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Original title: Which drama had better see Zhong Hanliang? With which female partner most match? I recommend these 3 Zhong Hanliang has a lot of good-looking teleplay really, feel he is the actual strength clique that is underestimated really suddenly, he should be heat to sowed drama to compare a much actor! Although the family is 70 hind, but with 90 hind female star takes sport, have CP feeling very much as before, what is the key? The family is with singer and dance person the identity enters recreation to encircle, also not be graduation of what regular professional training.

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Recommend a few I feel the more good-looking teleplay of Zhong Hanliang personate! A theatrical work that I like most is Zhong Hanliang and Zhang Jun Ning ” the most beautiful days ” .

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Is this drama the play that ministry cruel loves? Zhang Jun Ning is inside personate a very outstanding female white-collar Su Man, accidental opportunity, she encountered herself university period is dark love learn to grow, namely the elite male Song Yi that Gu Nailiang acts, the competitor land encourage that what Zhong Hanliang acts is Gu Nailiang is become, su Man becomes the at hand that becomes for Liu Li to go after Song Yi, 3 people developed the old practice of Duanai and one expect. Zhong Hanliang is set in the person in this drama first-rate really, the understanding of he and Su Man begins from bicker, be attracted by Su Man gradually, but the competitor Song Yi that is informed Su Man to like his however, his heart is very painful, but the secondary attack that still must make Su Man apparently, look at Su Man and Song Yi to be together, look at Su Man to be harmed, oneself also ache accordingly, finally, he takes out courage eventually, want a Su Man glom on to. The 2nd drama of the Zhong Hanliang that I like is ” why sheng xiao silent ” .

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This drama is he and the love drama that Tang Yan cooperates, believed everybody to be familiar with this drama quite, zhong Hanliang is inside this drama as before personate of a special deep feeling high grade male, why treasure learns namely in student period bully, be chased after by the Zhao Mosheng like small sun close to him of not close woman’s charms in one’s hand, but bring about two people to part 7 years because of a series of misunderstanding and misfortune however. The main content of this drama still is the story that encounters again after 7 years, however the most absorbing place is male as before advocate only affection and affectionate person is set, obviously very outstanding, but be in female advocate before the lowliness that loves as before, not bad nevertheless, he harvested the love that he wants finally. The trilogy of the Zhong Hanliang that I like is ” have not enough time to say I love you ” .

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This drama is the drama of love of the Republic of China that Zhong Hanliang and Li Xiaoran collaboration film, when seeing this play at the outset, I still am attending a middle school, I am thinking at that time, mom! Perform what teleplay stimulates so? I what serve as an audience dare not see them go in person in person before pa Mom, too shy really, nevertheless, this drama also is quite good-looking really, emotional depict is gotten very exquisite. Broadcast recently ” this life has you ” after ten years are being lain between when Zhong Hanliang and Li Xiaoran namely 2 build. Besides these 3 teleplay that I like very much, zhong Hanliang filmed really many teleplay, with 90 hind beautiful of floret Yuan ice cooperated ” bend city Yi Qinghuan ” had not sowed.

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Should say Zhong Hanliang and which partner is the most suitable, still hold out it’s hard to say really, the floret that he cooperates is too much, the 90 Yuan after put beautiful on the ice, tan Songyun, sun Yi, the 80 Jiang Shu shadows after, yang Ying, wang Xiaochen, tang Yan, zhang Jun Ning, 70 the Li Xiaoran after, huo Saiyan, wang Yan, jiang Qin is diligent, li Xiang collaboration passes, give Qing Dynasty and who very hard to have CP feeling more.

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