Wed. Jul 6th, 2022
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Original title: Kampuchea is famous actress announces to divorce, it is this reason unexpectedly! On Feburary 18, kampuchea is famous actress Lima Rena announces to already divorced on its face book, this matter alarms whole perform art circle and Kampuchea society.

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It is reported, lima Rena is Kampuchea an outstanding actress, she goes out old, piece perform this locality a lot of teleplay and film, and direct a lot of TV programs. It may be said is all-round, she marries old, yo has a boy. All circles values her perfect matrimony consistently.

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Unexpected is, the actress of this widely known is abrupt however yesterday on facial book announce to divorce, cause numerous vermicelli made from bean starch and perform art circle in an uproar, everybody is really unthinkable the room for action that she takes to announce to divorce actually.

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Lima Rena writes on facial book: “Rena of my plum Ma is avowed occupy with husband Sa swallow formal divorce, end husband and wife concerns. Because come for years, we cannot harmonious coexist, live very hard jointly. I hope both sides is OK peaceful divorce and the thing that end all happening, I hope this matter does not affect social order. ” the message discloses, the husband of this female star all the time since do not care its wife, calculate her hard to pursue show and trade of net carry out, but its husband always is disrelished to her east disrelish on the west, accordingly this is to bring about one of main reasons with their broken marriage.

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