Wed. Jul 6th, 2022
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Original title: Piao Minying is ” the people of weather office ” went all out! River of the Song Dynasty of drunken bed battle draws face exposure Piao Minying is in new show ” the people of weather office ” partner Song Jiang, in all amour of chart official office. Should drama head sows viewing rate to behave not common, the story just begins Piao Minying to be attacked by Song Jiang, two people stage drunken bed battle, sister younger brother is loved at this point budding. 20220219093103 6210b8d732102The people of weather office Piao Minying and river of the Song Dynasty accepted Taiwan media couplet to visit a few days ago, piao Minying specially says Chinese ” Happy New Year ” do obeisance to old age to everybody. Be in because of story setting set weather office, their respecting weather, atmosphere has particularly feeling. Especially Piao Minying calm bear, at ordinary times more or less can the mood suffer weather effect, add confuse recently on golf, can pray in the heart before today the wind that lies between a day does not want too big. Piao Minying has the habit that watchs weather forecast all the time, want those who go out to drive especially before today, study weather forecast carefully certainly. ” once, weather forecast says to be able to snow, but say to be able to fall only 3 to 4 centimeter just, before so I have self-confident ground to drive very much, go to land for growing field crops, want to attend the wedding of kin. Result, start off 5 hours had not left an Er, turn around directly so go eating roast meat, go in order to attend bridal hairstyle and dress eating roast meat. “20220219093103 6210b8d7a044bThe people of weather office Song Jiang films only the journey or be before wanting to go out to play, ability can care weather forecast, ” if will have tomorrow,filming cannot be wet but rained, can want to say to may rest one day, resemble this kind of moment can seeing weather forecast. ” nevertheless his mood won’t be controlled by weather, also won’t do first forecast. It is Piao Minying calculates weather accuracy rate from ridicule tall, ” should feel the body is uncomfortable only can rain, be the relation because of age? “20220219093104 6210b8d813de1The people of weather office Be worth western Valentine’s Day, piao Minying laugh says, the Beijing of heroine Chen Xia of own personate, because busy,also may work, all male colleague sends small chocolate in the office. And Song Jiang thinks hero Li Shiyu also should be met send chocolate, but only exclusive old Xia Jing. Because cannot explode thunder, respecting gut content their some hesitation, if want to describe the impressions that cooperates this with atmosphere diction, piao Minying and river of the Song Dynasty choose ” forecast correct ” , believe the audience sees last collect can understand this to experience. The friend that likes Han theatrical work does not miss this! Article link: is reprinted make clear please!

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