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Original title: Perform what to resemble ” Ceng Xiaoxian ” ? Arrive from Chi Tiecheng Kong Lingqi, does Chen He have acting after all? “Good man is me, I am Ceng Xiaoxian! ” before still remembering 13 years, imitate ” is lad written down ” explode a light comedy ” love apartment ” that medium classical actor’s lines? It is opening remarks of this broadcasting station, elder sister letting amusement liked to go up to do laugh, amuse Ceng Xiaoxian of compared broadcasting station compere. Ceng Xiaoxian’s characteristic is too much!

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Besides that opening remarks, still type of bud of his that cheap laughs quite (hem and haw with a ha breaths out hum · of · of · of · · · ) , let a person cross ear not to forget. This brother, belch can last 2 seconds at least above, there still can be brow when laughing, let brow dance. The about with cheap handsome handsome cheap, although have a place it seems that ” wretched ” , but particularly lovely, let a person carry this part at a draught, knew the actor Chen He that was born 1985! However, this part, although let Chen He go out the first year to have his moment with respect to one artillery piece, also brought many trouble to him however.

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Although he also performed many teleplay later, attended many put together art program, but he cannot be cast off from beginning to end ” Ceng Xiaoxian ” the influence that brings him. He laughs at at sight of, everybody wants to laugh, he shakes at sight of brow, everybody remembers Ceng Xiaoxian. Accordingly, someone says he performs what to resemble ” Ceng Xiaoxian ” , perform what to love to tremble like that argute ” Ga of put together art ” , even everybody begins to feel he does not have acting, have only ” Ceng Xiaoxian ” this one successful part is taken so that move. So, does Chen He have acting after all? Cannot be he also broken through again really ” Ceng Xiaoxian ” halo and achievement?

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Actually, through he was mixed recently Liu Tao, poplar of Ni of , Zhang Jia, Cheng Xiao, Ni Dagong, Ni Ping and main actor of person of ginger of superior grade ” holiday warm complacently 2 ” can peep clue! Old conspicuous deductive is rich 2 generation are in drama, of old conspicuous personate is as a child by father rigid surelysubject sb to discipline, and what be not approbated by father is rich 2 Dai Kongling Qi. Tell the truth, kong Lingqi comes on the stage, remembered Ceng Xiaoxian with respect to elder sister letting amusement. Because, the laugh of sex of his that demon came out again, and the appearance of bud of cheap bud cheap, let a person look at particularly kind, asing if is the star of that actual existence in put together art, be in with everybody Lao crack with teeth in mouth!

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Kong Lingqi, love boast, love flicker, self-confident narcissism proud, make base a bit, a bit weak, do a bit laugh, drink especially the appearance with respect to forget oneself, laugh at Skr simply! Rich 2 generation, it is not merely in the eye of heroine Cheng Man of Liu billows personate, he is a dry what what be no good, go bankrupt the first dandy, still be a spend money like water, the girlfriend talked about countless playboy. Connect amusement elder sister, such also thinking! Can develop ceaselessly as gut, chen He is deduced successfully for us actually, of accomplish nothing rich 2 Dai Kongling Qi that unbeknown other one side.

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This person is set invert, play beautifully! Original, he gives partner boast big talk, not hesitate red lip sings move red cheek 2 turn, also want to please Cheng Man, it is to want ” compare more ” result of this project make it, get father is approbated thereby, break away from father control. Original, second failure does poineering work before him, especially that hand swims the project fails, let partner compensate get within an inch of to jump building, because,be heart too be apt to, do not think game affects minor child, withdraw fund to the player. Original, hand of top racing bicycle is before him, get hurt to save a talent to bring about must retire, and Cheng Man can win him, because he is installed intentionally,also be, want to make her happy.

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Not only such, kong Lingqi sees understanding of empty nest old person is soft, do not think the happiness in breaking their heart into pieces is imagined. Love also talked twice only, cummer of first time first love still is coerced part company by father. Up-to-date, in Kong Lingqi the appearance of fat narcissism falls, we just see a warm and considerate, goodness is generous, love is officious, love is happy to help a person, conscientious, affection quotient is high, the heart that be the same as manage is strong, and also self-improvement is free-standing rich 2 generation. Fall in his patient help just about, the relation is in the mother and daughter that Cheng Man and daughter cropland bright ankylose to alleviate step by step. Also be in him clever and considerate below, chengman’s strong and chill appearance and heart are melting bit by bit, become tender gradually, become happy.

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Amusement sister must say, chen He found a part that fits him very much, on this part body all sorts of idiosyncratic with Gao Guang, be deduced to get incisively and vividly by him. So that, a lot of netizens leave a message on barrage, think this pair to see Chen He and Liu Tao most CP. Although, kong Lingqi and Ceng Xiaoxian have similar place on appearance, but this is person heart loneliness, soft, the melancholy that is not approbated by father and sentiment, chen He is deduced. Especially he by the Cheng Man of poisonous tongue, rancor occasionally the look that gets speechless, have no other way, let a person look at have pity on again comical.

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From the point of this part, chen He still has acting very much! Because father gives the childhood that Kong Lingqi brings anguish and shadow; Because care about other to experience, the narcissism that he installs intentionally and low wisdom; Because help a friend alleviate,mother and daughter concerns, his try every means nots hesitate those who open him childhood scar is generous and considerate, let person heart is gushing small touch. Plus the sort of comedic tint that old conspicuous itself takes oneself, ling Qi allowing opening this part already fresh, lovely, make a person special like to look.

