Wed. Jul 6th, 2022
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Original title: Of Lu Niu of bone of Guangdong mainland old show wonderful perform actor to be born, pass 80 to still be chased after by the audience hold in both hands Lu Niu is the character actor of Guangdong widely known, this year him of 81 years old of advanced age since 1986 ” kaleidoscope ” since active all the time among the eye shot in Guangdong audience. As playlet ” 72 lodger ” of the 20th season roll out, lu Niu also continues to be being revealed ” bovine director ” humorous elegant demeanour, although he is in,medium show share does not consider drama particularly much, but a lot of audiences regard him as drama to be done mediumly laugh take on, inspect him to be incorporeal character even.

20220219085154 6210afaaa66d8

Although Lu Niu has passed 80, but no matter be Yan Zhi or psychosis,just be appearance of more than 60 years old it seems that, resemble octogenarian old person not at all. More important is, lu Niu depends on him that is old what hot acting conquers is more than in senile audience, join young audience by ” bovine director ” comical show is convinced, bovine director is revealed in drama those who come out is greedy, be afraid of wife and salty wet waiting individual character a moment is audience place seeks the ground that hold in both hands.

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For the audience that comes over to going from 889 time, the bovine director of rash ox personate one horn just is him of numerous and classical part among them one of, a lot of actors look a part because of certain shadow and got a nickname, and Lu Niu’s monicker is more much count deeply, from ” kaleidoscope ” ” A Chang ” begin, he basically takes a theatrical work much a monicker, this also confirmed from flank Lu Niu performs the thorough common feelings of people of ability.

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Filming ” 72 lodger ” before, lu Niu is in ” man of this locality of ab extra daughter-in-law ” personate the neighbor of health home ” sweet potato prosperous ” , this part makes sweet potato prosperous numerous likewise audience assist mouth is incessant, in the Kang Qi with character of the soul in drama be regardinged as by countless audiences ancestor to play in the center, sweet potato prosperous does not fall ahull. In fact, consider age, “Bring honour to one’s ancestors ” the posterity that 4 brother just are him, talk acting he is high degree of professional proficiency more, besides Kang Qi an administrative unit in Xizang, other 3 brother cannot be compared with him at all.

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Arrived today when now, no matter be ” 72 lodger ” or ” man of this locality of ab extra daughter-in-law ” still be in roll out ceaselessly in the center, what do not cross a lot of audiences to show different rate to the playlet of this type is cheesed, and to Lu Niu such old show bone, most audience still fills what expect completely.

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