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Original title: 55 years old of countries one stage actor, make an appointment with close elder brother all one’s life not marriage, parents actually the calm is accepted 55 years old of countries one stage actor, make an appointment with close elder brother all one’s life not marriage, parents actually the calm accepts her is ” campus pioneer ” medium plain preceptress, ” solstitial ” medium depressed woman, she is in ” full city all takes gold shell ” ” shake of Tang Shan earth ” in have outstanding show, be called from beginning to end however ” gold costar ” ; Because of appearance too ” ” , she gives the role that perform is gravity, traditional mostly. Chen Jin is in ” permeate ” in personate female secret service, her from time to time is dignified atmosphere, from time to time is forthright bully gas, from time to time is performed cruel and evilly again win an audience reputably.

20220219084355 6210adcb3b7ae

Chen Jin films all one’s life countless, also won a state in recreational group title of one stage actor. Chen Jin never passes an any red to hear in recreational group, but fetching the marital status that what pay close attention to more is her however.

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As a child Chen Jin is an aspirant girl, there is a performance dream all the time in him heart, for this dreamy elder brother is accompanied all the time beside Chen Jin, no matter where does she walk along, the elder brother can follow Chen Jin accomplish the thing that the little sister likes together. When the school, their sibling relation makes a lot of people envy, old Jin body should suffer a bit harm only, the elder brother is behaved more tensely than Chen Jin.

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Grow as the age, chen Jin walks into a mass organizations gradually in, below professional education, studying a performance, slowly the chance that the elder brother meets is less and less also. Walk along arsis to photograph road till Chen Jin, sign is less and less if two people are together, but when Chen Jin has a thing, the elder brother always is hurry to the spot for a short while.

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Still be being written down is then when the play staff takes sport, chen Jin casts his double leg not carefully, hand of elder brother instantly works mediumly, run to Chen Jin of drama lieutenant general to hold in the arms directly into the hospital. The sibling relation of two people is a lot of people imitate what do not come.

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All previous effort via a few years, in recreational group, the movie and TV that Chen Jin films is increasing, the masses that is paid close attention to is increasing also, the career rises gradually Chen Jin also was obtained in recreational group ” country one stage actor ” title. During the career rises, chen Jin had not considered the issue of his feeling, after the career is stable, chen Jin had not contacted his feeling as before, a lot of people are not reasonable, what thinking after all in Chen Jin’s heart.

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See Chen Jin’s elder brother, also trying hard in the career for oneself, he performs a career without what choose Chen Jin, go after oneself however the passion to photography. Also established oneself company, the career also gains very good stability, his marital important matter never also appears in the society any red are heard.

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The marital important matter of two people all is blank, cause a lot of people to indissoluble. Until interview in put together art in, published the account of all these, also astonish a lot of people. The other in part that why to find oneself to admire in the heart all the time to Chen Jin asks about in the program, chen Jin expresses: Oneself this is unripe not marriage is infecund, and enjoy lifetime with the elder brother.

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Hold to such idea in the heart, this thing, two individual it is a long story, that is to be in in one’s childhood, telling about all these with the form of fun, the times of junior ignorance, do not know children affection to grow, more those who be fear of love arrival, then two people decide all one’s life not marriage is infecund, accompany eventually old.

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Time thinks this great sibling jubilates very few, do not have almost even, which family does not consider grandson daughter’s son, calculate oneself to agree, parents also won’t agree.

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When turning camera lens to the front of generatrix of Chen Jin father when the play staff, two elder with tall already old did not make a reply to this. Of time of all previous classics elapse, no matter elder brother career has how to busy, won’t forget the care to the little sister, also proved the elder brother once made the promise below to Chen Jin: “I hope I can live more for a long time than you, such I can take care of you, often go till you. Often go till you..

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Look at children’s happy look, also be very contented in parental heart. Nowadays Chen Jin is 55 years old, parents already 88 years old, right once problem parents also made serious reply. Parents shows: To the child’s idea, him calm is accepted, as long as children are happy how to go.

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Everybody longs to have a such elder brother, include indefinitely favorite little sister. If so close like Chen Jin and elder brother sibling can be had to concern between the world, marrying actually also is a thing that does not regret!

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