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Original title: Lang Ya a list of names posted up: Lin Shu gives the letter of last words written before death with Neon final feng4huang2 to say ” my younger sister ” , be pair of her survive help sb to fulfill his wishes! Guide language: ” Lang Ya a list of names posted up ” finally, mei Changsu was accomplished eventually rehabilitate for 70 thousand Chiyan army, with identity regain battlefield of Lin Shu, ending is open mode, he dies after all, we know! Can give the last words written before death of Neon feng4huang2 the letter finally, he is my younger sister to the appellation of Neon feng4huang2 is not me wife, what meaning is this? Leafed through origianl work, just know this is Lin Shu to Neon feng4huang2 survive help sb to fulfill his wishes. Neon feng4huang2 infanta is the fiancee of period of Lin Shu’s teenager, their be matched for marriage, a perfect match between a man and a girl, often practise his skill together, play be troubled by, attribute that paragraph of their day, carefree and be full of sun warmth. They are each other first love, in each other eye, the other side is worldly the best existence, they because of the other side Jing admired each other junior days, regrettablly all these happiness because the jealousy of a fabricated, stop abruptly because of case of injustice of mountain of a plum.

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From this worldly have Lin Shu no longer, they parted 12 years, life has a few 12 years, read teleplay edition ” Lang Ya a list of names posted up ” , give small the feeling that make up is, this drama never has been kind to love truly, whose love is without giving thought to in drama, fine fine it is 1000 sore presumably 100 aperture, even if have the love of the Neon feng4huang2 of leading role aureola and Mei Changsu, also be such! Even if Mei Changsu becomes ulterly changed, but be before the woman’s unreasonable intuition, neon feng4huang2 still identified the Lin Shu’s elder brother that Mei Changsu is her.

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But know the two people after, giving the person’s feeling more is polite and scanty from, do not be like the lover that meets again after a long separation to count the other side ardently completely. And after Mei Changsu is fulfilling his mission, insisted to go with Lin Shu’s identity boreal condition battlefield, and Neon feng4huang2 should act under orders south below, they again skyline be apart, and knowing perfectly well visit is part for ever, they still are two direction that went differring completely.

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In drama be not the battlefield that explains Mei Changsu clearly to whether die in boreal condition to go up finally, and Gong Yu delivered Mei Changsu letter of final last words written before death to Neon feng4huang2 however, word words and expressions sentence it is my younger sister how should be like why. They are maiden husband and wife, neon feng4huang2 the relict be a widow with Lin Shu more than 10 years, don’t deserve ” me wife ” ? See origianl work actually probably you suffer from the intention with respect to the fine that can know Mei Changsu!

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In front small make up had said, this drama ever never was kind to love, lin Shu and Neon feng4huang2 are each other first love, even of major first love dies without known cause in reality, be Neon feng4huang2 follows Mei Changsu what is more,the rather that this kind of life and death two boundless and indistinct circumstances? The Neon feng4huang2 in origianl work is in Lin Shu ” dead ” in more than 10 years, had loved another person early actually.

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She fell in love with little brother Nie Duo of Nie Feng, also be bare blaze old person, be in in those days the survival in plum mountain massacre. When the plum grows Su Zaijiang left alliance, send Nie Duo to help Neon feng4huang2 resolve war difficulty for many times, once had helped Neon feng4huang2 in water battle, neon feng4huang2 also sends a person to dog Guo Nieduo, disappear inside Jiang Zunmeng’s abuttals, neon feng4huang2 fell in love with Nie Duo accordingly. In the novel actually Neon feng4huang2 is not female advocate, teleplay upgrades Neon feng4huang2 compulsively for female advocate, suspicious Nie Duo this character gives cutout to divide, the person that helps Neon feng4huang2 also changed Wei Zheng. Mei Changsu returns after 12 years, although painful, but also accepted fact of this be related!

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Mei Changsu fulfilled a mission, but cost is life halve, on battlefield life and death was not predicted, after avenging, mei Changsu’s living motivation also was done not have. His ending is dead in the main, give the last words written before death of Neon feng4huang2 the letter, with feng4huang2 of Neon of appellation of my younger sister, why is not to persuading Neon feng4huang2 to let off his, begin life afresh, after all Neon feng4huang2 is young still, if combine origianl work to look, why is not Mei Changsu to Neon feng4huang2 survive help sb to fulfill his wishes, where is the blessing to Neon feng4huang2 and Nie Duo? Anyhow, mei Changsu does not hope Neon feng4huang2 lives in the feeling that suffer a pain, alone perhaps eventually old, that seals a letter, it is Mei Changsu serves as Lin Shu probably, final to Neon feng4huang2 tenderness?

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