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Original title: Between the world: Zhou Rong persuades Zheng Juan to support child amour, these words all show its disgusting and selfish one side Teleplay ” between the world ” in the Zhou Rong of Song Jia personate is worn in fritter away really everybody is patient to this part genial fine ah, can say Zhou Jiaren is medium, zhou Rong this individual is how to look how accurate, feel her a person, brought the disaster of the half to Home Zhou, and herself is depressed all the time still be inferior to at what oneself pass meaning, she is inferior to meaning, is Zhou Jiaren passes because of her wh what day?

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In newest gut, not the Feng of save worry, because of parental divorce incident, more put flying ego, begin abandonment, follow a few to mix mix play rose, one pair is running quickly to enjoy people on one’s own side to give birth to the manner that a few days of happiness live finally. I remember Feng keeping a diary, say oneself were in 16 years old to death, do not know when to can be buried, good lord, see her present condition, she is to wish oneself buried oneself with one’s own hands same.

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The Zhou Rong of personate of beautiful of the Song Dynasty, as the mother, feel old come of owing daughter, do not hope Feng gives birth to complete finish in abandon oneself to vice go-between more, so she persuades Zheng Juan, let Zhou Nan and Feng be together. It is this moment, zhou Rong all shows him selfishness and disgusting one side, give Zhou Rong put a label on sb for a time even, she never has regarded Zheng Juan as oneself younger brother and sister, did not regard Zheng Juan as even wait for in light of the person.

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Actually ” between the world ” in the Zheng Juan that the Zhou Rong of Song Jia personate looks for Yan Tao personate helps, this is right, after all the Feng nowadays, also can listen only go in Zhou Nan’s word, but the problem is, let Zhou Nan pull Feng from inside lair, need not must let Zhou Nan and Feng Tan Lian love.

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Still be that word, zhou Nan’s word, feng can listen, zhou Rong can look for Zheng Juan, show one’s purpose in coming, zheng Juan also does not hope to look at Feng this child so finish, can help so, but Zhou Rong plays absolutely ah, she jumped over the method that solves a problem the simpliest directly, let Zheng Juan toughly sacrifice however.

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” between the world ” in Zhou Rong says to be on this world, the person that is worth one person to care about so a few, her implication is, oneself for Feng , can make sacrifice, but the problem is, the too double sign that this word says Zhou Rong, zhou Rong’s world is very great, even if left Feng,change nowadays, still have Cai Xiaoguang this spare wheel is received dish. And Where is Zheng Juan? Zhou Bingkun is her most the world, if she is come out by the thing of Luo Shibin enroach on, how does Zhou Bingkun do? What meaning? The person that your Zhou Rong cares about is honorable, is what her Zheng Juan cares about hangdog?

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See Zhou Rong say especially, because crossed very old age past,cannot delay the child’s lifetime, my day, zhou Rong is really too shameless, what cries age old job, that is pair of your Zhou Rong, what suffer enroach on in those days is not your Zhou Rong, however Zheng Juan, that thing is the shadow that this lifetime wipes Zheng Juan not to go.

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As a result Zhou Rong is here mention lightly ground is put down with respect to beautiful letting Zheng, that mood, taking the interest of punish even, simple for, zhou Rong’s means, your Zheng Juan a servent, how can delay the lifetime of of my daughter Feng, talking with you is to give you outer part, do not discuss with you can how. Resemble ” between the world ” in the Zheng Juan of Yan Tao personate says in that way, the lifetime of Feng is lifetime, is her lifetime lifetime? Zhou Rong is rancorred to get be left without an argument soon, with respect to act shamelessly, saying Zheng Juan is the woman in the woman, there are oneself in the heart, unlike her Zhou Rong is so selfish.

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Good lord, is Zhou Rong’s implication selfishness of acid Zheng beautiful? Chengdu of this word week also says so that export, so much year, zhou Rong throws the child to native place, zheng Juan brings up single-handed, her Zhou Rong actually have the nerve says Zheng Juan is selfish, and say so justice one’s words, upright not A. When seeing here so, I am direct speed, the gut from the back, my feeling does not want to see Zhou Rong, because this character cannot have used selfishness to was described, to her, there are two kinds of people only on this world, one kind is do not listen to her ” evil person ” , “Despicable person ” , one kind is to comply with completely her, can bring a profit to her ” good person ” .

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Apparent, in week Chengdu heart, zheng beautifuls even if great illicit sexual relations is great evil apprentice, sacrifice her interest how? Let Zheng Juan give Zhou Jia instantly person it seems that, be pair of Zheng Juan bestowed, as a result beautiful of this servent Zheng dare violate the apiration of her Zhou Rong actually, was to return a day simply.

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Can say, talk this, the position that Zhou Rong and Zheng Juan’s position resemble is them is same, one stands high above the masses, it is one of host of this home, and Zheng Juan sits in short on the bench of one cut, washing clothings, resembling is a servent, zheng Juan connects a head not very carries, zhou Rong did not plan to treat Zheng Juan with equal status all the time, this is Zhou Rong, good daughter of Zhou Jia.

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Feel Feng Huacheng has an affair suddenly, it is too good that He Zhourong puts forward to divorce, although Fenghua is debatable very big also, but those dry work looks compare He Zhourong, feng Huacheng becomes a wise man quickly.

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