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Original title: ” marvelous wheat a twenty-five-stringed plucked instrument Mrs. Er ” high-energy regression deduces the four seasons marvelous big female advocate wonderful Return to eventually, ” marvelous wheat a twenty-five-stringed plucked instrument Mrs. Er ” .

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Although the time of past of before 3 season is a bit long, had let a person record not clear the story of a play or opera a bit, but ” marvelous wheat a twenty-five-stringed plucked instrument Mrs. Er ” the four seasons is firm go up the two collect of the line simply king blast, each collect whole journey is high-energy, laugh at dot, tear dot, burning point, nod hey… as one falls, career line, close affection line, friendship line is advanced alternately, and strewn at random have send, resemble symphony of a vision simply.

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She came back, that ” marvelous wheat a twenty-five-stringed plucked instrument Mrs. Er ” came back, firm ” regression ” Mai Se Mrs. Er is very angry, not, her violent rage, she is subdued, she is frustrate, she is dejected, she wants to shrink back… she breaks down erupt, try to gather up in the appearance that oneself gather up in the dark night in the winter go ” big star ” the abasement that lets she loses make one’s rounds to perform an opportunity and make fun of her in the dark, want ” avenge ” , “Have Shakespeare type bloody, let a person be overwhelmed with sorrow, the vengeance that destroys the soul ” .

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Lose income source too in experience, bear ” former husband father ” room of high specified number is borrowed, after the child does not drink even breakfast milk the depression that go up, she examines her life and career afresh, do definitely true oneself, even if go defying with lay regulation and market regulation front, begin ” avenge ” .

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Say like her: “Occasionally the life looks be like plain sailing, next abrupt suddenly, somebody rushs to make your living imbroglio. You do not have expect to meet at all such, because of you busy happy life. I know, this lives namely, total meeting has when stepping on dog excrement, man should atmosphere a bit, do not want be troubled Yu Huai. Hum, I am a woman, involve my fart issue! ” look, this is one is having shining ” insufficient ” , but special however Jiang Ren, have interest, those who let a person like is big female advocate ah. She is not to wrapping around ” big female advocate ” the Malisu of renown date or person blindly passivity needs help ” foolish Bai Tian ” , wear the most elegant, attractive suit forever however, the single person that tells groovy life and social phenomenon possibly with Che Wen at any time takes off a beautiful queen. the four seasons is gross 8 collect, the name distributing part of before two collect is respectively ” the brawl on skyscraping annulus ” ” Billie Jones and sweet colourful desk lamp ” . Divide market name straight contact to inscribe, the clue framework of the first collect is very clever, with ” avenge ” the show taking off a mouth that gives priority to a problem begins, with a few ” quarrel ” flashback is perforative of Mai Se Mrs. Er ” decline ” orbit, perform concluding end complete works in order to take off buccal show finally.

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Those a few ” quarrel ” include Mai Se Mrs. Er and agent Su Xi, agent Su Xi and little sister, parents of wheat a twenty-five-stringed plucked instrument Mrs. Er and parents, former husband, former husband (it is the brawl on skyscraping annulus) , su Xi and former husband of Er of wheat a twenty-five-stringed plucked instrument… blame with ” the brawl on skyscraping annulus ” most ” intense, grand ” , the predicament that a twenty-five-stringed plucked instrument of implied meaning wheat Mrs. Er encounters is very of the extreme, be like a whole world (even if be parents, family) did not stand in her beyond. Also be these ” quarrel ” in statified advance a story to develop, go with tremendous difficulty and challenge daughter of serve as a foil to advocate ceaseless ” rise abruptly ” energy and glorious.

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Before the four seasons two collect are modelled about the figure of wheat a twenty-five-stringed plucked instrument Mrs. Er special give prize, even if is by a new cereal, she as before light is bright beautiful, fill life as before vigor and flourishingly energy, as before humorous and humor, eloquent, the most crucial is, she does not abandon, she does not succumb, won’t turn to the man’s world more, sit back and wait male advocate save, perhaps be piled of male adorer guard. At present this drama has not open branch in fabaceous valve, the valve of beans of the first season before this gives a mark 8.8, the 2nd, the 3rd season is respectively 8.7, the high density of two collect is wonderful once upon a time in light of, sequel should maintain level only, the wonderful become reconciled of integral drama anthology judges degree of hopeful to greet new peak, recommend strongly.

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