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Original title: Discriminate passes: To take this sport, the director gives grandson couple was built to expensive scene, chen Jianbin is awkward however 7 years ago ” discriminate is passed ” most propbably is the play of very classical a Gong Dou that very much person has seen, the director of this drama is Zheng Xiaolong, allude friends of his most propbably also do not look unripe, patting ” discriminate is passed ” before this drama, zheng Xiaolong once had been patted very much advanced work, be just like ” longing ” ” Peking Man is in button about ” ” golden wedding ” etc is work of well-known movie and TV. Because the force of the work that take theatrical work of director of Zheng dawn dragon is dark,just also be, just had a so classical later palace to fight theatrical work. Patting ” discriminate is passed ” when, he also connected take drama form careful and precisely before, be like,careful was chosen grandson the advanced actor with the very profound acting such as couple, Jiang Xin, Cai Shaofen and Chen Jianbin.

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Whole department theatrical work comes down, each show share is suitable shocking, this also about only imperial palace drama of Zheng Xiaolong can be so peculiar. But do department theatrical work simply very elegant, but small this one act in writing pair of play or be relatively video development, that is discriminate namely first when serve stops, the setting of wash one’s hair is washed in the bathroom. According to the behind the curtain the director says this is the one act scene of Chang Gui of Central Africa of complete theatrical work, when meantime is seeing this show share, special clear move can look to come out this pond or it is very big, because pond is very big,it is reported just also is, to do not let grandson couple catch cold catch cold, the director still makes a person successive heat hot water continuously concatenate temperature, and added pond interior to scatter very much fresh rose, not expensive talent blames these equipment that heat water and rose. But just also be to experience play of this one act, audience people can see film in drama anthology the actor is mixed among the process director special respect property!

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Meantime is original in drama this one act is to should profession the emperor is right of the considerate meaning of discriminate , the truth this is bedroom of discriminate first time serve, the emperor is right she or dispute often feel distressed. And in the fine that receives palace in that batch plus discriminate , she is to grow very much to resemble gone pure of yuan of empress, and pure yuan empress just is the woman that the emperor loves very much in all one’s life before this. It is to look at quite harmonious one act originally, but the time response that Chen Jianbin the reverse side says to performing this one act is a little embarrassed, is this why? He once gave honest Sun Lihe had performed theatrical work of very much movie and TV, two people also are relatively tacit companion, ought to is induction of won’t small to this kind ostentation and extravagance embarrassed? Original answer to a riddle is in the emperor postmortem on body of Jin night tide.

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Regard discriminate as the close-fitting lady-in-waiting of , jin night tide also is suitable utter devotion to discriminate , but in at first when this one act, jin night tide stands after the emperor is dead, so serve discriminate bathes her, but the dress that wears on the body is not first-rate, not clean also, the shoe on the foot removed even Mao Dou, be in fitly because one act the emperor saw Jin tide during the night, just feel embarrassed. But also rather, interior of this one act ought to be the 2 worlds group that two people of the emperor and discriminate get along alone so, jin night tide is inserted however enter interiorly, emperor is cheated because have the 3rd person,meet like that attendant and the induction is embarrassed ah, but say true word, serve as an audience we are embarrassed not at all!

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