Thu. Jun 30th, 2022
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Original title: Span of the times side-by-side, “Kang Xi ” with ” 3 heart child ” with casing, cause memory to kill

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In once ” Kang Xi is small take illicit visit write down ” in the center, made a lot of classical parts like us really, of Zhang Guoli ” Kang Xi ” and of Zhao Liang ” 3 heart child ” brought a lot of interesting stories to us. They deduced this classic theatrical work jointly, and recently they be the same as casing once more, have his moment jointly blanket, and greet sb to the audience ceaselessly in this process, let a lot of people that had experienced that period age gradually, among deep memory, this kind spans of the times side-by-side, brought flashy sensation to us really.

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When we are undertaking assess to very much classical character, also want those who see these actors to grow really, they were passed most the period of summit summit also is beginning gradually, that computer can exit this domain at this point likely. Although be in in last few years in the center, their work is not very much, but these two people have very deep impression in our heart all the time, this also shows actors have some of moment to be able to be gotten in the depict on a part quite successful, should compare arduous at ordinary times it is more important to receive show, have truly only so a few classical parts are approbated by people, just be a very fine actor.

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Will always tell, zhang Guoli and Zhao Liang are developing currently still is very pretty good, without what they are negative the message comes out, but can bring very good knowledge to us likewise, the place in letting us recall classic theatrical work again has some plots, thereby can more deep undertake experiencing to its.

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” Kang Xi is small take illicit visit write down ” the green memory that is generation person absolutely, there still are a lot of people to be in in this moment after all can have this teleplay. Also be to hold in both hands at the outset a lot of redder person, e.g. miscarriage, 3 heart child etc. Plus gold iron triangle, that is so called hotspot. One up-to-date, zhang Guoli, Zhang Tielin, Wang Gang remains an audience people the good actor in the heart. Before a few years still the message weighs 3 heart child Zhao Liang and his model wife has put in concealed mountain forest ‘s charge, live the life of farmer, and super satisfied, husband and wife still made business in the country. Look, each person had his life.

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