Wed. Jul 6th, 2022
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Original title: The photograph on the marriage certificate still has this kind is exquisite actually! Look ” our marriage ” ability is clear When everybody still remembers getting a marriage certificate, is then Zhang Gezhao how pat? Cameraman can say commonly ” male Zun Nv is right ” , ” the little after the man’s shoulder leans, before the woman’s shoulder leans a bit ” … as Ka Ca, one Zhang Jie marriage is illuminated had been patted. Recently ” our marriage ” exposure prevue, the Cheng Jiangchuan of personate of the Shenyang comet of Bai Baihe personate and Tong Dawei is patted when illuminating, marrying is not however such. Cameraman lets ” after bridegroom shoulder leans, before bridal shoulder leans ” when, shenyang comet says however ” not ” , next shoulder is opposite she and Cheng Jiangchuan to say together ” we want to fight side-by-side ” !

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” our marriage ” filming not only marry routine was broken when illuminating, also be in in marriage break free from conventions. The marital mode that discusses in drama, it is no longer ” male advocate outside female advocate inside ” , work without giving thought to however or two people of life husband and wife a burden, no matter the man or woman want the relationship of institutional balance career and family. This is a very significant exploration. Of course, in the process of exploration, also encountered a lot of problems. Two their people are in Shenyang comet and Cheng Jiangchuan not only on the career intense collision, matrimony also is undergoing heavy test, walked along a divorce even this one pace. Fortunately, they searched finally to be in love with at first. This pair of young husband and wife grow severally in on-the-job field engage in a battle and affection collision, learned finally to face family and career with more mature means.

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Marriage is not certain have to helps sb to fulfill his wishes with one the individual’s sacrifice another the individual’s success, husband and wife should believe each other, grow hand in hand, fight bravely jointly on the career, responsibility partakes in the family.

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Resemble the picture on the marriage certificate, shoulder is handed in fold appear closer probably, but fight side-by-side make us happier. Marriage is a lasting topic, let us read this one exam paper that Bai Baihe and Tong Dawei give in for us! Can bring more inspiration to you probably.

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