomorrow an appearance, that leaves classical a meeting is further and further. Classical be burnish of extract be iterationed, of gentleman of anxious chrysanthemum concealed ” cafes ” , by 8 pieces of tables, everybody the one action of content one type has thought through relapsing. alleged one play one case, that is its flavour, change a bit, flavour incorrect. Insurgent news: Whether the position that the introduction leaves you to interact in rehearse field with young actor? Wang Ban: In rehearse field, say with its I am their teacher, be inferior to saying I am elder brother of an eldest brother. After this round of premiere, I think rhythm has a place too pull out was worn, bei of ego having a place sorrows. I feel the actor does not go ego Bei sorrows, feeling what Bei sorrows should be an audience, the actor is the person that the carry out of the life goes only, and do not go apply colours to a drawing lives, when so I suggest they say actor’s lines, should take laugh to say, this also is arena experience actually. Insurgent news: ” horizon outside ” phase of respond to a curtain call compares extraordinary, the actor Qi Qi on the stage spoke O’Neil’s logion, the everybody in subsequently video meets before capital theater together again. This one arrangement is the same as this year Peking Man art will greet Daqing to concern? Wang Ban: If the audience can have such associating, I will be very glad (laugh) . Actually without giving thought to I had acted, still be the play that I guide, the way that my respond to a curtain call sees with big the daily life of a family is not quite same, because I feel respond to a curtain call also is the one part of the show, it is ceremony sex not simply leave, also represented our language and vocabulary. Since this play is of Wang Ban ” horizon outside ” , be about to let a person see my understanding and philosophy, I hope this play can bring an audience warmth and hope, it is to future, I do not think the audience sees ground of eye of big-eared of eyebrow of play foul smell walk out of a theater. Besides ” tragic happy event is discharged ” whole is politic, I am looking ” O’Neil is passed ” when still sought two words designedly, one is hit on begin curtain namely, “We are unripe and broken, with living go patch up. ” still have a word I also like particularly, it is after extract ” life itself fine long hair is insignificant, it is ideal makes us ceaseless struggle. Sturdy volition, live sturdily. ” the actor speaks on the stage, the applause of the audience rang naturally also. I think these applause besides give O’Neil, also give an actor, still having one share at the same time give him audience, because the actor spoke their one’s innermost thoughts and feelings. 20220219084129 6210ad3916d15 ” horizon outside ” stage photo is in 30 years of person art, “Cent pace goes ” insurgent news: ” during she is dying ” ” horizon outside ” it is in Peking Man art experimental theater performs, namely in audience mouth ” small theater ” . I notice since what Lin Zhaohua directed 1982 ” absolutely signal ” perform here, theater of person art experiment also will be greeted this year. Wang Ban: ” absolutely signal ” at that time is the small theater that let people first time know person art, also be to let Chinese audience eat one Jing, , such the modern drama is OK still before acting, such (view) look. Actually Peking Man art it is all the time ” walking on two legs ” , the footstep of tradition and innovation did not stop all the time. Everybody carries person art, often can feel this is the traditional theater with individual very huge amount, actually small theater is a vane of person art and even innovation of Chinese drama bound all the time. The play of the great theater of part associate with that I myself had performed slants much, first time of choice small theater guides play, try water, did not think of I fell in love with small theater. Actually I am in a few play that person art small theater has performed are quite famous also, performed 2001 for instance ” contact intimately for the first time ” (personate A Tai) , ยท of haing collect heart was tasted 2004 special ” lover ” , small theater is special to me the place that spreads out imagination, the imagination of a powerful and unconstrained style. Actually the small theater of person art also calls an experiment the theater (2021 Peking Man art Beijing international is Thespian after the center kicks off formally, small theater is located in inside this center; Experimental theater is located in capital theater 4 buildings. On wide extensive meaning, theater of this two place is called by the audience ” small theater ” . The reporter is noted) its experimental sex told you actually, this theater is open, although this theater is small, but do not hold back fanciful wing, so I say that I must have ” small theater, your work is ” consciousness. Insurgent news: Regard person art Mesozoic Era as the actor’s delegate, whether brief reviewing the years that issues oneself to be in a theater? Wang Ban: I am in person art already 30 years, should say to experience even if be divided ” 3 paces go ” . It is before 10 years ” the station must live ” — had not graduated I acted in capital theater ” wisdom person 1000 Lv, surely one is break ” (1990, wang Ban gives Lumofu performing check in this play) , can saying is getting on in years of person art history is the youngest ” male one ” . 1991, person art came after play graduates from which, just came to a theater want from group act make. That moment also faces various temptation, invite you to perform teleplay, go out business acts those who chair. I am a walking on two legs, teleplay and modern drama were not delayed. Of course, what I love most still is arena, I have this feelings. The 2nd it is 10 years ” stand firmly ” , be an a part, part accumulate, let arena can show appreciation for sb I, let a director can trust I. Common saying says, person cannot ” carry pole with its load of have one’s head shaved is heated up directly ” , yourself’s passion can cry only then ” like ” , also must treating stage is favor you. Arena picks a person, especially Peking Man art arena and audience pick a person more. The 3rd pace goes even if ” the station gives prize ” , each theater has him ” leading light ” , these year of my station the work of stagewise, have Shakespeare ” Hamlet ” , ” thunderstorm ” medium eldest son arrives perform lord, and the associated director that holds the position of this play, ” thunderstorm ” this play accompanied me 17 years. 20220219084130 6210ad3a07316 ” Hamlet ” stage photo is insurgent news: Be in the Thespian museum of person art, I had seen a piece of picture, when 2004 ” thunderstorm ” recomposition, mr. Su Min comes to elder to rehearse field to say show with you. Wang Ban: Person art has a good convention, it is inheritance. Old actor meets rehearse field and young actor tell certainly tell oneself in those days the experience of rehearse, performance, this is a very good tradition. Mr. Su Min, then the teacher ever was going up century of 50 time ” thunderstorm ” in personate Guo Zhouping, I also want nutrition of the derive on the body from them. With Mr. Zhu Lin that they take the place of together, be ” thunderstorm ” in the old-timer that performed rash Shi Ping 229 years, she is in later ” Guo Laocao ” the Ceng Yu on the seminar goes out breathtaking, saying me is person art arena go up best ” Zhou Ping ” . The affirmation of elder, to me character is huge encourage. 20220219084131 6210ad3b78691 2004 ” thunderstorm ” recomposition, su Min will to rehearse field be the same as Wang Ban to say show. Say, zhou Ping this part not act artfully to get what one wants, the audience can feel this is commonly ” broken bits male ” . Mr Cao Yu has the habit that to oneself character of the wording and purpose of what one writes keeps profile, writing ” thunderstorm ” when character close-up, emphasize Zhou Ping first this character ” it is the most difficult act ” , because be being borne on his body,be the same as the relation of the most difficult character between two women, stress the proper limits for speech or action of the performance particularly. Mr Cao Yu is written in those days, “The hope can have a good actor, change a nebula on his heart, blameless a few simple line, try to search for the character sympathize with. ” perform Zhou Ping so, must search for this character ” sympathize with ” , the one act after arriving otherwise can not leave all right, the meeting is hard and fast. I am done according to Mr Cao Yu to the character’s requirement, looked for too much compassion for the part, the audience may feel Zhou Ping is special so ” broken bits ” , after I acted, everybody can give this character possibly more understanding. 20220219084132 6210ad3c6ba3b 2004 edition ” thunderstorm ” , wang Ban (left) act all the way come, from young Zhou Ping ” act ” arrived garden of senile Zhou Piao.

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