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Original title: ” iron fist hero ” receive big final result, evening arrives auspicious group destroys 4 killer! On the verge of death or destruction of pace high official position! ” iron fist hero ” immediately big ending, the director begins frequency to deliver box meal! Evening arrives auspicious faces Cold Dew of 4 big killer alone, the Waking of Insects, solstitial, the Beginning of Summer! The name of 4 killer is solar term so.

20220219084134 6210ad3eed56d

For great, evening arrives violent wind raises auspicious fighting capacity, a person killed killer of 4 big trash with respect to the second! But direct open big ending gets offline mode, great still get box meal!

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Road east at hand dogs fine phoenix elder sister, but you also send an understanding of the word ah. Of the shining on the tree keeping contact address, but be known namely,rectify how? Hiring at hand still is seek site is literate.

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Fine phoenix elder sister and An Na are received went up first, cast off the person that dog, arrive together in the home before Lian Ji. Road east is poisonous the needle is absolutely high-tech, OK and long-range remote control. Here Qian Qian eye red, open kills fingerprint form, was waked up by high official position fortunately, qian Qian is a time bomb!

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High official position calls An Na, ask her why so do? An Na eventually honest identity, so she just is the one’s own daughter of the road, qian Qian is foster daughter only, will use as pretext. Come to light so far!

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What although be a road,the word says An Na is close female, but the road is done not have,to her be irresolute when firmness is needed passes, is this dear father? An Na says frankly, peng Jiaye is being entered before is road skill arrangement, actually An Na kills Peng Jingzu. Feel Peng Jingzu does not have evildoing doing what? Quite good also to An Na, an Na also falls to go really hand!

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The family that reunites eventually, fine 3 sibling took phoenix elder sister and pace home together a photograph of whole family, is this not adumbrative move will have more person to get offline? Fine the true identity that phoenix elder sister has known An Na, still admit An Na. This paragraph of tear looks, old show bone is old show bone!

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Came back even spine and blessing younger sister eventually, everybody of overseas Chinese company has known the road just is the biggest a vicious person manipulating sb or sth from behind the scenes eastwards, and use overseas Chinese company to peddle poison. Everybody decides to burned the drugs of the road together!

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Lian Ji, blessing younger sister and evening arrive the storehouse that auspicious fights a way together, unexpectedly the road comes in time eastwards prevent. The road is cock-a-hoop revealed the Chun Hehong that chant to them fist, lian Ji and come auspicious is very open-eyed.

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Light is a way had been fought very hard, foreigner tall treated this paragraph of time to drill the horizontal stroke of iron cloth unlined upper garment of a suit drills military accomplishment, also added a group of people of same interest of the road. Still have the universe dragon of boast of gold of inapproachable and super shameless person, lian Ji, blessing younger sister, come auspicious is not adversary, be forced to be removed first!

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High official position, an Na, qian Qian, 4 people preparation answers blessing younger sister Chinese quarter follows road decisive battle, can be high official position the mouth vomits blood, looking is life already before long!

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The person such as high official position and Lian Ji eventually confluent, made a plan, grabbed the drugs of the road first come over. The logic that hears a news decides a tooth for a tooth! Still have two part are large finally ending, how does the way that allows us to see evildoing be done die eastwards?

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Spit groove finally, lian Ji Where is your gun? Cope with Qian Qian you are hit with the gun. Face satisfy the need eastwards, you are used chant spring, obviously two guns end bang bang fought, have to grinds those who grind chirp to hit, I also am to take!

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