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Original title: Li Retong: Have all one’s life ” small Long Nv ” sufficient, but shape a 5 large classical parts unluckily however

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The first, out ” Yang Men daughter will ” — Yang Bamei ” Yang Men daughter will ” belle of it may be said is like the cloud, in the Yang Bamei that the Li Retong in this drama acts, also be small make up most a part that like. She in drama, high-spirited and vigorous, beautiful and intelligent, all show the wind of admiral. Have the lofty ideal lofty sentiments of manhood not only, also have the tender feelings of daughter home, very denounce a person to love.

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The 2nd, out ” day dragon 8 ” — Wang Yuyan

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The 3rd, out ” fierce is become ” — Shen Rong Li Retong is in ” fierce is become ” in the Shen Rong of personate, ancient costume the appearance of an actor still compares Ming Yan moving. Just meet a person in drama regrettablly not kind and gentle, an infatuation, what change as a result is the ending that is abandoned. So ah! Girls are in look for a partner in marriage when, must sharpen one’s eyes!

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The 4th, out ” fierce is become ” — Xue Ying Xue Ying, it is out likewise ” fierce is become ” in this drama, the Shen Rong in drama and snow eagle are twin sister, so the appearance of two people is exactly like, but disposition differs completely however. But it is Xue Ying or Shen Rong no matter, she in drama, always be so beautiful that let a person move not to open his eyes.

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The 5th, out ” Qiu Xiang ” — Liu Zhaorong Li Retong is in teleplay ” Qiu Xiang ” in the Liu Zhaorong that act, it is elder sister of land wife and children originally, have talent not only, and feature is conspicuous. But the night in newly-married, tang Baihu leaves however sneaked away. Liu Zhaorong arrives because of be being dropped accidentally in the river, be saved to rise by peaceful Princess Wang Fu, stay in Wang Fu when the girl, name Qiu Xiang. Although be a suit,servant girl dresses up, but the sense that she gives a person is very ancient clever choice is odd, have clever energy of life very much.

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So, in the classical part that Li Retong has shaped, do you like most which? Say together!

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