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However, this still is not Chen He to have a part of acting most. But, this is him however the espionage war play of recumbent He Huangxuan ” aim at ” after transition, compare a successful role. City of iron of pool of killer of old conspicuous deductive is right! Actually Chen He is in ” aim at ” this drama, when the city of killer pool iron that deduces cold blood callosity, already transition is successful! ” aim at ” it is to left in October 2020 sow, and the theatrical work of an espionage battle with public praise very good heat.

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It told about the ace sharp-shooter partner that Su Wenqian and Chi Tiecheng once gave birth to twice to die in all together, because belief is different,be on contrary, each other spread out second life and death to be opposite definitely, move toward the story of different outcome finally. Tell the truth, before this drama, amusement elder sister never has thought, that ” love apartment ” in the Ceng Xiaoxian that does strange humour, by right of demon sex laugh makes person memory that deep ” Ga of put together art ” Chen He, also can meet one day let a person fear!

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The city of killer pool iron of old conspicuous personate is too cold blood! Right prentice, he is cruel and evil! He punishs prentice method is not to use fire to bake arm, use the arm with small knife prentice cut namely, on reoccupy salt apply. Quite quite this really enough firm, hot, merciless, the person outside letting drama looks terrifyingly, feel distressed extremely! To brother, his deceit is used! To finish the job, he is fictional crammer, not only cheat good brother Su Wenqian to go assassinate loves compatriots person, still let be raised as a child big oneself old father helps him tell a lie.

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Pitiful, believe brotherly situation is difficult so, the Su Wenqian of so kind-hearted justice is in his crammer, with one’s own hands manslaughter oneself savior. How cruel thing is this to Su Wenqian? To the sweetheart, he is merciless and chill! Qin Zishu of old young lady is in his ” beautiful male plan ” below, cannot extricate oneself ground fell in love with him, finish assassinate job to help him and lose the sight, the flesh and blood that still conceives him brings about him to be driven out of door be utterly isolated by father. But the ashamed that he does not have a bit to her remorses, be opposite finally even definitely when, still not hesitate take violet easy and daughter light snow when hostage, will coerce Su Wenqian.

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The person often says, killer callosity. Maintain like him Chi Tiecheng in that way, only the task does not have feeling, only the target does not have good and evil. In his eye, commit murder even if go finishing another task, so this kind of person does not pass even if ” homicide machine ” . Is such life why a kind of distress? Must say, the Chi Tiecheng of old conspicuous personate succeeded! And his transition also succeeded from now on! He laughs to meet a person dead, he laughs to be able to have evildoing happening, he laughs to let a person feel his heart is cold arrived the utmost.

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Chen He uses his acting, had let him be being taken then ghastly laugh with bloodcurdling, turn blackness of a killer, firm into mark of hot, cold-blooded. So, chen He also jumped out eventually Ceng Xiaoxian’s humour, jumped out of Ga of put together art do laugh, with oneself acting, explained an one’s lot successfully the Chi Tiecheng with inhospitality of deplorable, disposition, mixed feeling! Anyhow, be graduated from on show performance is, go out already Chen He of 13 years, from ” Ceng Xiaoxian ” start, take grand ceremony of next index of actor cruel movie and TV most award of sweethearts giving power begins, had again eventually ” Chi Tiecheng ” ” Kong Lingqi ” such delegate part. Epilogue: Actually, before this, chen He still has acted ” love has oneself providential ” ” love came back ” ” doctor shop laughs pass ” ” animal management board ” ” 3 grandmas pa ” ” my bad luck lives in face each other ” wait for drama, but the spoondrift that lift is not big.

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Also be to be in ” aim at ” later, his resource and acting better. Especially the film ” hello, li Huanying ” with He Sui light comedy ” holiday warm complacently 2 ” , let us see his acting again. Must say, this Chen He shaped a good part successfully again. Kong Lingqi, basically measure what make personally for him namely, let a person see his effort and change again!

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Now, ” holiday warm complacently 2 ” from sow now, had broadcasted half, heat is not decreased, had become him to leave almost year throw the bomb of a king that give. Current, this play entire network broadcasts a quantity effectively to exceed 200 million, a list of names posted up of anthology of drama of rank the corresponding period is odd the 2nd, the new theatrical work that is next to noonday sunshine ” between the world ” .

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Especially the experience of each characters in drama, one’s life experience, and even the doubtful point that goes up personally, the gift that resembles wrap up tight by one layer upon layer open, let an audience bringing the curiosity of every time, the expectation of every time, bit by bit thorough among them, cannot extricate oneself. And, still let a person be in at one’s leisure, can relaxed the actor in happy ground and drama laughs together, together happy, suit go with rice very much!

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Go up personally from Chen He, amusement elder sister discovers, the actor cannot lie in comfortable area, cannot recumbent a classical part is arrogant and complacent. Fine actor is can need according to gut, according to part need, go modelling different character nature, let this part glow shine, is not what to perform to resemble him himself. Actor of the sort of the type that cover a region, in competition intense movie and TV encircles scarcely to be able to go long-termly, be? You feel, is Chen He in ” holiday warm complacently 2 ” medium expression how? This drama, which pair do you like most CP? Do you still like Chen He the part in that drama?

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