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Original title: Jin Dong: An outstanding and handsome actor, fell in love with nit-pick on words unfortunately however Jin Dong is a very outstanding actor without doubt. See him perform for the first time, be this theatrical work is needed in little Lindaqin in. He in those days, junior and brilliant, bone is thin bony, take 3 minutes of heroic spirit oneself again however. Imagine very hard, resemble him such lofty what handsome person acts in drama is a farther-in-law unexpectedly, be do work unworthy of one’s talents really.

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Nevertheless gold always can give off light, jin Dong does not have the nice facial features with natural disappoint, grow very quickly from brim part for male 2. In new moon of east of drama of large history ancient costume, he acted generation Ming Jun successfully, the acting with the bully gas of the world of that look at sb disdainfully and adept practised is absolutely not maler than regarding as the difference before Cheng.

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Nevertheless, let Jin Dong fire give the person belong to camouflage even of the screen truly. Although Hu Ge is male, but Jin Dong and Wang Kai are depending on excellent performance, the consequence in the audience is not as poor as Hu Ge. The Jin Dong later has a good journey downstream, performed another male one. He not only acting is masterly, and he gives the every drama viewing rate that act and public praise very pretty good. Get about male Jin Dong still flows on the net female grandson the pet phrase of couple, think an any drama want a medium to have them only, that won’t fizzle out absolutely.

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In fact, jin Dong is a good actor not only, still be a cultural worker that having solid inside information. See small gain of Jin Dong know, his Bo Wen can see existence apparently two kinds of styles. The festival civilities of a kind of perfunctory property leads the assistant that is him to help him send probably, of a kind of elaborate compose is Jin Dong holds a knife personally.

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Contain the small gain of Jin Dong characteristic, those who use is the original complex form of a simplified Chinese character, and still do not bear punctuation mark, diction half article is not white, take a place antediluvian. Apparent, jin Dong gets the edification of deep and traditional culture, think with small gain this is planted special and stylistic the place in carrying out a heart thinks of place to want. Recently, the theatrical work that he takes newly ” Lin Shen sees a deer ” the thing that came out to default 300 employee wages, jin Dong stands bravely to answer rancorring groundless allegation again. Be worthy of really is veteran cadre, more active than the play staff. Jin Dong says: Ineffable receive a lot of information to say new theatrical work just killed blueness to produced such problem to give what issue the problem is start a rumour even if be to take the branch for the root,without cost a fly bit the person turns over eccentric to was not sucked by it enough blood this is He Lai’s truth

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Although lying between screen, but the Jin Dong that can see literal backside apparently is how angry, with respect to expressional express the idea this can say together very successful. Nevertheless, because too too angry, so that the problem this word iterate 3, still say the fly that does not suck blood into mosquito, “I ” and ” me ” appear in a paragraph of word, take a place already antediluvian, was infected with contemporary breath again, appear a bit not article is not white. Actually Jin Dong still has made similar joke a lot of. When covering an activity, before Jin Dong expresses to like to sleeping, look a few professional strong book, for instance the article of winner of Nobel maths award, be him love most. But the problem is Nobel does not have mathematical award unluckily. Once, jin Dong expresses life feeling character on small gain, cited a word with tall Buddhist: Affectionate on this fickle world ground is living. The netizen that be infinitely resourceful discovers this paragraph of word is out actually a doctor.

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Although install a cultural worker every time, jin Dong always should be hit from time to time face, but he appears even if be very happy with it, love greatly among them, cannot extricate oneself. It is thus clear that he has a special interest really to culture. If not be to be deduced,the career gives delayed, he may become a remarkable writer.

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